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Early Childhood is the leading national children’s advocacy and membership organisation. We work in partnership with Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings to ensure that every child is thriving and learning. We advocate for an effective and inclusive system which values, supports and invests in childhood, children and services.  

Our Vision is that every child is thriving and learning in quality Early Years and School Age Care in centre-based and Childminding settings. 


Our Mission is to champion quality for children in Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings, through our work with our members and on the system.   

78 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.In this first series of Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast for 2022, we look at the importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in our practice. Well-being and Identity and Belonging are vital to ensure children feel happy, safe and included and thus are able to play, develop and learn to their full potential. This series looks at why and how we can ensure this is embedded in our work.Episode One. In this episode, Dr. Colette Murray talks about how she got involved i...
Send us a Text Message.Episode 2In episode 2 Relationships matter for inclusion, Nickola Cullen, winner of the 2021 Leader for Inclusion award takes us through her approach to leadership for inclusion and outlines how relationships are fundamental to ensure inclusive practice.
Send us a Text Message.In the third and final episode of Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast series relating to Transitions, Milica Atanackovic and Fiona Kelleher discuss the recently completed TRAP project, outline the development of the programme and the materials resulting from this EU project with Croatia, Iceland and Sweden.
Send us a Text Message.In episode 2 of this series about Transitions, Kathleen Cash and Lorraine Cash from Tir na nÓg, in Co. Kildare, winners of the 2020 Early Childhood Ireland National Award for Transitions for Children, take us though their approach to transitions in practice.
Send us a Text Message.At this time of year, our thoughts turn to move on, as children leave our ECCE settings and they start to get excited about Big School in September. For everyone, there is a sense of excitement and loneliness as the children and families leave a familiar secure place and look forward to a new setting. In Early Learning and Care settings, there is a sense of anticipation as we get ready to support new children into our settings. In this series, we look at how these trans...
Send us a Text Message.In this final episode of the series focusing on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion we talk to Shirley Heaney, National Coordinator of the Leadership for Inclusion (Linc) programme about what motivated her interest in this area, and discuss lots of practical examples of how educators can recognise their own good inclusion practice and ways they can develop it further.
Send us a Text Message.In Episode 3 Maxine Ryan, winner of the 2020 Leader for Inclusion award talks about her experience of being an INCO in her setting, how she supports families and why she feels that peer support is vital to constantly develop our inclusion practice.
Send us a Text Message.Dr Judith Butler is the guest this week on Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast. In this episode she discusses the importance of relationships, play, supporting children’s learning and her experience of judging the Early Childhood Ireland Awards.
Send us a Text Message.Learning Stories capture and make visible children's knowledge, skills and dispositions. In this series of Early Childhood Ireland's podcast, we talk to educators who use Learning Stories to show children, their parents and other stakeholders what and how they are learning in a vivid, tangible way.In episode 1, Audrey Fagan from the CRC preschool talks about her light bulb moment and takes us through the beautiful story called More than Words, with which her setting won...
Send us a Text Message.In this series of Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast, we take a look at COVID-19 a year on, with 2 episodes looking at the impacts of the pandemic, on children, their families and the early childhood education sector. In this first episode Fiona Ferris, Deputy CEO and Head of Training with AsIAm, reflects on some positives and also some of the detrimental aspects of lockdown and restrictions on Autistic children and their families. She talks about the importance of relat...
Send us a Text Message.In this episode of Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast, Early Childhood Specialist Debbie Mullen discusses the importance of parents being as involved and engaged in their child’s setting as they can be.
Send us a Text Message.Aistear encourages early childhood educators to see children as creative and to support children to be creative in their exploring, thinking and communication. In this episode of Early Childhood Ireland's podcast, Milica Atanackovic, Research and Professional Learning Manager shares her ideas around what creativity is and why it is about so much more than art.
Send us a Text Message.In this episode of Early Childhood Ireland’s Podcast, Gillian Moore, Early Years Employer Service Manager discusses how important it is to support educators to manage stress in an appropriate and positive way.
Send us a Text Message.Early Learning and Care settings were the first part of the education sector to reopen as restrictions started to ease post lockdown; many opened in June and by September all had reopened. Educators have led the way and learned a lot in the process. In this episode of Early Childhood Ireland’s podcast Valerie Gaynor, Manager and Inclusion Coordinator at Creative Kids and Co, in Walkinstown shares her experiences of her Podogogy and gives practical ideas that have helped...
Send us a Text Message.Frances is the Director of Policy and Advocacy in Early Childhood Ireland and has a huge passion for keeping the needs and interests of our members to the fore in relation to government policy and advocating for improvement in that regard. In this episode, Frances is discussing her thoughts on Budget 2021.
Send us a Text Message.Catherine McHugh discusses concepts of self-regulation with Máire Corbett. Catherine uses the concepts of mindfulness and self-regulation in her daily life and in her work with children and with adults who care for children.
Send us a Text Message.In episode one Outdoors - A Deeper Appreciation, Carol Duffy, Early Childhood Specialist shares her thoughts on the value and importance of outdoor play for children. Carol is passionate about play and the outdoors and in raising awareness of the benefits of both for all children.So, sit back and relax, or pop in the earphones as you head for a walk and have a listen.
Send us a Text Message.Guest Sarah O’Leary, Co-owner of Cheeky Cherubs Early Years Schools, in Cork and Winner of the Early Childhood Ireland Pedagogical Leader award 2020. Sarah is deeply committed to creating the best experiences in beautiful environments for children.
Send us a Text Message.Colette is the Licensed Marte Meo Supervisor in Ireland since 1995 and a specialist in the training and application of the Marte Meo supportive interaction method.Colette is passionate about supporting people to recognise and build on their supportive interaction skills that gift children and adults in everyday moments of Interaction which supports their development and wellbeing.
Send us a Text Message.In episode 2 of the Caring and Learning with children under 2 series, Early Childhood Specialist Lilian Joyce, examines Getting the Environment Right. She explores ways we can ensure that the environment in which babies and toddlers are facilitated their physical and emotional development both indoors and outdoors. Lilian is an Early Childhood Specialist with Early Childhood Ireland, Siolta Mentor and Marte Meo colleague trainer. Lilian advocates for qua...