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Hosts Buffie & Carolyn of the We're Gonna Talk About It podcast discuss women in the death and funeral industry. This includes the history of women taking charge, what happened to switch to a male dominated field, and why women are once again dominating the industry. Over 65% of graduates from university mortuary programs are women. While these numbers are impressive, a lot of skepticism and sexism block women from moving up in the profession. Many industry experts believe however, that women are the future of funerals (see what I did there?)Joined by guest Angela Woosley, owner of the Midwest’s first woman-owned and client-centered natural death care provider called Inspired Journeys. Carolyn also interviews Buffie about Rock What You Got's latest offering, Love Letters Films. Love Letters Films helps funeral homes stand out above the rest with broadcast-quality livestreaming and documentaries of lifeResources:Women in Death Care: Coming Full Circle in the Funeral Service ( Women bring new life to the funeral industry ( How Women Disrupted the Funeral Industry | Beyond the Dash Support the show
Hosts Buffie & Carolyn discuss what it means to live without the protection of Roe v. Wade, and the rights that could possibly be taken next.Music clips covers of We're Not Gonna Take It performed by Kulturskolan i Lessebo - We're Not Gonna Take It (Cover) - YouTube and We're not gonna take it ( Dee Snider/Twisted Sister)- Ballad cover by Anika - YouTubeSupport the show
This episode celebrates all things that are WOMEN IN SPORTS! From some early trailblazers, to the fiftieth anniversary of Title 9, to our remarkable teams that continue to amass victories surpassing their male counterparts and Olympic athletes that always inspire us.Yet, maybe unsurprisingly, these athletes are still woefully underpaid, sometimes to the tune of earning as much as one hundred percent less than their male counterparts.Hosts Buffie & Carolyn will also welcome our newest female sports team, Minnesota Aurora, a female-led & community owned pre-professional women's soccer team that willbegin to play in the new USL W League in May 2022.Sources:The Pride of Minnesota Sunisa Lee U.S. Women's Players and U.S. Soccer Settle Equal Pay Lawsuit - The New York Times ( Quite simply the best organized sports team in Minnesota, the Minnesota Lynx Women’s History Month 2022: Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX | INSIGHT Into Diversity Minnesota Aurora FC: Women-Led, Community Owned Soccer ( Support the show
Ep 20 | The Pink Tax

Ep 20 | The Pink Tax


This weeks We’re Gonna Talk About It podcast episode is about The Pink Tax & all the ways women get hosed buying everyday items. Annually, the pink tax costs about $2,300.00 in overpayment for items marketed to women. Listen in to hear more about this economic phenomenon and how it is evident in everyday items & even necessary health needs/medicine.With special guest Shanan Custer. Shanan and Carolyn make up the 2 Sugars Show and have performed together in 2 Sugars, Room for Cream, Sometimes There’s Wine, and the upcoming Bad Things, Good Whiskey. Additional audio by Katy Pence Sources:The Pink Tax: The Ridiculous Reason It Costs More to Be a Woman ( The Pink Tax: What's the Cost of Being a Female Consumer In 2022? (  The Pink Tax: Economic Gender Discrimination ( Support the show
This episode is about the thing that started it all for Rock What You Got™ (RWYG), the Gender Pay Gap. Hosts Buffie & Carolyn talk about the origins of RWYG’s mission, the highlights & challenges, & how much work lies ahead with gender gaps. Buffie & Carolyn will also introduce RWYG's exciting Pub & Club summer events that will center around education and awareness of gender gaps including pay, education, housing, digital, & more.Sources:The U.S women's soccer team reaches an equal pay settlement : NPR The pay gap was mentioned in the first 3 minutes of the 2022 Oscar's broadcast: The best of Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes’ 2022 Oscars opening | Page Six Celebrity News - Bing video Exploring the data on Hollywood's gender pay gap ( WFMN-2022-Status-of-Women-Girls-in-MN.pdf ( A Proclamation on National Equal Pay Day, 2022 | The White House Research Roundup: How Women Experience the Workplace Today ( Support the show (
Ep 18 | Terrible Tales

Ep 18 | Terrible Tales


This episode is a look at the stories children learn through books, movies & video games that teach screwed-up gender roles. Hosts Buffie & Carolyn discuss the origins of those stories, (commonly known as Fairy Tales), how Hollywood & pop culture has perpetuated these harmful myths, & what is changing.  Featuring guest Lily Baber-Coyle, founder and owner of Beaver Pond Press and author of Princess and the Pee, a feminist play on the classic story. For more resources on fairy tales for feminist kids, check out resources like A Mighty Girl  Damsels in Charge: 40 Fairy Tales Starring Mighty Girls | A Mighty GirlArt Educators check out this play for schools: The Princess and the Pee by Lily Baber Coyle | Playscripts Inc.Feminist Bookclub selections: Retelling Fairytales: Feminist, Alternative, and Encouraging - Feminist Book Club Support the show
Ep 17 | Women in TV & Film

Ep 17 | Women in TV & Film


Hosts Buffie & Carolyn talk about the history of women in TV & film, why women’s stories matter, what’s gotten better, & what the data tells us about how far there is to go.This episode’s guests include nationally known filmmakers and television writers:Gabby Reese, Filmmaker & host of Shot of InfluenceEmily Schmidt, writer and performer for film and television, currently on “Ghosts” on CBS Maya Washington, Rock What You Got’s February social media spotlight of women who are #MakingMovesNow Support the show (
Feminism needs to do better. The good news is, there is a way. Intersectional Feminism is the current wave of feminism in America and it’s about time it was. In this episode, We’re Gonna Talk About It podcast hosts Buffie & Carolyn discuss Intersectional Feminism. What does it mean, and how can you actively incorporate it into your daily actions and interactions?If you believe equality is for everyone and want to make a personal difference, listen in to learn how to get started.Show resources:What is "Intersectional Feminism"? | Women's & Gender Studies ( About The Center | The Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s StudiesThe Center for Research in Feminist, Queer, and Transgender Studies ( Get to Know bell hooks - The bell hooks center ( A Look into the Women Behind Intersectional Feminism – Black Feminist Collective About ( Feminist Book Club a Complete Feminist Experience Support the show (
Part one of “The New ‘F’ Word: Do You Call Yourself a Feminist?" delves into a brief history of feminist movements in America, questions if there is a fourth or even fifth wave coming, & what that means for the future of the feminist movement. Hosts Buffie & Carolyn talk about their personal histories and feminist journeys, and wonder loudly and proudly on why some who support equality for women refuse to identify as a “feminist”.Resources:Get to Know bell hooks - The bell hooks center ( Biography of bell hooks, Feminist Scholar ( What Are The Three Waves Of Feminism? » Science ABCFour Waves of Feminism | Pacific UniversityHalf Of Millennial Women Say They Are Not Feminists ( is "Intersectional Feminism"? | Women's & Gender Studies ( the show (
In this episode called 'The Reset Button', hosts Buffie & Carolyn welcome 2022 and talk about their hopes for this year. They discuss why New Years resolutions are so hard to keep, and the emotional damage “failing” can cause. Instead, they offer alternatives to making resolutions while still concentrating on goals.Support the show
In the final episode of 2021, Hosts Buffie & Carolyn re-cap what they’ve learned, highlights of past episodes, and what they’re looking forward to in 2022! If you’re a listener, thank you. Tell your friends about We’re Gonna Talk About It, especially if you think they should listen to a specific episode. If you have ideas for upcoming shows, don’t hesitate to contact “We’re Gonna Talk About It” at Podcast | Rock What You Got™ ( See you next season! The first episode of Season 2 will drop on January 6, available everywhere you get your podcasts. Support the show (
It’s shake up time gearing up for a new year of the “We’re Gonna Talk About It” podcast, but before that, take a detour to talk about the latest assault on women’s health care, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Your hosts are fired up as they navigate questions of why women’s health care is always under fire, and the issues facing those seeking help. Learn more about how you can support these organizations.  Still fighting. No matter what. ( Home • Abortion Access Front ( Support the show
From microphones being designed to amplify lower voices, phones being too big & pockets too small, nowhere to put purses in a car or restroom, and male-only car crash test dummies, it is clear that male-dominated design isn't just inconvenient for women, but can be dangerous too.Buffie & Carolyn discuss these issues, and welcome guests Tina Nguyen and Danika Hannon to tell us about careers for women in STEM and design!Sources used for this episode:4 Main Reasons Why There Is a Lack of Women in STEM - Built By MeInvisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men Find out more about today’s guests here:Tina Nguyễn | LinkedIn Danika Hannon | LinkedIn and Support the show (
Did you know that International Podcast Day was last Thursday?  To celebrate, We're Gonna Talk About It's guest is one of our favorite podcasters, Renee Powers! Renee is the Founder and CEO of The Feminist Book Club, and host of the Feminist Book Club Podcast! Get ready for a lively discussion about new feminist literature, why the term “chick lit” is BS, the books that shaped and inspired us as kids, and what we are reading now. Learn more about and subscribe to Feminist Book Club here: Feminist Book Club a Complete Feminist Experience Listen to Feminist Bookclub Podcast: Podcast Shownotes - Feminist Book Club Learn more about the September book of the month that Renee mentions: Wordslut – Amanda Montell Support the show
The diet industry makes $72 billion a year and has a 95% FAILURE RATE. This is just one reason why we say... DEATH TO DIETS! This episode is part 3/3 (or maybe not, this is a huge topic) of We're Gonna Talk About It's series on Body Image. Buffie & Carolyn speak on their own struggles with the diet industry and welcome an amazing guest, Jillian Lampert, CSO of The Emily Program. The Emily Program - A national leader in eating disordersSupport the show (
The journey to loving and accepting your body can be difficult.This week on the We’re Gonna Talk About It podcast is part 2 of our 3 part series on Body Image. ‘Mirror, Mirror’ explores body dysmorphia and disordered eating with hosts Buffie Blesi & Carolyn Pool, joined by guest Julie Wenzlick ( ) RWYG Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: the show (
If you’ve ever felt bad about your body, you aren’t alone. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but messages from media and society seem to be saying (over and over!) that there’s only one kind of “perfect” body, and if we don’t have it, we need to spend all of our time, effort and money to change. Women especially also get damaging messages about their bodies and sexuality, specifically from institutions dedicated to the subjugation of women and girls such as many religions, and “purity culture”.This week, hosts Buffie Blesi and Carolyn Pool on We’re Gonna Talk About It are launching a three part series exploring “Body Image”, it’s history, disordered eating and diet culture, the negative and frequently violent messages women get about their bodies, and how it’s time for us to accept and even celebrate the body we have.Our special guest this week is Sophia Elrae.Website: @sophia.elraeSupport the show
Episode 9 is In The Name of Pride! A great way to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community is to continue to learn and ask questions. Rock What You Got podcast, We’re Gonna Talk About It, welcomes guest Emma VanVactor Lee, Educator, to answer questions as a guide for “Allyship 101”. This discussion also covers the emotional labor that LGBTQIA+ and persons of color go through daily, and how an ally can pull their weight when it comes to educating themselves.You can support and tip Emma (Instagram: @emmavanvactorlee) for this educational podcast episode on Venmo @emmavvl or PayPal @emmavvl95. To learn more on Allyship, visit, or follow Schuyler Bailar on Instagram: @pinkmantaray.For Pride 2021, the Rock What You Got production crew is producing The Twin Cities Pride Grand Marshal MASKqueerade event! This event will be held at The Women’s Club of Minneapolis on July 8, 2021. Awards, music, comedy, dance, drag, and more! This event is a fundraiser to support Twin Cities Pride. Buy tickets here: the show
Do you have questions about the LGBTQIA+ community or terms used (pronouns, etc.)? Send them to!A great way to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community is to continue to learn and ask questions, and Rock What You Got will have an expert on the next podcast episode who can answer these questions.This year for Pride Month, RWYG is the producer of the Grand Marshal MASKqueerade Party at the Granada Theater & Amsterdam Bar on June 17th! Music, comedy, dance, drag shows, can you think of anything better?!Tickets will fundraise to support pride and can be found here: the show
Ep 8 | But You Seem Fine

Ep 8 | But You Seem Fine


Buffie and Carolyn tackle a difficult but necessary conversation – finding help for those who struggle with mental illness and the people who love them, including Carolyn and Buffie themselves. Guests Sarah Webster Norton of Serving Those Serving, Jean Mills of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, and Sue Abderholden of NAMI MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness) are joining to discuss the current mental health crisis, have an honest conversation on mental health discrimination, and share resources to support those struggling with mental illness.Help spread the word to support those struggling with mental illness, and fight to have lawmakers prioritize mental health and provide accessibility for those to receive help.Mental health resources:National suicide prevention hotline (1-800-273-8255)NAMI MN (National Alliance on Mental Illness) St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community Mental Health Ministry Those Serving the show ( Support the show (
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