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After ten years of growing my small business, I'm reflecting back on my biggest mistakes, most valuable lessons, cringe-worthy stories, and everything else in between.
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To celebrate my last year in my twenties, I'm sharing six of the most impactful personal lessons that I've experienced so far
My Wedding Day Recap

My Wedding Day Recap


Sharing all of the details, tips and advice from my own wedding!
Cristina Fenner Weddings is here! Tune in for all the details. Check out the brand new website at 
Need a break from the ol' algorithm? Listen to this first
Tune in to hear all about 2 of the most valuable (and expensive) lesson’s I’ve learned as a wedding photographer, all because I chose to ignore that little gut feeling.
Wanna know what's REALLY holding you back from leaping into that big idea of yours? Let's break down the 5 most common fears and limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our fullest potential.
7 things I believe to be worth the cash, and totally splurge-worthy wedding day must-have's!
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty on some realistic ways you can start saving for the big day, TODAY!
Let's talk about the biggest mistake I see photographers make over and over again. It doesn't have anything do to with your photos, but let's talk about how to fix it! 
Have you ever worked with a client, and then afterwards thought to yourself " I wish EVERY client was just like them!" Here's how to put yourself on the fast-track to making that wish a reality. 
Want to know what's not worth your cold, hard-earned cash when It comes to the big day? I'm sharing my honest opinion on things that are a waste of time, money and effort when It comes to wedding days. 
Let's take a trip down memory lane and break down all of the big mistakes I made while shooting my very first wedding.
What I have learned when trying to grow your side gig, Into a big thing In a small town
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