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Thank you Monica Sabrina Rivera, truly ‘Ain’t Nothing like it. Song co-written by Daniel Shrigley, Adam James Deiboldt, Executive Producer: Daniel Shrigley, instrumental and vocals by Adam James Deiboldt.
Certainly you have heard or seen all over the mainstream media Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Defamation trial. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard because as he claims lied about being his victim of domestic violence and abuse. How does someone survive being falsely accused? By exactly what Johnny Depp is doing by way of this trial. Letting the jury decide what’s true and false.
Daniel W. SHRIGLEY dives in deep into the current state of affairs within the United States of America. He urges listeners to take seriously the need to be prepared and start stocking up on seeds, shelf stable foods, grains, flour, sugar, salt and hygiene type products. The list doesn’t stop there, it’s extensive. Daniel will cover as much as he can in this highly requested episode. The most valuable inventory a person can posses is their own education on survival skills, self sustainable living, scavenging, hunting, stalking prey, trapping and fishing. Be sure to obtain your shotguns, rifles with scopes, and handguns so you can hunt and defend yourself/family and property. Start collecting the appropriate ammo, fishing tackle, and camping equipment. Don’t neglect getting your climbing equipment and dynamic ropes and harnesses and shoes. Take classes on how to use all your equipment proficiently. Take survival courses at survival schools and self defense classes. The more you know the less you need, in survival failure is not an option. There is so very much involved with being properly prepared that one episode can only scratch the surface of the topics.
In this episode Daniel W. Shrigley talks about communication and signal. He walks listeners through the importance of having Two-Way radios and explains their functions and life saving features offered on Cobra Rx-680 long range radios as an example. He talks about the importance of whistles, banging on metallic objects or acoustic tones woods. He will cover signal fires and smoke. He will also talk about his Patreon and how you can support the radio show directly and film projects by becoming a Patreon member with early access or exclusive access to survival content.



Exciting announcements about upcoming activities event that includes camping at Donner Memorial State Park in California. Our new Patreon is now active and available from the official survival website. Upcoming radio episodes and videos. Become one of our Patreon members today!
In this episode Survivalist Daniel W. Shrigley explains how to defend against sex traffickers and ways to change your daily habits to make yourself a hard target, versus a soft target.
How heartbreaking to learn that action movie star Bruce Willis is being forced to retire due to Aphasia. Let’s talk about what that is and how it effects the individual and people around that person.
Daniel Shrigley shares insights about the VA Home Loan and her current personal experience using the guaranteed loan. If you are a service member or a veteran it would only serve you best to use the VA HOME LOAN versus throw your money away paying rent.
This election will decide if we live under house arrest, back to full restrictions or if we rise up and vote these tyrants out of their appointed and elected offices. We cannot allow ourselves to be locked under thumb by power hungry and greedy tyrants. If you vote Democrat you are voting to lose your rights and freedoms.
Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars on stage. Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock a day later via his Instagram account on Monday, 28th of March 2022. Was this staged? I suspect this was staged and in this episode I’ll explain why.
Russian lawmaker demands the return of all Russian properties of which some include the state of Alaska, a Russian Fort in California and Reparations due to the sanctions imposed by President Joe Biden which have thrown the Russian economy into a tailspin. Daniel Shrigley says; come and get it Russia if you dare.
Want to get exposure for your business on radio? Send an email to and get the word out to the masses about your products and services. Survival Talk Radio offers very affordable prices so you can advertise right away and gain a larger consumer base.
Daniel Shrigley talks about President Joe Biden ending his support for the Russian oil pipeline in Russia as punishment directed at President Putin for invading Ukraine and starting a war. A punishment? So does that mean Joe Biden was punishing Americans for electing President Trump and not Hillary Clinton when he stopped construction on our own pipeline and ending our energy independence? It now seems to be the case. We need Democrats to get behind being energy independent and to keep the Federal Government open for business. Politicians need to focus on getting our energy independence back like it was in 2019 before Biden took office. Gas prices are approaching $7.00 USD per gallon for premium unleaded fuel in select cities across America.
SGT Daniel Shrigley, U.S. Army (Ret.) has two decades of service in the military and has (4) combat deployments to his official OMPF/ERB and D.D. Form 214 (Honorable) discharge. For a total of 3 1/2 years of being in hostile territory (42 Months) and knows all to well what it’s like to be separated for the call of duty from friends and family. Daniel is going to share some of his experiences with listeners to better get them prepared for deployment to support our NATO allies and give advise to their dependents and family members. Daniel was also a U.S. Army (Active Component) Recruiter who was awarded with USAREC’s Gold Recruiter Badge of Excellence. Daniel has serve abroad overseas in South Korea as a 19Delta Cavalry Scout, Iraq (4) times as a 19Delta Cavalry Scout Non-Commissioned Officer and he’s held many additional duties such as NBC NCOIC (CBRN), Transition Platoon - Platoon Sergeant at 1-7 Cavalry Squadron (HHT).
Army Combat Veteran and Geo Survivalist SGT Daniel Shrigley, U.S. Army (Ret.), talks about the why we have the 2nd Amendment. He talks about why Democrats are working overtime to steal away your rights to bare arms and the ramifications if they succeed.
Daniel Shrigley explains to listeners how to survive with a survival mindset in preparation of a potential world war and threats of nuclear war. He talks about the psychology of survival and where to being with your preparations. He talks about building or joining likeminded social media communities in your local area to be better prepared and networking starting now. Daniel tells listeners defeat a nuclear blast using natural terrain and manmade infrastructure.
Daniel Shrigley talks about the possibility of former President Donald J .Trump becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives and how he could use that position to become President before 2024.
In this episode Daniel Shrigley talks about the war with Russia and Ukraine. Daniel talks about why this should be a great motivator for you to start preparing for worst case scenario in the face of a crisis. He gives you his outside the box way of thinking, his experiences and suggestions on how to become properly prepared. For the novice, Daniel talks about where to begin preparing. And for the Prepper Daniel talks about where to maximize your preparedness plan and strategy.
Daniel Shrigley talks about tensions between Russia, Ukraine and the United States President Joe Biden. What to think about if worst case scenario happens with nuclear strikes. Start preparing now with inventory and skills needed to sustain if we go to war and if that war comes to our U.S. soil…
Daniel Shrigley talks about full spectrum topic pertains to survival in this mini series of episodes. This will be episode one of the series. From the fundamentals of survival outdoors covering fire, water, shelter, food and first aid. How to treat trauma, to CPR. This series will continue through multiple episodes until Daniel Shrigley closes out the topics in full. As the episodes progress the show will cover security, safety risk mitigation and prepping. Daniel will talk about how to move under the cover of darkness to evade hostiles. Daniel will also discuss collecting HUMNIT (Human Intelligence of Your Enemy) for hostile forces in a hostile environment. Daniel will talk about the importance of fitness, living a healthy lifestyle. He will cover perishable skills and training to maintain and improve the skills needed to survive and sustain a real world survival situation and not just camping. He will cover weapons proficiency and marksmanship. Daniel will talk about geo-caches and navigation and map reading. This series will even evolve as it continues to include things and topics not yet mentioned here in the summary. Daniel will talk about CBERN. How to function if society collapses and maintain personal security. Enjoy to ride friends! This will be the most comprehensive series yet to date.
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