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Lobow's Spark Season 1, Episodes 1-5 put together in one long episode that has been edited to be appropriate for all ages and audiences.  There is no new content here.  This is specifically for people who want a listening experience without adult language, content, or themes.Support the show
Welcome to this very special 1 year Anniversary Episode of Lobow’s SPARK Podcast.  Hard to believe the first episode was published February 6, 2021…just one year ago today.  I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished this year and I have the fans & superfans to thank.  You are the reason this has been a success and I truly hope, it has impacted your life for the positive.  I also want to personally thank each and every guest that has agreed to come on the show.  Without you, the success of this podcast could NOT happen and that is just a fact.  In one year, we have 740 followers on twitter, over 30,000 followers on tiktok.   we have started a fundraising campaign for crisis text line where we have a goal of raising 5,000 dollars over the next 6 months, but the most important accomplishment in my mind has been our ability to help people with ADHD gain more confidence in themselves. At the end of this episode we will countdown the top 5 most listened to episodes!!Lobow’s SPARK has started a fundraising effort for Crisis Text Line.  We have a goal of $19 per episode as $19 supports one person in their time of absolute crisis with their mental health. If you would like to donate through our fundraiser in titled “Lauren’s Infinity”, the link is listed below. Lobow’s SPARK is proudly sponsored by feather – Twitter with a purpose. If you need help managing your online relatioships, go to . You can also follow Feather on twitter @feathercrm Join our discord where you will be welcomed, supported, and encouraged by other people with ADHD. Lobow’s SPARK is assisted by the help of Leo Guinan and Kirk Hofstrom.Support the show
In this stand alone episode, I combine the clock app with ultimate momentum.  This is a Patrons only episode.  Thank you for your support and enjoy!  WE ARE...SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE!!Lobow’s SPARK is proudly supported by Terri Shubilla, Casey Elliot, Sarah Delano, Justin Allingham, Blushing Crafter, Jamie Young, Leo Guinan and Kirk Hofstrom.Lobow’s SPARK has started a fundraising effort for Crisis Text Line.  We have a goal of $19 per episode as $19 supports one person in their time of absolute crisis with their mental health. If you would like to donate through our fundraiser in titled “Lauren’s Infinity”, the link is listed below. Lobow’s SPARK is proudly sponsored by Feather – Feather Your Impact with Feather CRM. If you need help managing your online relationships, go to . You can also follow Feather on twitter @feathercrm Join our discord where you will be welcomed, supported, and encouraged by other people with ADHD. the show
An overview of Lobow's SPARK strategy - The Power of ADHD.  Emphasis on the first element of SPEED.  ADHD people are told to slow down, calm down, rest and relax……f*ck that.  Why should we slow down when the world operates fast and we are quicker than 90% of it?  You always want to be first in anything you are trying to achieve whether it be your career, a competition, coming up with as some great idea, or simply asking out that hottie at the bar.Quick decision making is as easy as breathing for the adhd brain.  Actually, we make our best and most accurate decisions when an immediate answer is required. We have a sense of urgency with everything that is important every day.  That can be frustrating for others but those others will come to us when it is the most vital and they need our help fast.  This is why some of the most successful people with adhd have chosen to use the power of speed to be superman.  They have chosen careers like emts, the military, firefighters, special forces ect…These are all careers that are labeled as “heroic.”  In other businesses, the quick outside the box thinkers are recognized more often.  The natural power of the speed in the adhd brain is respected and looked up to in everything but people with adhd.  WHY?! Stay fast ADHDers.
Lobow puts emphasis on the second element of his SPARK strategy - The Power of Passion in ADHD.  It is our passion that ultimately fuels us.  Odds are if something or someone is important to us for any reason at all, what is important to them becomes vital to us.  But only if what is important to them is something that truly matters in life.  Again, it has to matter.  If it doesn’t, our brain will instantly stop providing the dopamine we need.  This is the kryptonite for us.  So how are we going to maintain our speed when the environment around us has “calmed down” and as a result, we have started to slow down?  The good news is that passion will maintain your speed and this is the primary focus of today’s episode.  People with adhd have more passion and emotion than most people on earth. We have unmoderated emotion.  This means we are emotionally impulsive.  Sounds horrible right?  Wrong.  Listen to find out why.…An inspiring story is also told during this episode.  
The middle element of Lobow's SPARK strategy - Attitude...How ADHD uses it to jump start your Passion back to life.  Lobow puts emphasis on physical activity and how it can shape the attitude you need to avoid a burnout.     
Lobow dives into the 4th Element of his SPARK strategy - Reliability...He explains why he feels that being reliable is actually an ADHD power and how to use it to rescue your Attitude.
Lobow talks about the 5th and final element to his SPARK strategy - Knowledge...If you don't have ADHD, you will want it after listening to him voice his opinion on how awesome ADHD is.  Lobow shows you 2 different ways your Spark can go and proves how SPARK works in his life by using multiple stories that all come together for an epic conclusion...
The ADHD Fire

The ADHD Fire


Lobow introduces the 3 steps he uses to keep his fire going once it has been ignited.  In this episode, he talks about step 1 -  how close relationships with people gives your fire the ability to keep burning strong.  
The ADHD Fire 2

The ADHD Fire 2


Lobow describes the second step on how to keep your fire going.  The focus is on removing those people and/or places that could and will try and put your fire out.  He invites you to get in contact with him if you want to be on his show for the much anticipated Season 3 entitled "Fireside Chats."  Please contact Lobow directly at and he will put you on his show.  No topic is out of bounds as he will discuss anything and everything you want to talk about.  Support the show
The ADHD Fire 3

The ADHD Fire 3


This is the ultimate motivation for people with ADHD...The final episode moves quick and there are no squirrel moments and no story time.  This is the absolute bottom line of what he truly believes about about  ADHD.  Lobow wants you on his show for the next season titled "Fireside Chats" so please email him at and you will be on it.   
The first guest on Lobow's Spark is Kim Devitt.  She is an incredibly successful woman who works in a higher up role for the amazing company of CORKCICLE.  She was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age...just like Lobow.  This conversation of 2 ADHD minds is indeed intriguing as they tell each other what is going on in their lives and what should and should not be considered important.  Lobow infiltrates moments from past episodes throughout their discussion in order to further show the amazing power of ADHD and his SPARK strategy.  A special shout-out again to Kim Devitt for having a fireside chat with Lobow.  This was definitely a chat you will want to listen to. 
Lobow is reunited with his childhood babysitter...Carolyn Snowden.  Carolyn is now a published poet and her work can be found at  You will find a poem on her website that relates to you no matter what walk of life you have chosen.  Carolyn opens up about her battle with Cushing's Disease and what her life has been like since she had brain surgery in 2013.  They share funny stories about when Carolyn was Lobow's protector when he was a kid.  Who gave Lobow his first sip of Jack Daniels?  Tune in to find out!
-WARNING: Extreme adult language throughout the episode-  One of Lobow's closest friends from back in high school joins the ADHD conversation.  Guy Farmer is an extremely talented musician and spent a decade playing music in front of large crowds in Nashville, TN.  He also worked as manager of other bands handling the business side of the profession at the same time. If you want to listen to some awesome Rock 'n' roll, search Guy Farmer on iTunes and you will not be disappointed.  Guy talks about his late ADHD diagnosis and what medication has done for him.  But the most fun part about this episode is listening to two ADHD adults in their late 30's, discuss the high school education system and their opinions on what truly matters when you are that age.  See if you can keep up with Guy and Lobow in this fast paced episode that quickly moves from one topic to the next...Perfect if you have ADHD.
Today’s guest is Clair Simpson and THIS IS THE EPISODE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  Clair lives in Scotland and she was diagnosed with ADHD a few years back. She has taken a passionate approach to her diagnosis by encouraging other people to realize how powerful their ADHD can be.  She is a loving wife and the mother of two children that are homeschooled.   Clair dives into her strong opinions on ADHD and how it effects relationships, the educational system, and her ability to lead such an amazing life. Entertaining and inspiring through-out, Clair and Lobow seek to provide a SPARK to those with ADHD.  You do not want to miss this as Lobow’s energy and enthusiasm is matched step for step!
Today’s fireside chat features Leo Guinan.  Leo is an entrepreneur and has been diagnosed with both Autism and ADHD. He is currently working on a course for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and I would strongly recommend you reach out to him on twitter @leo_guinan and subscribe to his website ( for further details on the course that is sure to guide you in the right direction. He has a great combination of intelligence and the passion to persevere. Enjoy listening to Lobow and Leo discuss his journey from quitting his corporate job to realizing his true goal of helping neurodivergent people thrive on their incredible strengths.  
This episode is the ultimate proof that “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  Today’s guest is Kirk Hofstrom.  Kirk talks about his early ADHD diagnosis and the amazing story of how he has become one the top salesmen at his company.  We discuss how some of the gut decisions he made in the past, landed him where he is today.  There are funny stories shared along the way that will cause you to laugh and be inspired at the same time.  Enjoy and be motivated!  Support the show
Today’s guest is Geraint Evans and he is from England.  This discussion brings many things to light in support of my SPARK stragey but also dives into some of the issues with viewing ADHD as a superpower.  Geraint is a very successful author and if you would like to read some of his work on ADHD, please go to  If you have ADHD, this episode is for you.  It is challenging, fun, and motivating. Enjoy this incredible chat between Lobow & Geraint!Support the show
Today’s Fireside chat features Shannon Craver.  Originally from Canada, she currently lives in London where she runs her own design studio.  Shannon also writes about ADHD ( and she was recently diagnosed just 1 year ago.  Her twitter information is @ADHDdesigner and I encourage you to go to her page as she has many tweets regarding ADHD.  She is an amazing person who has chosen to let the advantages of this "disorder" outweigh the negatives.  This episode has some very funny moments as we discuss why doing laundry will never be at the top of the ADHD priority list.  Our chat is yet another example of how the current education system can be devastating to someone w/ADHD.  Enjoy and be motivated by Lobow and Shannon’s ADHD discussion! Support the show
The featured guest today is Dorsey McFadden (@flexyouradhd) and she runs the website  Dorsey has no filter in telling you her true feelings on the subject and to be honest, some of them contradict what I believe which makes for an outstanding episode.  This conversation will motivate you in a real way to see both the positives and negatives of ADHD.  Dorsey also had a very creative way of getting me to explain a big reason why this podcast was started in the first place.  Be inspired and stay true to yourself by listening to Lobow and Dorsey discuss ADHD.
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