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The 64 Pack with RJ Kranz

Author: RJ Kranz

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Colorful conversations with exceptional people || Each episode's title is the color that each new guest wants to add to the podcast's unique 64 pack of crayons
25 Episodes
In this episode I talk to Matt Herriot. Matt is an extremely talented artist who is double-majoring in art and the history of art at Yale. His paintings range from hyper-realistic portraits to planes of color meeting, and have been shown in many galleries around both London and New Haven. His art has also won awards in both national and international competitions.
In this episode I talk to Frances Arnautou. Franny was multiple-time first team All Ivy and one time Ivy Player of the Year for the Yale women's volleyball team and currently plays professionally in Greece. She is also a talented singer and songwriter who recently released her first single, Sugar Free, under the name Frances Lee.Franny's Social Media:IG - @frannybananyTikTok - @francesleeeeeMusic - Pack Social Media:IG - @64packpodcast
In this episode I talk to Andi vonHilsheimer. Andi is an extremely talented screenwriter. She began writing at a very young age, having asked for Microsoft Publisher for her 8th birthday. She just finished up her time at Yale, where she was a Film and Media Studies major. Her senior thesis, Crossroads, received high praise from people well established in the industry.
In this episode I talk to Giovy Webb. Among many other things, Giovy is an exceptional data scientist and softball player. She currently works at Microsoft as a part of their Yammer team, is a member of Peru's national softball team and is a former member of the Yale softball team. Giovy's Social Media:IG - @_smiley98_64 Pack Social Media:IG - @64packpodcastTwitter - @64pack
Ivory - Michael Adeyi

Ivory - Michael Adeyi


In this episode I talk to Michael Adeyi. Michael is quite the jack of all trades. He’s a chemical engineering major at Yale, where he’s doing research on methane combustion with a lab group, he started a project with the Yale Student Environmental Coalition to install solar panels to offset the energy used to charge the school’s fleet of electric vehicles, he worked on a satellite with the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association and is a member of No Label, which brings hip hop artists to campus to do speaking events.
In this episode I talk to Christian Juzang. Christian is a Harvard basketball alumnus, who won back to back Ivy League championships in 2018 and 2019. After graduation, he was drafted 1st overall in the Vietnam Basketball Association draft by the Saigon Heat and was the first Harvard player to ever be drafted first overall in any professional league. During his rookie year he led the league in assists, won a championship and won many league awards, including the fan favorite player award.Social Media:IG: @christianjuzang;  @64packpodcast
Rose Gold - Miye Oni

Rose Gold - Miye Oni


In this episode I interview Miye Oni. Miye currently plays basketball for the Utah Jazz. He was selected 58th in the 2019 NBA Draft after his junior season at Yale, where he was named the Ivy League's Player of the Year. He was the first Ivy League player to be drafted since 1995 and the first from Yale since 1987.
Icy Blue - Nathan Chen

Icy Blue - Nathan Chen


In this episode I interview Nathan Chen. Nathan is arguably the best male figure skater in the world right now. He's a 3x World Champion, 5x US Champion, 3x Grand Prix Final Champion and also a student at Yale. He holds multiple records in his sport, many of which deal with the quad jump, which he has gotten so good at that he has earned the nickname "Quad King". He's also received multiple awards, including being named one of Time's "Next Generation of Leaders" in 2017 and one of Forbes' 2020 "30 Under 30" in sports.Nathan's Social Media:IG & Twitter - @nathanwchenPodcast Social Media:IG - @64packpodcast
In this episode I interview Melchor Manibusan. Melchor is a world-class wrestler and MMA fighter. He has also been a mentor to many athletes on Guam, having started his own MMA gym, Spike 22, almost 20 years ago. Besides the gym, his entrepreneurial pursuits include Cauliflower Culture (a wrestling and MMA clothing brand), Spike Coffee Roasters, and Coffee Slut (a coffee bar). Melchor's Social Media:IG - @melchormanibusan, @cauliflowerculture, @coffeeslut, @spikecoffeeroastersPodcast Social Media:IG - @64packpodcst
In this episode I interview Noah Harris. Noah is currently the president of the Undergraduate Council at Harvard. He also wrote and self-published a children's book, Successville, which aims to help kids realize their potential and encourages them to work hard to achieve their goals. He's passionate about politics, which he studies at Harvard, and plans on eventually becoming a courtroom lawyer.Noah's Social Media:IG: @noah10harris, @successvillebook; Twitter: @noah10harrisPodcast Social Media:IG: @64packpodcast
In this episode I interviewed Alex Jeremijenko. Jerry is a member of the men's heavyweight crew team at Yale, who are three-time defending Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Champions. He's also competed internationally for Australia in the under-23 age division. Besides rowing, he spends a lot of time meditating and guiding others through meditation, a practice that he invested heavily in during his year abroad in Beijing and Taiwan.Jerry's Social Media:IG: @alexander.jeremijenkoPodcast Social Media:IG: @64packpodcast
In this episode I interview Max Model. Max is an elite spikeball player, playing in the Pro Division with his younger brother, Cole, as the team Hilltop Spikes. Hilltop has peaked as the #3 team in the world, while also being the youngest pro team ever. Max is also currently finishing his senior year at Yale, where he's majoring in Computer Science and Math. He's taken the skills he's learned and applied them to Spikeball, working on multiple apps and projects to help bring statistics into the sport.Max's Social Media:IG: @hilltopspikes, @max_model_Podcast Social Media:IG: @64packpodcast
In this episode I interviewed Olivia Drubner, who is also known as LIV when she's making music. Olivia is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician who recently dropped her first EP, Pyrite, on all streaming platforms. She is also a great writer, majoring in English at Yale, as well as having a variety of interesting experiences in other fields, including helping launch a subfranchise at L'Oréal in Paris.
In this episode I interview Saroya Tinker. Saroya is an extremely talented athlete, having recently finished her rookie season in the National Women's Hockey League. She played for the Metropolitan Riveters, who picked her 4th in the 2020 NWHL draft. She has also been an outspoken advocate for increasing diversity in hockey, which has been a primarily wealthy and white sport, as well as advocating for more investment in women's athletics in general.
Magenta - Simon Fraser

Magenta - Simon Fraser


In this episode I interview Simon Fraser. Simon is a comedian and Yale graduate. He has his own podcast, Frase of the Day with Simon Fraser, which is available on all streaming platforms. He also posts comedic bits on Tiktok (where he has over 10,000 followers) and on his Instagram.Simon's Social Media:IG - @swissmilkchateauTikTok - @simonfraser__64 Pack Media:IG - @64packpodcastTwitter - @64pack
In this episode I interview Rohan Gurram. Rohan has found a lot of success as a promoter and an entrepreneur. The events he hosts are highlights of the year when they happen and have included PnB Rock and 88Glam concerts. His company ColdStart has been consulting with other startups to help them make it beyond their initial stages, while he also works on his own startup, Standout, which looks to change the way the music industry works.Rohan's Social Media:IG: @guruflame, @gurufestofficial64Pack Social Media:IG: @64packpodcast
Hulk Green - RJ Blas

Hulk Green - RJ Blas


RJ Blas is a 2x Olympian for Guam in judo, having represented the island in both Beijing 2008 and London 2012. In the London games he won his first match, making him the first person from Guam to advance beyond the first round in an Olympic competition.RJ Blas - @judoric_official on IGPodcast - @64packpodcast on IG; @64pack on twitter
In this interview I talk to Foye Oluokun. Foye is a starting linebacker in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. He was drafted out of Yale University in the 2nd round of the 2018 NFL Draft, with the 200th pick. He's heading into the fourth season of his career and is coming off a personal best year where he had 117 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions and 4 forced fumbles in 15 games.Foye's Social Media: Instagram and Twitter @foyeliciouswww.foyeoluokun.comPodcast Social Media: Instagram and Twitter @64packpodcast
In this episode I interview Helen Price. In the short time since she graduated from Yale she has started an impressive career in media. She's currently a researcher for Firecracker Films, has worked as a broadcast assistant at BBC News and is a BAFTA Scholar. She is also a passionate activist, especially in women's rights, and, among many other things, has been invited to summits at the White House and was a finalist for Glamour Magazine's 2017 College Woman of the Year.
Wenge - Jeff Cobb

Wenge - Jeff Cobb


In this episode I interview Jeff Cobb. Jeff is an accomplished professional wrestler, previously holding championships such as the Lucha Underground Championship, the Ring of Honor TV Championship and the New Japan Pro Wrestling NEVER Openweight Championship, among many others. He is also an extremely talented amateur wrestler, winning many medals at the Oceania championships and even competing for Guam in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.Jeff's Social Media: @jeffcobb on IG, @realJeffCobb on Twitter Podcast Social Media: @64packpodcast on IG and Twitter
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