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Researchers work every day to understand the changing landscape around them - but what deeper insights can we find through their work that can help shape our future? Join ESOMAR on a journey of discovery, as we bring together guests from around the globe to explore the biggest questions of today, diving deeper into the challenges that face our society, and uncover new insights about the world around us.

31 Episodes
Join host Nikki Lavoie as she kicks off the special series dedicated to ESOMAR's AI Taskforce. In this episode, Nikki provides an overview of the initiative and its mission to navigate the exciting world of artificial intelligence and its impact on the market research and insights industry. Discover the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations surrounding AI with insights from industry experts and thought leaders. Special guests Xabier Palácio and Ray Poynter shed light on their roles within the coordinating group and the crucial steps being taken to promote responsible AI use in research.
Welcome to Talking Insights, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of market research, insights, and data analytics. I'm your host, Nikki Lavoie, EVP, strategy, and innovation at Savants, and I'm thrilled to introduce a special 12-part series dedicated to ESOMAR's AI Taskforce.In this captivating podcast series, we'll explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on the market research and insights industry. Join me as we delve into the latest advancements, best practices, and ethical considerations surrounding AI, featuring insightful interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.Before we dive into the series, let me provide you with a brief overview of ESOMAR's AI Taskforce. Recently making headlines in the media, this groundbreaking initiative gathers dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds who have united to examine the challenges and opportunities AI presents for market researchers. As a part of the coordinating group, I am honored to contribute to driving industry standards, promoting responsible AI use, and facilitating discussions among esteemed experts in this dynamic field.Stay tuned for enlightening conversations and unparalleled insights into the world of AI in market research, only on "AI in Insights: Unveiling ESOMAR's Taskforce
Joining Xabier Palacio for this interesting talk is Cristina de la Peña, CEO & Founder at Synapbox
Joining us today is Patricia Fujisawa, Senior Market Research Manager at SKIM Group
Ben Boix, Managing Director USA & Canada at Netquest, and Daniela Martinez who is SVP Advertising Sales & Corporate Strategy at A+E Networks are join us for an interesting talk
Joining us today is Patricia Fujisawa, Senior Market Research Manager at SKIM Group
Join Gabriela and Fabián Echegaray, director at Market Analysis Brasil for a wonderful talk. (Portuguese audio) 
Our host Gabriela has a very interesting guest this episode. Claudia Sciarretta, Global Insights Director at PepsiCo Mexico
Your host Xabier Palacio talks with Patricio Pagani on different aspects of the industry
This episode of our Latin America Conference podcast series covers a very interesting topic: Enhancing an advertising space with a 360º single-source view of its audience. Joined by two wonderful guests: Ben Boix who is managing director of Netquest in USA and Canada, and Daniela Martinez who is SVP Ad Sales & Corporate Strategy at A+E Networks
In this podcast we discuss framing lifestyles changes effectively, and how to sell climate change policies that affect our pockets and habits. Our host Xabier Palacio welcomes Fabián Echegaray from Market Analysis Brasil to have a wonderful talk
Our host Xabier Palacio talks with two of our wonderful guests Laura Ruvalcaba and Martha Rivera Pesquera about the metarverse
Damian Gandolfi who is Mental content director at Cooperativa Mental joins our host Xabier Palacio to talk about storytelling
Our host Xabier Palacio invites Cesar A. Valderrama from the Datexco company to talk about the shift to knowledge management
For this series, join us at our ESOMAR Latin America Conference in Mexico City, as we interview speakers from the event. The interviews will be conducted in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. In this first episode, Gabriela Küsters and Xabier Palacio kick off the new season with some great topics.
Tech Edition is our new periodic series covering AI, data protection, privacy, and more. We'll be hosting roundtables with special guests to explore the latest news, and taking deep dives into the world of technology to help you better understand and navigate the ever changing tech landscape. This week Srikar is joined by Claudio Gennaro, Senior Advocacy Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR, and Bianca Marcu, PhD researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, to unpack the EU's new AI regulation, and share their thoughts on the tech news that's been hitting the headlines. Want more privacy updates from ESOMAR? Contact us to ask about ESOMAR Plus and our tailored consultancy services for the research and insights sector. Find the EU AI Proposal here. 
Storytelling has been part of human progress since the dawn of our species - for eons stories have helped us to understand, navigate, and explore the world. But our world today revolves around data, and stories seem a million miles away from raw numbers.  Just how do the two complement and inform each other? And how can businesses leverage the power of storytelling to get more from their data? This week Alexander Skorka joins us from Confirmit to explore how data can be so much more than just numbers on a page. Click here to find out more about Confirmit. 
Videogames have come a long way from Pong and Tetris. Gaming today offers an enormous breadth of experiences, from AAA blockbusters with budgets that rival Hollywood, to innovative indie games, and mobile games that provide quick hits of fun. Along the way the gaming audience has grown to encompass over 2.5 billion players, and surprising new audiences are constantly emerging. This week we speak to Jan Bojko, Head of Market Research at Activision Blizzard Media, about a key new gaming audience, and how games provide huge scope for innovation for both marketers and researchers. Find the Gamer Moms research here:
China is embracing the future. Technologies such as Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, AI, and more, are being integrated into daily life at a far quicker pace than anywhere else in the world. But how is China pushing this technological progress? How are the tech savvy Chinese public making use of new tools? And how is China's government making the most of its homegrown tech talent? This week we speak to Eliza Gkritsi, Community Listening Reporter for Technode based in Shanghai, to get the inside view on China's tech revolution. Find Eliza's articles here:
The digital health revolution is coming. Accelerated by the COVID crisis, millions across the globe are turning to innovative tech based solutions to speak to physicians, monitor treatment, and navigate the pandemic world. This week we speak to the team at Borderless Access, to find out what their research shows us about the future of healthcare, how COVID is acting as a catalyst for telemedicine innovation, and why not every country is keen on the digital future. 
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