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Only 3 out of 10 individuals with disabilities are employed. Recognizing this problem, Synergies Work empowers people with disabilities by helping them build sustainable businesses. Jordan Levin’s guest in this episode is Aarti Sahgal, the Founder of Synergies Work. Everybody has a talent and a gift to offer to the world. When we work together to make a positive impact, we fill the world with love and respect. Tune in and learn how you can help make the world a better place for everyone!
Jordan Levin’s guest today is David Figueroa, who shares his story and journey of being diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth. Join in the conversation to hear David's many struggles in the education system, and as well his successes as a former three-sport athlete and three-time state champion cyclist, and a current middle school teacher with CP. He shares his story with others around the world, to show that there is a light among all the challenges behind it. "If I can do it, so can you!!!" Tune in!
Sometimes, what it takes to change your life for the better are just little yet meaningful changes. Jordan Levin enumerates ten good habits that can elevate your life. He explores the beauty of looking inward and the fulfillment of serving and connecting with others. Jordan also injects his own reflections to this topic as a deaf person, providing interesting anecdotes of how he copes with his disability. He looks back on his formative years, focusing on becoming the motivated man today who inspires others to move forward.
If the head of the team cannot pull themselves together, unclear with their goals, and cannot appreciate deep human connection, everything will be in disarray. Jordan Levin sits down with Steven Ingber, the newly appointed CEO of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, to share his own ups and downs in effective leadership. He explains how he keeps himself motivated when facing the many challenges that come being at the top of an organization, and why there is no other way to go but forward. He reflects on the many risks he has taken along the way and why each one is important in his professional development. Steven also talks about choosing the right people to work with and how a responsible leader must connect with them on a personal level.
No matter what setback you encounter, there's always a silver lining. Jordan Levin's guest today is Charlene Walters, Entrepreneurship Coach and Business & Branding Mentor. In this episode, Charlene shares how the painful experience of losing her husband helped her become the strong businesswoman and mother she is today. Her book, Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur, perfectly encapsulates her journey. It talks about developing the inner resilience that allows you to overcome setbacks. You will need this toughness to become a successful entrepreneur. Tune in, take the risk, and move forward!
Jordan Levin’s guest this episode is Paul Forchione, a mindset coach at A Call To Action who was born with cerebral palsy. It was so severe that the doctors told his mom that he would never be able to walk. Thank goodness for a wonderful mom and a great mindset, that wasn’t his story. He was able to overcome it and is now able to live a very active life, however it wasn’t easy to get to at that point. Today, Paul shares his story with his clients to help them rewrite their own stories to go after their true dreams and desires.
In this day and age, if you're not going digital, then you're getting left behind. Yet, admittedly, becoming a digital creator can be difficult. You would need a graphic designer, a web developer, a copywriter, and the list goes on. Not to worry, though, because Jordan Levin is with Krissy Chin, the founder of The Krissy Chin and business coach for digital creators. In this episode, Krissy discusses the things you need to know about scaling your business online. Not to get lost in the entire process, she then shares some steps on building an online brand while still having enough time for yourself. Join this conversation and learn what it takes to bring your knowledge front and center.
Medical bills and medicine can be really expensive. That most patients find it difficult to outright pay it because of the price tag. Dr. Phil Hellman believes that direct patient care is key to a healthy life, so he created Paradox Health, a service all about direct primary care. No more middle man between you and your doctor. Just pay a monthly membership fee and it’s unlimited care all the way. Join your host, Jordan Levin and his guest Dr. Phil Hellman to talk more about his business in direct primary care. Understand why building a connection with your patient is one of the best medicines for them. Learn why Phil got into this business and what it took to start it.
As YouTube rises into becoming the second-largest search engine in the world, there is no denying the increasing demand for video content. If you’re not putting up consistent video content, then you are most likely getting left behind. Here to guide you into the world of video content production is Paul Rogers, Executive Producer at Social Video Studios. He sits down with host Jordan Levin to share his take on the evolution of technology, how video has grown since, and what you can do to consistently put yourself out there and grow your revenue. Paul also talks about the common concerns that hold many back from posting video content—from perfectionism to its technical aspects—and how to overcome them. What is more, he then guides you towards success by sharing what it takes to create clear messaging and online video exposure. Let Social Video Studios guide you in the growth of your business and increase your revenue through consistent online video content. Follow Paul in this conversation to learn how.
No one wants to watch another movie about Abraham Lincoln because there are already hundreds of them. People want to see new and interesting untold stories. This is where Brian Kruger and Buddy Moorehouse come in. They both work at Stunt3 Multimedia. Brian is the Producer and Director, while Buddy is the Senior Creative Director. They are Emmy-nominated filmmakers, most notably for The Legend of Pinky Deras. Join your host, Jordan Levin, as he sits down with Brian and Buddy to talk about how they got into the film industry. Also, learn the importance of being a good storyteller and why the untold story is the best story.
Claudia has been an avid entrepreneur her entire adult life. In 2017 she sold Accessory Wholesale, a cell phone distribution company that sold to retail cell phone chains as well as a full eCommerce / marketplace reseller.  She learned to sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Groupon, Woot, and a few others.  AW was grossing over 9 million in sales before getting approached for a buyout.  After selling AW she began to explore other opportunities that would allow her to balance a less stressful work life but still allow her to be the hard-working entrepreneur she loves to be.  She began to explore marketing and quickly fell in love with the industry.  Reputation Arm, (advanced reputation management) is focused on local SEO through the process of GMB management, citation building, and review management.  Reputation Management StrategistReputation ArmInspirational Speaker | Healthy Habits Coach | Podcaster Website: Facebook: Instagram: Watch podcasts on YouTube: Email:
If we get caught up in words like "guilt" and "cheat," we won't end up having a healthy relationship with food. Jordan Levin's guest today is Dr. Tom Rifai, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Reality Meets Science®. In this episode, Dr. Tom discusses with Jordan how the term "diet" has a lot of negative connotations because it implies short-term restrictions. What we need to achieve a healthy relationship with food is to undergo a lifestyle change. Where to begin? Surround yourself with more wholesome and plant-rich food. Want more tips on having a healthy relationship with food? Then this episode is for you. Join in!
Many people know Pontiac, Michigan for the bus burnings and social strife. But what many don’t know is that it’s an incredible state with a very rich history. Bob Waun, with his company DIRT Realty and DIRT Intel, is making sure they can revitalize Pontiac to become a real estate haven. Join your host, Jordan Levin, and his guest Bob Wuan. Jordan and Bob will talk about the real estate industry in Michigan, primarily Pontiac, Flint, and Lansing. Learn about the history of these cities and why Bob is preserving them.
Neurological disorders are a constant trial for the people who suffer from them. Good thing modern medicine is making inroads to helping solve these health issues. Jordan Levin is joined in this great conversation by Kevin Browett, the CEO of the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders and Lauren Aymen, DO, MS, the Director of Headache Medicine at the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders. They talk about providing relief for people suffering from neurological conditions, and the medical techniques they use. Kevin discusses plans to expand their practice by opening more sites, and improving access to care. Laura also discusses the osteopathic approach to treating neurological disorders.
A lot of young aspiring baseball players want to make it to the major leagues. Only a very few hit the mark because of the amount of dedication you need to make it. The important thing is that you are able to learn passion, integrity, and just the love for baseball. Join your host, Jordan Levin, and his guest Aaron Fields as they talk about all things baseball. Aaron is the president of the All Fields Hitting Baseball Academy. As a baseball player himself, Aaron teaches kids how to achieve their goal to be professional baseball players. Even if they are not able to make it to that level of play, Aaron is still focused on letting them experience the joy of the sport. Deal with failure and think positive today with Aaron.
It can be difficult and time-consuming to build relationships with your clients, but relationship-building should be the very heart of your business. Today’s guest is Andrew Goldberg, Founder of the Law Office Of Andrew J. Goldberg. Andrew confides with Jordan Levin how he enjoys talking with his clients and helping them out with their problems. If you need strategies on how you can improve your relationship with your clients, then you’re in the right place. Join in the conversation as Andrew spills much-needed wisdom!
My friends say “everyone needs a Candice” – and go figure, but I would tend to agree.I’m a direct response copy chief, copywriter, and marketing consultant who used to practice IP law.I help marketing coaches and personal development experts connect deeply with their audiences… land lifelong fans… and improve the lives of an exponential number of people.I spend most of my time running Jeff Walker’s copy team. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with clients including AWAI, Banyan Hill Publishing, Titans Marketing, and a number of other direct response heavy hitters.Owner/CEOLazar Marketingcandicelazar.comInspirational Speaker | Healthy Habits Coach | Podcaster Website: Facebook: Instagram: Watch podcasts on YouTube: Email:
Good comedians can create laughter out of even the most difficult situations. In his career as a sidekick, writer, impersonator, voice talent, and host, Alan Muskovitz has seen and done it all. Listen in as Alan joins our host, Jordan Levin, in a spirited conversation about comedy and what it takes to get laughter out of your audience. Alan retraces his roots in radio, working with the legendary Dick Purtan, the creation of his most famous persona, “Big Al” Muskavito, and his views on why doing clean comedy is difficult. Alan shares insights on today’s world and why comedy is still the best medicine.
Life can take you to some crazy beautiful places. Just ask Commercial Actor & Educator David Bianco. He's been to Chicago, New York, China, and the Philippines, acting, producing, and directing. Jordan Levin and David chat about his start in show business and his journeys across the globe. David talks about staying and learning the culture of the Philippines and opening up a theatrical school in China. David also discusses his acting methods and how life has changed now that he has a family.
There’s more to graphic design than just making things aesthetically pleasing. Nobody knows that better than Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum, the owners and Creative Directors of Unsold Studio, a collaborative art and design firm that helps businesses stand out from the crowd. Meaghan and Lilian join Jordan Levin to tell how their journey started and what led them to establish a branding and design firm. The two met at a graduate school where they studied 2D design, and once both of them realized they love working together and their passion for design and branding, they decided to put up Unsold Studios. Since then, they’ve been servicing organizations and businesses to help with their brand. They tell Jordan the principles that guided them when assisting clients and how these have propelled their growth through the years. 
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