DiscoverDryCleanerCast a podcast about Espionage, Terrorism & GeoPolitics
DryCleanerCast a podcast about Espionage, Terrorism & GeoPolitics
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DryCleanerCast a podcast about Espionage, Terrorism & GeoPolitics

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WELCOME TO EPISODE THIRTYOn this month’s podcast, the tables have turned. Today host Chris Carr will discuss the making of his new spy film “The Dry Cleaner”. There are some minor spoilers and a little swearing in the discussion (Sorry)Check out the film trailer here: can buy the film thank you to Rob Wallis of Electric Shadows podcast for interviewing me. Check out his podcast here: THE WITH USTWITTER
The day has come!After many years in the making, my short spy film "The Dry Cleaner" is finally available to watch online. Check out the trailer here: you can buy the film here: us on twitter: @drycleanercast
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Service Announcement


Just a quick update on future podcasts
WELCOME TO EPISODE TWENTY NINEWe are joined by author and journalist Tim Tate, and we discuss his fantastic book “Hitler’s British Traitors”, which is quite timely with the 80th anniversary of World War 2 just passing. You can find out more about Tim at his website: and connect with him on Twitter DID YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? PLEASE LEAVE ME A TIP VIA PAY PAL HERE: PAYPAL.ME/DRYCLEANERCAST?LOCALE.X=EN_GBSUPPORT THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER
My Islam With Angie Gad

My Islam With Angie Gad


WELCOME TO TWENTY EIGHTWe are joined by Angie Gad and we discuss her website “My Islam”, which she set up to counter Islamic extremist propaganda with a more accurate interpretation of Islam. You can visit My Islam here: can connect with Angie on Twitter here: YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE?Please leave me a tip via Pay Pal here: THE WITH
WELCOME TO TWENTY SEVENWe are joined by Iain Ballantyne, author of “The Deadly Trade: The Complete History of Submarine Warfare”We discuss the role of Submarines and Submarine Hunters in the build-up to D-Day and their role in an allied victory that lead to the end of World War Two.In the later section, we talk about veterans we have met and where to see some of the submarines and ships involved in WW2.IAIN’S LINKSWEBSITE: IAINBALLANTYNE.COM/WARSHIPS IFR MAGAZINE: HTTPS://WWW.WARSHIPSIFR.COM/DID YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? PLEASE LEAVE ME A TIP VIA PAY PAL HERE: THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER SUBMARINES & SHIPS MENTIONEDMA/SB 27 RESTORED (UK)HTTPS://D-DAYREVISITED.CO.UK/PROJECTS/MASB-27-RESTORATION/HMS ALLIANCE, X24 MIDGET SUB AND MORE (ROYAL NAVY SUBMARINE MUSEUM - UK)HTTPS://WWW.NMRN.ORG.UK/D-DAY75TYPE XXI (21) U-BOAT WILHELM BAUER (GERMANY)HTTPS://U-BOOT-WILHELM-BAUER.DE/EN/U505 CAPTURED U-BOAT (USA)HTTPS://WWW.MSICHICAGO.ORG/EXPLORE/WHATS-HERE/EXHIBITS/U-505-SUBMARINE/
WELCOME TO EPISODE TWENTY-SIXOn this months podcast, we are joined by Andrea Chalupa. Andrea is a writer, author, producer, journalist, and podcaster!She is the co-creator of the Gaslit Nation podcast and the writer of the feature film “Mr. Jones”. “Mr. Jones” is based on the true story of journalist Gareth Jones, who uncovered the Soviet-engineered famine in 1930’s Ukraine. The famine led to an estimated 7 million deaths and Gareth’s reporting was largely ignored and covered up by Soviet authorities.On this episode, we discuss the film and its relevance today in the age of Trump.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANDREAYou can visit her website here: OUT Andrea’s podcast Gaslit Nation YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? PLEASE LEAVE ME A TIP VIA PAY PAL HERE: THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER
On this Need to Know special we are joined by Author and Journalist David Neiwert.David is the author of a fantastic book called "Alt America: The Rise of the Alt-Right in the Age of Trump". You can get a copy here: and you can listen to our earlier interview with David about his book here:…ge-of-trump/Chris & David take a look at the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The attack killed 50 people and injured another 50. We look at the killers far-right links and we also discuss the role of social media in sharing far-right ideology. We also discuss the rise of the Far-Right in the age of Trump.And we also ask what is Steve Bannon up to in Italy?Enjoy this episode? Please leave me a tip. THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER
Welcome to Episode 25 of "The Dry CleanerCast"On this months podcast, we are joined by Fred Burton. Fred was the deputy chief of the Counterterrorism division for the State Departments, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). He is currently the vice president of Stratfor, a strategic intelligence and analysis firm tracking global security and international affairs.On this episode we discuss Fred's new book “Beirut Rules”, that looks at the 1984 kidnapping and murder of CIA station William Buckley.You can purchase "Beirut Rules" via our Amazon link here: YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? If so please leave me a tip via PayPal THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER
EPISODE TWENTY FOUR: DAVE RICH, ANTI-SEMITISM ON THE BRITISH LEFTOn this episode, we are joined by author Dave Rich, who wrote the book “The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel, and Anti-Semitism”You can buy the book here: Rich is an Associate Research Fellow at the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Birkbeck College, University of London, where he was awarded his PhD in 2015. He works at the Community Security Trust (CST), for whom he briefs ministers, MPs, civil servants and police officers about antisemitism.The Community Security Trust (CST) is a British charity established in 1994 to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community in the UK. You can find out more about the important work they do here: YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? IF SO PLEASE LEAVE ME A TIP VIA PAY PAL HERE: you )SUPPORT THE SHOWPATREON WITH USTWITTER OUT PAST EPISODES HERE:
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Kenny Milne

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss , may god give you strength af this sad time

Oct 11th

Jeff Root

liked the skeptoid episode about conspiracy theorist. bravo, keep it up

Jun 7th


Snowden is a whistleblower, not a defector.

Apr 21st

James Hyett

I would encourage everyone to avoid this dispicable podcast like the plague. complete pro British disinformation. no facts just propaganda. total shit.

Sep 30th
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