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Author: Buffie Blesi & Carolyn Pool

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Two great friends, Buffie Blesi and Carolyn Pool, along with their guests unearth, dissect and discuss topics around being a woman that are unknowns, unspoken, taboo or just downright perplexing.
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Do you have questions about the LGBTQIA+ community or terms used (pronouns, etc.)? Send them to!A great way to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community is to continue to learn and ask questions, and Rock What You Got will have an expert on the next podcast episode who can answer these questions.This year for Pride Month, RWYG is the producer of the Grand Marshal MASKqueerade Party at the Granada Theater & Amsterdam Bar on June 17th! Music, comedy, dance, drag shows, can you think of anything better?!Tickets will fundraise to support pride and can be found here: the show (
Ep 8 | But You Seem Fine

Ep 8 | But You Seem Fine


Buffie and Carolyn tackle a difficult but necessary conversation – finding help for those who struggle with mental illness and the people who love them, including Carolyn and Buffie themselves. Guests Sarah Webster Norton of Serving Those Serving, Jean Mills of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, and Sue Abderholden of NAMI MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness) are joining to discuss the current mental health crisis, have an honest conversation on mental health discrimination, and share resources to support those struggling with mental illness.Help spread the word to support those struggling with mental illness, and fight to have lawmakers prioritize mental health and provide accessibility for those to receive help.Mental health resources:National suicide prevention hotline (1-800-273-8255)NAMI MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness) St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community Mental Health Ministry Those Serving the show ( Support the show (
Ep 7 | The Other Mother

Ep 7 | The Other Mother


You don’t have to give birth to be a mom. Dedicated to the admired woman who take on unconventional motherhood with courage and abundant love.“You are not alone if you have a village of support.” Amber Schindeldecker,  is a single mother by choice. She will meet her newly adopted baby boy this month, after braving through to the end of a 6-year biological fertility journey.  “The more you bring in the better. It’s all about expanding.” Stephanie March, Food and Dining Editor, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, and sounding off on Weekly Dish on MyTalk 107.1, is a stepmother of 3 children and has one biological child of her own. The marriage ended, but the motherhood and family continue to grow.  “Being a stepparent, you may feel lost or stressed.” Valerie Newbold is a Certified Step Family Coach with 15 years of experience helping step parents navigate the fun, but fear-filled ride of being a bonus parent.Not therapy and very helpful in your stepparent path forward: Support the show (
Superhero powers derive from adversity and become amplified into something that can be honored. Wonder Woman is the gold standard for many generations of women. Female heroes might live next door to you, like teachers and healthcare workers. Guest Sheroes: Angie Haigh, Hospice Registered Nurse, and Sarah Salisbury, Stage Manager in waiting and Receptionist at Secondhand Hounds, recall heroic moments during the pandemic.Support the show (
She didn’t terminate your pregnancy. She terminated hers. Who gets to decide how and when you procreate? Regardless of what you decide, the choice is extremely personal, difficult, and your life is forever changed. Buffie Blesi and Carolyn Pool discuss abortion and the regulation war around women’s bodies. Special guests from Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS), Leah Montgomery, Director of Government Affairs and Health Finance, and BreAnna Bemboom, Field Manager, weigh in about supporting your choice from the frontline.Support the show (
Women’s ideas, inventions, and identities have been downplayed throughout history. It is likely you have experienced this feeling at work through a behavior known as repeating. Hepeating is the idea you called out that was ignored and suddenly credited to a man. This episode gives credit to the contributions of extraordinary women that are unknown. Guest Sara Given from the Anoka County Historical Society joins the conversation to show how historical research can be used to unearth the hidden influence of women.Support the show (
Ep 3 | The Bestie Bond

Ep 3 | The Bestie Bond


Famous best friends like Lucy and Ethel (I LOVE LUCY) and Rachel and Monica (FRIENDS), show us what best friends are for: keeping secrets, laughing until you snort, and going on regrettable adventures that are still great, because SHE is by your side.Think back to the moment that made your friendship level up to the bestie connection. Was it the whisky or did you just need a place to live? Suddenly a deeper relationship blooms and you have traditions like watching the Tom Jone’s Holiday special each year. She becomes the essential part of how you survive when life gets hard.Buffie Blesi and Carolyn Pool are joined by their guestie besties Karla Haben and Shanan Custer to chat about what unites best friends. A true best friend will never judge you...not even when you are dressed as a chicken mascot and a drunk man puts his cigarette out on your egg, or so the story goes.Support the show (
Friendships are like waves; quietly lapping at the sand, calming our soul and making us happy. But sometimes those waves are non-existent, fierce or even dark. What happens to our friendships over time and how can we nurture them or make the tough and sometimes traumatic decision to let them go. We talk with friendship expert Dr. Marisa G Franco to find out how to solve your friendship problems. Support the show ( the show (
Ep 1 | Gal Pal Love

Ep 1 | Gal Pal Love


It's the month of love and we're celebrating that quintessential holiday - Galentine's Day! But first, we need to explore its origins, dissect the holiday that came before it - Valentine's Day - and talk about why you need to gather all your friends together (safely via video or masked and distanced) and have your own Galentine's celebration. Guests include Laura Roos, Founder of Minny and Paul and the host of the podcast So Fail So Good and or Gal Pals Amy Thompson. Support the show (
Welcome to We’re Gonna Talk About It. The podcast that unearths topics around being female that are unknown, unspoken, taboo or just downright perplexing and we “Talk About it” with each other as well as our fabulous guests who will help you navigate through them. I’m Buffie Blesi, your co-host and founder of Rock What You Got, a social enterprise dedicated to gender equality and the creator and producer of We’re Gonna Talk About It.  Support the show (
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