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The Finder of Lost Things with Hannah Velten

Author: Hannah Velten

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Hannah Velten met her grief in 2003 when her brother, Christian disappeared on a solo expedition to Mali, Africa while retracing the footsteps of Scottish explorer, Mungo Park. After 13 years of living with stagnant grief, Hannah began to sense that she could find Chris again. This podcast explores grieving as an active process, requiring a new way of living: the reward is trust, healing and transformation. Join Hannah, Christian and guests to find out their incredibly uplifting story and learn how you too can find your lost things. Healing is possible, whatever the physical circumstance.
26 Episodes
The final episode of 'The Finder of Lost Things' sees Hannah reflecting on the past 6 months travelling alongside Chris and her amazing guests. There are some loose ends to tie up and also looking towards the future. Hannah's re-joined by Laura Gardner who has her own reflections to share after becoming involved with the podcast by 'downloading' the show's theme tune and listening to every episode.
"Grief is for us, not for them," says end-of-life healer, Louise Adams. After working for 18 years with cancer patients, Louise has experienced the life force leaving bodies and transitioning into peace, love and light, while patients' families have been left with their grief. Louise has seen cultural differences in mourning rituals and feels our Western culture needs to re-vision death, life-after-death and grief so that we are able to grieve more freely and have support in place to teach people how to best navigate the transformative process of grieving - for themselves and for their loved ones in Spirit. Chris and Hannah add their own experiences into the mix.
Super fan of the show, artist and poet Chloe Hardy, got in touch to ask if she could write a poem about Christian. I said 'Of course'. So, here is Chloe reading her poem 'The Last Journey' about Chris' experiences in Africa. It later turned out that Chloe had met Chris in both the physical and non-physical realms and hence her request. We also discuss Chloe's own experinece of severe grief, with three male friends dying in the space of three years - all under strange circumstances. We delve deep and talk ghosts, ancestral chains, death premonitions, post-death visitations and much more.
Hannah meets artist Sophia Christou who creates vibrant colourful abstract paintings which have a unique energy. Her art is bold. Her art reflects her personality, now. Even as a child Sophia knew she was an artist without even picking up a crayon, yet she lost her zest for creativity during her turbulant childhood and then the suicide of her brother, Zubi. She held in her grief, supporting the rest of her family. Yet an awakening at a retreat, set her off on a healing and transformation journey which she shares to help others who also want to rise into joy and vibrancy.
This week Hannah's taking a break from story telling and is going to be supported by her guides as she takes you on a journey of evolution. If you are lost, stuck, stagnant, lacking clarity, experiencing turbulance or wondering what step to take next then this episode is for you. Bring an open heart, an open mind, a pen and paper, oracle/tarot cards or whatever you need to carve out a space for yourself. Expect gentleness, quiet power and decisive guidance. [And Hannah's been guided to write all of that!]
Hannah's being asked to share how she and Christian connected in Spirit, making their healing possible when physical circumstances seemed to show that Christian would be forever a 'missing person'. Hannah discusses the practices she used and the energies who appeared to help her find her way. Hannah will also try to define the bond she and Christian share and the importance of parallel healing between the physical and non-physical realms.
Kerri Scott lived with the pain of losing a loved one - twin flame and ex-boyfriend, Michael - to suicide for more than two decades. He had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. After taking personal responsibility, her grief journey become her spiritual journey and from her loss she has discovered the power of self-love. Kerri is currently working on her debut book, 'Celebrate Your Grief, Transforming Your Loss into Self-Love' and feels that opening up about her grief has changed her in ways she never knew were possible, as she holds space for others to do the same. Hannah and Kerri discuss suicide loss, understanding, bipolar disorder, connection, letting go of the past and creativity.
"Know Yourself" was the first piece of guidance that Hannah received on her healing journey. She had no idea what that meant, but it lead her to discover her authentic self and the pathway that felt 'right' to her. With this knowledge, Hannah was able to face and find a way to heal and transform her stagnant grief, help Christian to come to terms with what had happened to him and also discover a purpose larger than their sibling relationship. How do you 'know yourself'? Will you ever know yourself, truly? And if you do, what is your calling and how do you answer that? It's time to begin the adventure...
This week's theme is all about 'Receiving' - Hannah thought this would be a pretty straight forward episode when the topic appeared on the horizon, but on closer inspection receiving is multi-layered, full of illusion and something which many actively block. So, some questions covered: What can you receive, and where does it come from? What are the signs that you are ready to receive?Why might you not be receiving what you're asking for?How can you receive, and increase the quality of what you receive?And what you do receive, does it feel right and true and, if so, do you use it wisely? Receiving is crucial for healing and for transformation... are you receiving?!
Following the death of her mother seven years ago, filmmaker and podcaster Desi Kadra embarked on a spiritual search, delving into the world of spirituality and esoteric studies seeking answers outside of the rational scientific approach to every day life. We discuss Desi's personal grief journey and what she's learnt, plus the most mind-boggling stories she's heard interviewing guests on her podcast and YouTube channel, Bridging The Realm. Is there really life after death? Desi joins us from Barcelona, Spain.
Hannah's joined this week by pet loss specialist and animal communicator, Karen Anderson. From a young age, Karen was able to hear animals speaking to her, but she soon learnt that this was a gift to keep hidden. Over the years she worked in a variety of roles, but every so often she would have a conversation with an animal which called her back to this work. We discuss how to speak to animals, how best to heal the loss of a beloved pet and what we can learn from animals (both in the physical and in Spirit). With the recent passing of her own dog, and the new arrival of a puppy, Hannah also has questions for Karen.
Probably the hardest thing to let go of during a healing journey is mistrust. We've all experienced events in our lives which have caused us to lose trust in ourselves, in others and in life; you know, those happenings which shatter our expectations, assumptions and world view. Hannah explores how she lost and regained her trust, by taking back control and by releasing control, by letting go and by opening up to learning and growth. We all know how to heal ourselves and trusting yourself to make the decisions, based on your feelings and inner guidance, is something Hannah wishes to pass on. Perhaps this episode is what you need to hear right now as we move into 'The Growing Time', when establishing firm foundations now can help you achieve your highest potential.
"Their death contains a gift, which has to be opened to be truly received" - Hananh got this message from Spirit after her own healing and this week's guest, Karen Chaston from The Chaston Centre, on the Gold Coast, in Australia, speaks about 'The Gift of Loss'. When you're in a place of loss it's not easy to see the gifts - when Karen experienced the sudden loss of her 27yr old son, Dan, she denied her grief and went straight back to her corporate job. But eventually Karen was forced into confronting all the losses in her life, and Dan was with her every step of the way as she faced and moved through her grief. Karen is now a passionate advocate of unwrapping the gifts contained in loss and asks, "Will you let go of your suffering?". Christian and Dan definitely brought Karen and Hannah together!
Have you ever felt there's more to life than you can see? Are you drawn to being in Nature? Are you yearning for more connection? Well, this week's show could be just what you've been waiting for! Hannah's joined by Niki Shefras from 'The Vida Sana' who provides practical guidance for a purposeful, balanced and beautiful life. They will be discussing how to step out of our comfort zones to remember our connection to nature and our ancestors, honouring the magic in all life and finding guidance during ancient rituals, such as sitting in circle around a fire. This will be an expansive and uplifting conversation, asking you to consider your daily habits and quesion whether you are open to receiving all the joy and sacred connection that's calling out to you.
When you feel alone, stuck or lost, wouldn't it be great to know that a whole support team has your back? Well, we all have that support team - unseen, but very much present. Hannah chats to Natasha Harris this week about the Akashic Records which hold all the information about your past, present and future; everything you need to know about your unique past lives, your soul gifts and your spirit guides. But how do we access this information and how can it support us?
Having lost both parents by her mid-20s, Rochelle Bugg felt there wasn't much support for people her age. She found that nobody was talking about how things affect young people, as if they were too busy enjoying life to ever worry about losing someone they loved. Rochelle wanted to change that, which is why she started her blog chronically her journey while nursing her mum through a terminal brain tumour, having already lost her dad to pancreatic cancer when she was just 14. Her new book Handle with Care (Bonnier Books) shows how she navigaged changing family dynamics with her two younger sisters, the financial and emotional pressure of being a full-time carer, and the challenges of rebuilding her life after the loss of her parents. Rochelle is open, honest, engaging and truly inspiring for the way she's actively tended to her grief and built up a toolkit to help herself, and her young audience.
What if you're not full of the joys of Spring? With COVID restrictions relaxing and the Spring Equinox just past (20th March in Northern Hemisphere), what if your feelings of loss and grief are weighing heavy while others are returning to 'normal' life? Christian and I, and our team of guides, are concentrating this week on helping you navigate these times of collective grief and personal grief. It's not going to be an easy ride into Spring, but what we've learnt on our own grief walk might help you recognise some universal truths and show you some hidden barriers which you might not have even realised are constricting your potential for healing and expansion. And what you seed now will come to fruition later in the year, so it's important to see clearly the next few steps in front of you, even if the long-view ahead is full of fog. Image: Caterpiller with bonus long legs (FAS - Hannah's 9yr old daughter)
Looking back, all the clues were there. Hannah and Christian answer the big questions of 'Why did Christian have to travel alone in West Africa?, 'Why did Christian disappear?', 'Why did it take 15yrs to find the truth?' and many more. When traumatic events happen, we ask 'why?' - perhaps this podcast will give you some insights to help you make sense of, and navigate, the circumstances you find yourself in. Hannah and Christian provide an individual and collective perspective and ask are you living your destiny or fated life?
One of Christian's most favourite people, Sara Jaffar, is joining the show this week, to share her memories of Christian and the amazing way that she and Hannah met in 2018. It was a time when Hannah was needing strength as she faced the reality of life with her brother-in-Spirit and the adventure that he (and her soul) was asking her to embark on. This show is really asking you to reflect on the legacy that you are going to be leaving behind, how loss is an illusion and how Spirit can touch our earthly lives if we ask for support, guidance and love.
Becoming 'The Finder of Lost Things' hasn't been an easy path to tread - every fear has been triggered within Hannah and in those around her. Fear of spirit, fear of being abandoned, fear of rejection, fear of being seen, fear of her power: these fears (and more) made her soul purpose feel like a burden at many points. But Christian and Hannah were able to move through all the fears, and they want to share with you how this was possible, and why it was essential to vanquish their limiting beliefs, past life karma and ancestral trauma to reach a state of balance and sovereignty. What fears might be holding you back from treading the path your soul wants you to follow?
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