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Welcome to The Weekly Beat by Mansa with your hosts Arnold Segawa, Maggie Mutesi and Dumi Jere. Every Monday morning, we will be bringing you all the info on Africa’s big finance and economic stories.
36 Episodes
We reflect on the conversations at the Global commodities forum, the challenges and opportunities for developing and commodity dependent countries.
As the Global population continues to grow, it has become clear that demand for renewable and eco-friendly energy needs to be addressed. But how can the global energy demand be addressed while the private sector explores natural resources responsibly? We speak to Micahel Wurmser, the founder of Norge mining on the same.
Does transitioning to renewable energy pose a risk to low investments in Africa ? We have a chat with the Executive Director of the Global Gas Centre - Valerie Ducrot
Transitioning from oil and gas when some countries are just discovering oil could be a big blow to developing countries …We break down the impact with @UNCTAD’s Dr Janvier Nkurunziza
A conversation with the Acting Secretary General - UNCTAD - Ms Isabelle Durant .. as we look at the future of Global trade im times if COVID-19
UNCTAD15 marks the beginning of a new chapter for trade and development. Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the world was already facing several other global crises including the climate emergency and rising inequality and vulnerability. Join us for the next five days as we talk transformative trade, resilience and solutions for lasting prosperity for all
This week, a conversation with the Basketball Africa League’s President, Amadou Gallo Fall- as we look at the underlying potential of Africa’s sport industry, best captured in the NBA’s expansion across Africa and the launch of the Basketball African League (BAL) in Kigali.
Following two years of strong growth, the Gambia’s economy has left stagnated by the global COVID-19 pandemic due to trade disruption and the fall in tourism,
CBN has been given the greenlight to freeze bank accounts belonging to Nigerian investment-tech companies Bamboo, Chaka, Risevest and Trove - alleging that they were operating without licenses as asset management companies and utilizing foreign exchange from the Nigerian market for purchasing foreign bonds and shares. We look at how this is affecting the start up eco-system in Africa's most populous nation.
We dive deep into the business of music and how to create a sustainable eco-system that supports artists.
Zambians head to the polls on 12 August amid mounting economic challenges, reports of election-related political violence and Covid-19. With nineteen candidates vying for the presidency, is the incumbent President Edgar Lungu on his way out?
How easy is it to start a business on the continent? For many costs of starting a business are always as hindrance and a recent report by Business financing UK highlights this. With wide gaps from Equatorial Guinea’s $2,322 to Rwanda were it is free to open up a business, this episode unpacks the different facets of the African entrepreneurial odyssey.
Ghana recently launched a Toyota assembly plant making it the second auto assembly plant in the country in less than a year. With the assembly unit boasting a $7 million investment with annual production capacity of around 1,330 units, is Africa beginning to cash in on its ‘youth dividend’?
Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service recently issued a statement directing banks to freeze all accounts in Nigeria belonging to MultiChoice Nigeria and MultiChoice Africa until it had been able to recover the money the TAXMAN is allegedly owed. Which is around 1.8 trillion naira or 4.4 billion DOLLARS. Is this the end of the road for Africa's largest pay television provider?
As Ethiopia opens up its Telecommunications space, bidders rushed to the Eastern African nation to get a piece of the pie as the nation seeks to open up the lucrative telecoms sector. After the first round of bids, Ethiopia awarded a telecoms licence to a consortium led by Kenya's Safaricom. However, what does this mean for bidders like MTN who lost out on the licence in this bidding round?
As Africa's last absolute monarchy battles mass pro-democracy protests, we look at what this means for the Kingdom of Eswatini and business alike. 
As the world mourns African liberation hero and Zambia's founding father, Kenneth Kaunda, we look at his legacy, wherever Zambia is economically and whether the newly opened Kazungula bridge will boost the economy.
Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil exporter and yet also a major gasoline importer.As the country tries to rebuild its oil refineries , the state has demanded for a stake in at least six of them, including Dangote’s monster 650,000 barrels-per-day plant. We breakdown the impact of these refineries on the economy
The WTO just released their tally of its members’ notification submissions. With morethan 3,000 notifications about product requirements for traded goods, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda were responsible for 26% of the notifications submitted in 2020. What does this spellFor the bloc’s investment outlook?
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