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The podcast for entrepreneurs in English language teaching. This podcast is ideal for those looking to start their own business in education. You will get top-quality advice from former teachers who have made the break and gone out on their own.
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Ben Shearon is a retired university English teacher based in Sendai. He was born in Germany and grew up in Spain but claims to be British. After living in Spain, the UK, and China, he moved to Japan in 2000 and has been here ever since. In 2013 Ben started the RetireJapan website to share information in English about personal finance, investing, and retirement for people living in Japan. It has since grown into an online community with a forum, newsletter, YouTube channel, and a number of publications and courses. In his spare time Ben helps his wife run a children’s language school, publishes a textbook series for Japanese junior high school students (the Fluency Course), and enjoys losing at Brazilian jiu-jitsu.Sign up to our mailing list
Marek Kiczkowiak has been in ELT since 2009. He has CELTA, DELTA and a PhD. He currently runs an educational company, Academic English Now, where he helps PhD students and researchers write research papers. He grew the company from 0 to 70k/month and now shares his insights with English teachers who want to start a widely profitable teaching English business.Alex HormoziBlue Ocean StrategyCrossing the ChasmJim CollinsSign up to our mailing list
Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1966, Basil moved to Canada in 1969. After graduating from the University of Toronto, he pursued Asian Studies at the Graduate School of the University of British Columbia. Since coming to Japan in 1992, Basil has been extensively involved in education, serving as principal of an English language school, materials developer, teacher trainer, radio host, educational consultant, and more. Currently, he is Founder and CEO at two companies, the Educational Venture Corporation and Maxwell Education Group, and Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at a third company, Potential PlusSign up to our mailing list
Originally from the UK, Founder Zoe Smith created Mexico City based BE School when she saw a gap in the market for English Programs that were based specifically on growing Business Skills and Confidence for Mexican Professionals. BE School works with dozens of International corporations with customized courses tailored for individual and industry needs; the ethos is to enhance confidence through effective communication, thereby creating global ambassadors for the companies it serves.Sign up to our mailing list
In 2007,  Sakurako Oshima set up her own company specialising in English education for adults. Her mission is to provide powerful support to as many people as possible through lessons, consulting, coaching, and books in order to achieve the respective goals of various people who need English, such as those who use English for work, those who want to be stationed abroad, those who want to study overseas' universities and graduate schools, and those who dream of moving abroad.Since 2006, she has been working as a writer and has published a total of fifteen books.Website: up to our mailing list
After nearly 30 years of intensive experience in every aspect of test preparation, Mike Bergin knows what works in tutoring and what doesn’t. A nationally recognized leader in education, Mike founded Chariot Learning in 2009 to deliver on the promise of what truly transformative individualized education can and should be. Besides overseeing Chariot Learning’s national programs, Mike is an ACT Certified Educator who trains teachers across the country to implement critical skills and college and career readiness standards.Mike is proud to be the founding President of the Board of Directors of the National Test Prep Association, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the highest ethical standards and best practices in the test prep industry while advocating for the appropriate administration and use of standardized tests for admissions and assessment purposes. Mike is also the creator of the SAT/ACT TestFlip program, founder of the free testing and admissions answer site TestBright, co-host of Tests and the Rest, the college admissions industry podcast, and publisher of Tutor: The Newsletter.Lastly, Mike is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller Crash and Learn: Lessons in Business.Sign up to our mailing list
Jarrad Merlo is the principal consultant of Nouns n' where he helps schools, publishers and companies digitise their language learning and testing products, content, assessment, media, marketing, teaching and strategy. He co-founded and spent the last ten years building an EdTech company called E2 that specialises in B2C and B2B high-stakes English exam prep that has registered over 1.5 million users. He is also the face of E2's YouTube channels that have over 2.5 million subscribers. He has a wealth of knowledge about technology start-ups and scale-ups and all things applied linguistics and technology.The EFL Magazine Entrepreneur ConferenceSign up to our mailing list
Nicola Prentis started off in ELT as a teacher, bouncing around the world wherever she most wanted to go at the time: Czech Republic, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Thailand. She started writing EFL materials as a way to transition into working from her sofa and settled in Spain around 2012. Once she realised she could sell ideas to magazines, she branched out into writing about travel, food, parenting, even Brxit and Love Island for publications including Cosmo, The Independent and the Wall Street Journal (OK, it was only one article in each of those!). After a brief period of speaking at conferences, she realised she wasn't going to earn any more from writing than she had from teaching and the shine had faded from sitting at home not talking to anyone all day. At the same time, she began wondering what she could do with her savings, carefully scrimped over 20 years. The answer led her into teaching herself about investing from a starting point of utter cluelessness. That was quickly followed by the realisation that many, many people in ELT had the same lack of knowledge about investing and that all her years of teaching and creating educational materials were about to come in handy... the result is The Chilled Investor. A beginner course on investing that can take anyone from clueless to clued up in 6 weeks. to sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about it.The EFL Magazine Entrepreneur Conference is taking place on the 27th and 28th of August. Sign up here for the latest news on the conferenceSign up to our mailing list
Jeff Johnson made the break into online teaching almost 2 years years ago and hasn't looked back since. By using his experience in education and aptitude for strategic planning, Jeff has carved out a thriving business within 2 years by being focused, measured, patient and on message with his offering. Jeff has hired a teacher recently, and is seeing his business continue to grow and expand its offerings.From Jeff:"I'm passionate about helping students remove what may be their biggest obstacle when it comes to advancing their education or career.Over the last 10 years, I've helped hundreds of students from over 100 countries improve their English-language skills.Using a simple step-by-step approach, I help students focus on their English-language learning despite the competing demands of friends, family and work. I also assist them in developing a clear strategy for success on the IELTS Exam.My greatest joy is celebrating their achievements and seeing them attend the university of their choice or land their dream job."www.esljeff.caSign up here for updates about the conferenceSign up to our mailing list
John Hayes is the creator of MyCoolClass Co-operative, a UK based learning platform cooperative owned collectively by its members. He is former private detective from California and has been living in Poland for the past 6 years teaching English online and at language schools. John has traveled to 32 countries and has a background in activism, community organizing, and project management.As an advocate for democracy in the workplace, John started MyCoolClass to give power back to online teachers through collective ownership. He says that venture capital exploits their workers and teachers are ready for something better. Main Website: https://mycoolclass.comCooperative Website: https://coop.mycoolclass.comCommunity Shares: Sign up to our mailing list
Jane Dancaster is currently Managing Director of Wimbledon School of English (one of the UK’s top English language schools). She started her EFL career as a teacher 35 years ago and has worked in English language teaching and management both overseas and in the UK in a variety of organisations ranging from a co-operative school to a well-known group.  Jane was Chair of English UK London for 15 years and has recently retired from the board of English UK where she had been a Trustee since 2004.   She cares passionately about our industry and is still actively involved in supporting and promoting English Language Teaching. If you’re interested in working at or with WSE, please contact Jane up to our mailing list
Today's guest is Dorothy Zemach. Dorothy and I chat about her career, self-publishing, and running a successful publishing company. She also, give tips, advice, and encouragement to those who might want to write and publish an ELT bookDorothy Zemach taught ESL and other foreign languages for over 20 years, in Asia, Africa, and the US. She holds an MA in TESL from SIT in Vermont, USA. Now she concentrates on writing, editing, and publishing ELT materials and textbooks and conducting teacher training workshops. Her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, academic English, testing, and humor. She is a frequent plenary speaker at international conferences and is active on social media. In 2012, Dorothy launched Wayzgoose Press, a small independent publishing imprint for fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials, and teaches an online course on Self-Publishing for ELT Professionals through iTDi PressSelf-Publishing for Professionals courseDiscussion Starters by Keith FolseWriting for the Real WorldSign up to our mailing list
Alex Asher is the CEO of Learncube. Originally from New Zealand and now living in London, Alex has successfully steered learn cube to the successful company it is today.We chat about Alex's life as an entrepreneur. In the chat he reflects on an initial business failure and the lessons he has learned from the experience. We also cover the important skills you need to master to succeed in business and the history and future of LearncubeAbout LearncubeWe provide two key solutions:1. An award-winning virtual classroom (API) made for interactive tutoring 2. All-in-one platform for managing scheduling, content, users, reports, payments and more.Our customers include, Preply, Oxford University Press, Kern Training, Littera Education and many more.Many of our largest customers have built their own sophisticated platforms but don’t want the hassle of trying to build a virtual classroom from scratch (video-conferencing, interactive whiteboards, teaching tools, lesson library, etc) and definitely don’t have the time to maintain it.Instead, they choose the LearnCube Virtual Classroom because our multi-tab whiteboards, library and teaching tools are incredibly easy to use. LearnCube’s infrastructure is also made for scale and we provide real visibility into the online classroom for reporting & safeguarding reasons.Many of our SMB customers choose our all-in-one solution when their approach of patching together Zoom, and multiple other systems, starts to break down. They also want to push their brand and provide a more professional, cohesive, education-focused experience.LearnCube’s white-label Online School solution does this out of the box and handles class scheduling (with automated reminders), advanced content management, user management, smart reporting, and online payment.The EFL Magazine Business MastermindSign up to our mailing list
Rob Lally helps B2B consultants and service providers get more leads through LinkedIn. We sat down and had a chat about Rob's business and how best to use LinkedIn to improve your profile, build your brand, and ultimately bring in more business."If you are looking to grow your business with great quality leads, Rob is the man to go." - Syed Saiful Islam"Rob is a master at driving business and thinking outside the box when devising ways of increasing sales revenue.He is someone who you would love to have on your team and would always go above and beyond to succeed." - James Fitzpatrick"He helped guide me and bring clarity to my situation and had some epic expert advice on how I could improve my client attraction methods." - Brendan Mcdonald"He officially jumped on as my first client". - Sarah W - 4 days into the program . Does any of this sound familiar?👉 "Getting one client is like a full time job in itself"👉 “I wanted to work for myself to have freedom, but I'm getting burned out just trying to find new clients!”👉 I wear a thousand hats. I have tried holding workshops, presentations, emailing prospects but I just can't get clients consistently!If so, you’ve come to the right place. Hi I’m Rob, and I teach coaches and consultants how to get high paying clients consistently and predictably using LinkedIn without having to go through the famine and feast cycle of no clients to clients!Imagine:Waking up excited every SINGLE morning ready to focus on making your business better rather than finding clients.Not having to worry about going back to the corporate rat race world because you can get clients ON DEMAND.Getting clients on a regular basis, that pay you what you are worth.I’m here to help you go from uncertainty to confidence, because you’ll know that with my system in place, you can get calls booked whenever YOU decide. I want to help you go from sending pitches to anyone and everyone, to have clients come to YOU as an authority of the your market. And I do this through my coaching program that will show you step by step on how to get clients predictably through LinkedIn.Are you ready to make this happen?👉 Here's my free training on how to fill your calendar and stand out from the noise on LinkedIn:👉 Book a call with me below and I will see if you qualify for a free strategy session:👉 Check out my helpful YouTube videos for small business owners: up to our mailing list
Jason R Levine an English language specialist for young learners and adults He runs workshops for teachers and shows for students worldwide. Best know as Fluency MC Jason has clocked up millions of views worldwide for his YouTube videos that help English learners tackle the often-tedious parts of learning the language through rap.A non-exhaustive list of Jason's Skills:- Creates original songs and videos for English language practice- Conducts Rhyme On Time workshops with students and teachers at primary schools, secondary schools, and universities through Oremis Plaisir d’Apprendre- Teaches, trains, and develops materials for Oremis Plaisir d'Apprendre, PREP’it, Linguaid, Éditions Didier, the U.S. Department of State and other institutions and programs- Prepares students for TOEIC, Linguaskill, TOEFL, iELTS, FCE, CAE, and other standardized exams- Teaches academic English, ESP, and TOEIC at ESIEE, EFREI, and le CNAM in Paris, France- Conducts continuing professional development webinars for English language teachers with the American TESOL Institute - Writes and performs original music for learners of all ages and cultures in English language arts, ESL, EFL, ELT training, social studies, science, mathematics, and standardized test preparation. - Maintains the Fluency MC YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram accounts; active administrator of many Facebook groups, including Teachers Teaching Online and Innovative Teachers of English (the largest and most active Facebook group for English language teachers).- Creator of open online courses, including ELT Techniques (the first virtual classroom MOOC for English language teachers), Teachers Teaching Online, and Build Your Teaching Business Online.- Creator of the online speaking practice program, The Weekly English Workout.Specialties: All things ESL and EFL, K-12 curriculum and materials design, adult education curriculum and materials design, curriculum and materials for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CAE, FCE, GED, SAT, GRE, and GMAT.The EFL Magazine Business MastermindRelevant Skills AppLinkedinFluency MC, InstagramFluency MC, FacebookSign up to our mailing list
Lindsay is an education technology (Edtech) entrepreneur in the field of ESL (English as a Second Language) as well as a teacher who strives to help clients reach their communication goals in order to achieve their dreams.As the producer and co-host of the award-winning All Ears English Podcast, Lindsay has built a digital brand that inspires students worldwide and has acquired more than 200 million downloads since launch.Lindsay is the CEO of All Ears English, a fast-growing ESL brand that inspires adult English learners to focus on connection through English by providing both general English training and IELTS test preparation.In her ventures, Lindsay implements technology such as podcasting and webinars to better serve international English learners. She uses Lean Startup methods to build platforms where communities of learners with similar visions can come together to support each other in pursuit of the common goal of better communication.Publications/Featured Articles/interviews:LANGUAGE MAGAZINE: Podcasting Into the Future. Language Magazine. March 2020.PODCAST MAGAZINE: 200 Million Ears: A New Way to Learn English. Podcast Magazine. May 2021.FORBES: Cook, Jodie. "5 Steps to Building a Raving Fan Base with a Podcast in 2022." Forbes, Dec 23, 2021.Presentations/Panel Discussions:-Inspired Teachers Create Inspired Learners: Find Your Platform and Purpose. Women in Language Conference. March 2021.-Learning Through Connection, Not Perfection: Reflections on Building a Global Podcast Community. Language Summit. March 2021.-How ELT Social Media Influencers Are Redefining Online English Teaching Panel Discussion. Bridge Universe Summit. December 2021-Creating Edtech and Educational Products Panel Discussion. Bridge Universe Summit. December 2021Podcast Appearances/Interviews:-Grammar Girl Podcast Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing with host Mignon Fogarty. May 2020.-Language Mastery Podcast Interview with host John Fotheringham. June 2019.-Langpreneur Podcast. Merging Podcasts and Teamwork to Create a Strong Brand with host Jan van der Aa. January 2021.Interested in the EFL Magazine Business Mastermind?Join for free todaySign up to our mailing list
Rachel Baker is the founder and owner of Merciful Mornings, LLC, a wife, mom of two kids, and lifelong teacher. She has persevered through many difficult struggles, and it fills her cup to help others who are working through similar situations.Her BA and M.Ed. in early childhood special education have allowed her to work as a developmental therapist, student services programmer, early intervention specialist, 3rd grade teacher, and ESL teacher. She made the jump to teaching online in 2017, and now she coaches others who are ready to get organized and turn their passions, hobbies, and expertise into profitable online classes. up to our mailing list
Korinne is the founder of KAIE Marketing (, an international education marketing consultancy and Co-founder of the Education Marketing Collective, a membership platform providing digital skills training and support to education professionals. Korinne has over 20 years in international education and, having been an exchange student herself, has an intimate understanding of the student experience also.Previously, Korinne has worked as an agent, at both public schools and private training institutions, and was Marketing Director at ICEF for close to 8 years.KAIE Marketing was also the winner of the Best New Business/Start-up of the Year at the 2019 at Women in Education (Lead5050) Awards. Education Marketing Collective won the same award in 2021. Website: Education Marketing Collective Or korinnealgie.comInstagram: @kaie_marketing or @educationmktgcollectiveSign up to our mailing list
Jamie Keddie studied biochemistry at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. That was followed by a degree in music at Leeds College of Music. For a while, he worked as a singer-piano player on ships, but nothing too glamorous.After getting tendonitis in his arms, Jamie was forced into a career change. He went to live in Spain and started working as an English teacher.Since then, Jamie has become known for his work on image, video and storytelling in language education. As a teacher trainer and storyteller, he has shared his ideas in 45 different countries.Jamie is the founder of LessonStream – an online community of language teachers united in a passion for using story and storytelling in the classroom. He is the author of ‘Images’ (Oxford University Press, 2009), ‘Bringing Online Video into the Classroom’ (Oxford University Press, 2014) and ‘Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom’ (LessonStream Books, 2017).Jamie is an affiliate trainer at Norwich University for Language Education (NILE) in the UK.You can find out more about Jamie’s work at lessonstream.comSign up to our mailing list
Adam Salkeld is a former TV producer with the BBC and worked on such shows at Panorama and The Money Programme. After leaving the BBC, he founded  Digital Learning Associates with Stephen Haggard.Digital Learning Associates are leaders  in Authentic Video and Video First Resources for education. They operate globally with content and partners on 5 continents. Their films and resources have reached over 10 million learners across the globe.CatalogueLinkedIn PageSign up to our mailing list
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