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Author: Taylor Wessing

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Sidebar is different to other legal podcasts; we don't summarise case law or rehash the latest news headlines. Instead, we predict how the issues, innovations and trends facing the wider legal landscape will affect you and your business. For more legal news and insights, visit
7 Episodes
In the sixth and final episode of our Future of Litigation season, The eDisclosure Information Project's Chris Dale draws upon his specialist insight to explore what evidence looks like in the digital age. Together with Disputes & Investigations senior associates Ed Spencer and Jessie Prynne, Chris talks about the ever-increasing range of digital evidence sources, and how evidence is evolving.
In the fifth episode in our Future of Litigation season, LitiGate co-founder and CEO Nimrod Aharon offers his insights on the impact of AI on litigation. Together with Disputes & Investigations partner Amy Patterson and senior associate Ed Spencer, Nimrod talks about what it means to delegate analysis to computers, and the extent to which AI enhances, rather than replaces, human decision making in litigation.
In the fourth episode in our Future of Litigation season, EMEA Head of Origination at Litigation Capital Management, Matthew Denney, offers his unique insights into the impact of technology on litigation funding. Together with Disputes & Investigations partners Laurence Lieberman and Nick Storrs, Matthew considers how funders might utilise data analytics and automation in investment decisions, ongoing case assessment, and enforcement, and what this means for potential claimants.
In the third episode in our Future of Litigation season, we're joined by Delivery Director at the Royal Courts of Justice Lisa John to explore how the courts are going digital.Together with Disputes & Investigations partner Laurence Lieberman and senior professional support lawyer Helen Brannigan, Lisa discusses how technology is reshaping and reforming the infrastructure of litigation, including:the key efficiencies achieved through the CE- filing systemhow COVID-19 has impacted the speed of digital reform in the courtsthe recent and forthcoming changes to technology infrastructure in the RCJ, andwhether the digitisation of the courts marks a fundamental change to the process of accessing justice.
The second episode in our "Future of Litigation" season weighs up the case for case prediction. Together with Solomonic co-founder Gideon Cohen, Disputes & Investigations partner Laurence Lieberman and senior associate Stephanie High consider the pros and cons of litigation analytics software, including how it could impact:deciding whether to initiate proceedingschoosing your legal teamreducing your court time and costsmanaging trial result expectations, andgauging the best point to think about settlement.
The first episode in our "Future of Litigation" season looks at the upsides, downsides and untapped potential of remote hearings. Together with leading barrister Anneliese Day QC, partners Laurence Lieberman and Katie Chandler share their views on (and experiences in) the virtual courtroom.
What is the future of litigation? How will the digital revolution affect the conduct of disputes, and what does that mean for you? Season 1 of Sidebar – the brand new podcast from Taylor Wessing which predicts the impact of the issues, innovations and trends facing the wider legal landscape – has the answers.Our inaugural six-episode season will focus on how the current digital revolution is changing the disputes industry. It discusses the impact this sea change will have on those within the profession and outside, both now and in the future.Combining our legal knowhow with perspectives from a range of guests at the forefront of this technological revolution, we'll consider how everything to do with disputes – including access to justice and to the profession, presentation of evidence, remote hearings, AI case predictions, and even the trial process itself – will change, and what that means for you.
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