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What's Your F'ing Business?™

Author: Mary Ann OConnell, CFE - Franchise Consultant and CEO of FranWise® Franchise Consultants

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What's Your F'ing Business?™ is a podcast about franchising. These are candid interviews with the CEOs, founders and leaders of the best, sustainable brands and the service providers that support them. Whether you are contemplating being a franchisor or are running and growing your brand, there is a lot to learn from these seasoned franchise veterans. Do you want to know what the latest is in franchising, then this is the podcast for you. If you are interested in more information about ethical and sustainable franchising and the folks at FranWise® and O'Connell & Company, Inc., visit
31 Episodes
Tune in this season and listen to the top executives of solid brands talk about endurance.  They may not be sexy, but they are solid!  These brands are brought to you with the help of 919 Marketing and Fishman PR.  It's a great season and all we need is - you!
Respecting your franchisees' time and knowledge and acting on their feedback has created engaged and satisfied franchisees.  Shant Assarian, CEO of Mathnasium shares real world tips for building a strong brand, strong community and strong franchisee satisfaction.
Dan Shapero, President and COO of TeamLogicIT, makes it sound so easy, but he has a careful dedication to culture, honest communication and transparency that pays off with strong franchisee satisfaction.  Listen for great tips to grow your brand.
It sounds simple - serve the franchisees by leading them to their potential.  Learn how to gain trust and satisfaction by building trust and being true to your word.  Steve White, COO of PuroClean talks about his success with many brands by setting culture and following through with a united team.  "You'll never grow focusing on your weaknesses, but you need to know what they are."
Mary Jane Riva, CEO of Pizza Factory started as a franchisee, so she knows how to listen to their feedback.  Using data from the Franchise Business Review Franchisee Satisfaction Survey and a strategy to become an integral part of small markets, Pizza Factory has grown even through a pandemic.  How?  Be awesome!
How do you build great franchisee satisfaction in a highly competitive market?  Tell the franchisees the truth, keep a focus on what you do and get franchisees to share the vision.  Sean Manning of Payroll Vault doesn't pull punches and talks about the hard work it takes and the rewards it can reap.
Donnie Carr, President of Christian Brothers Automotive talks about the power of a shared vision and strong business culture values when building a brand that lasts.  The balance of unit level economics and culture are the key to their franchising success.
Jesse Johnstone, President of Fibrenew, shares their focus for having highly satisfied and motivated franchisees as they grow out from their home base in Canada and persevere for 36 years!  
Not every brand is seeking to be the biggest, but they can still be the best at what they do.  Michael Arrowsmith, CDO of Pinch A Penny Pool, Patio and Spa, talks about franchising with heart.  Hear how this family-run business has grown a regional brand to great success for them and their franchisees by truly caring about their franchisees success and developing a system around that and how the Franchise Business Review Franchisee Satisfaction Survey has been a key tool for that.
Good franchisees measure performance, but the great ones measure their franchisees' satisfaction.  Tune in to a fun and interesting discussion with Eric Stites Founder and CEO, and Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review about how getting anonymous, honest, and truthful feedback can be the most powerful tool in growing a brand.  The follow this season as we talk to some of their top scorers of the FBR, Franchisee Satisfaction Survey including: Pinch a Penny, Fibrenew, Christian Brothers Automotive, Payroll Vault, Pizza Factory, Puroclean, Team Logic and Mathnasium.
Season Two Intro

Season Two Intro


We're back!  Listen to franchisors who know the true measure of success - franchisee satisfaction and how to attain it.
Franchising can move fast and the best brands keep up - without changing their culture.  Charles Watson, CFE is CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe and takes us on a tour of a brand that redefined itself as it grew into a quick casual powerhouse.
No one can rest on their laurels.  Scott Frith, CEO of Lawn Doctor and Happinest Brands talks about how a franchise brand that was launched over 35 years ago still dominates the market and has evolved to keep growing.
Co-founder and CEO of skoah talks about how she changed her path from a full service to a facial-only concept and product line to create a new franchise system in Canada.  She shares how important it is to analyze your market and the client needs to build customer loyalty.  Now working with Franworth, she is poised to grow through the U.S.
Two people with shared values and a deep respect for people get together to change the face of coffee and franchising.  Listen to Bob Fish, founder and co-CEO with Michael McFall, Co-CEO of Biggby Coffee as they tell their story and share their passion for coffee and people.
Franchising is more than fast food and personal services - InXpress meets the needs of businesses looking for affordable and convenient shipping solutions.  Dustin Hansen - CFE, CEO of Inxpress shares ideas on how to prove out a concept and what it takes to help franchisees grow.
In part two, Jim Carpenter of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about how shared values have made them succeed with great franchisee satisfaction.
Jim Carpenter of Wild Birds Unlimited  shares his path from being a bird enthusiast to making all of America bird enthusiasts through his strong network of like-minded franchisees.  
Anna Phillips, founder, and Meg Roberts, CEO of The Lash Lounge talk about creating a new business category, introducing a new service and then brining in partners to grow it to its full potential.  Builders and Growers working together.
Steve Greenbaum has had a long and varied career in franchising.  He started as founder of PostNet, then CEO of ComForCare and now he is taking his lessons and helping other franchisors through Full Contact Franchising.  Listen as he shares lessons learned and his vision for the future.
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