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It’s no secret that psychedelics are on the comeback trail, with a record number of trials and total investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 alone. This interest – from the public, investors, and researchers alike – has made 2021 the biggest year for psychedelics research to date – and 2022 is set to be even bigger…
In the first episode of our psychedelics series, we are talking in more detail about ketamine - the anaesthetic turned party drug that also happens to have some impressive medicinal and therapeutic potential. We'll be talking history, medical research, mental health and recreational use. Join us in taking a deep dive into ketamine!
A cannabis compound can reportedly protect nerve cells from oxidative damage that could, eventually, result in cell death. Researchers suggest these new findings could play a part in treating age-related neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s.
Welcome to Not That High: The Psychedelic Series. Over the next few episodes we are going to be taking a deep dive into psychedelics - including the history of their use around the world, the effects of prohibition, and the latest emerging science around these incredible substances. Join us and learn along with us about the potential of psychedelics!
After two long years of waiting, London once again hosted the biggest European and global cannabis industry leaders in one of the continent’s most inclusive conferences – Cannabis Europa.
In recent years, Amazon has been one of the largest companies to join lobbying for the liberation of recreational cannabis (in the US, at least). But now, the company could be in trouble over a cannabis smuggling scandal in India.
Researchers claim that perinatal women are using more cannabis as a solution to a lack of counselling from professional healthcare workers.
In a historic move, Scotland will open a hotline to provide professional help and comfort while people are using drugs.
A recent study has found that the common cannabis derivative CBD may be useful in the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) – a condition that can result from severe head trauma.
Researchers have found that cannabis extracts may play a huge part in treating severe epilepsy symptoms in children.
A new survey has found that the majority of respondents would use recreational cannabis with their grandparents, while most users prefer edibles to smoking.
A new survey found that preconception cannabis use could increase the risk of developing postpartum depression (PPD).
A new study found that more frequent use of therapeutic psychedelics significantly moderated the levels of complex trauma symptoms and internalised shame in individuals with histories of child maltreatment.
A new study has found that more parents and carers of children with autism have opted to use CBD to aid with related symptoms and behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this week's episode, we are discussing the growing use of cannabis and CBD to help manage the symptoms and behaviours associated with Autism. We touch upon the implications of current legislation and the evidence and theories around how cannabis could be beneficial to those with Autism and their families.
Beyoncé is known by her loyal fanbase for a plethora of professional endeavours, from vocal legend to film director. More recently, however, the global megastar is expanding her vast portfolio into the horticultural and beekeeping sectors as she recently announced that she is “building a hemp and a honey farm”.
A new study has found that rates of cannabis use are growing in the US, and it is growing fast. The number of people who frequently smoke cannabis is also at an all-time high.
A recent study has found that teenagers that partake in frequent cannabis use may be more likely to have premature babies up to 20 years later.
n the latest episode of our interview series, we spoke to two prominent figures in the UK medical cannabis and cannabinoids sector. We discuss what needs to be done now to improve patient access to medical cannabis with expert Professor Mike Barnes, and talk the ins and outs of the UK and European CBD industry with Mitesh Makwana, chairman of CBD and cannabinoids producer AltoVerde.
To kick off our Not That High interview series, we spoke to Christina French, the co-founder of CBD beauty and wellness brand Essench. We cover the ups and downs of launching a successful business in a new sector, our favourite products and, most importantly, all things CBD and hemp!
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