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You Heard Me Write

Author: Kacie Willis

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Treat your ears to 30 original pieces of prose, music, and sound design never heard before. This podcast features artists collaborating on a multi-media group project without having any knowledge about the identities of their counterparts. Only after the project's completion are the artists introduced to one another in a Salon-style roundtable discussion as they explore the roles of creativity, anonymity and the power of connection between people from different walks of life. Hosted by Spotify’s very own Sound Up Alum, Kacie Willis. Follow @heardwritepod on Instagram and Twitter.

21 Episodes
Glitter Everywhere

Glitter Everywhere


The dazzling finale to our second season explores a personal journey of life, loss, hope and new creation with writer Robin Cloud, and soundies Alexandra Banhazl and Stephen Chesley.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Stay for the Encore

Stay for the Encore


Moving childhood memories are revisited in this fun and touching episode featuring writer Seth Fishmam, and soundies Becca Kessin and Jessica Lloyce.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
avigating the world of modern dating can be quite the adventure and writer L. Trey Wilson and soundies Camille Stennis and Ryan Nealon share their insights on love and reinvention in the first of our Los Angeles sessions. “Shallow End” produced by Bret Paddock. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling


Our season 2 roadtrip takes a detour into a dystopian fiction world with writer Nate Mask and soundies Taka Yasuzawa and Julie Piñero as they attempt to escape the hold of the all-knowing machine…and manage to make some pretty cool art along the way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Low Battery Warning

Low Battery Warning


Three artists with extraordinary day jobs make time in their busy schedules to connect in our final Atlanta studio session. Writer Emily McClain and soundies Garrett Range and Willie H. Smith Jr. chat about dealing with burnout, favorite sci-fi franchises, and the best Nic Cage movie ever. The contributors on the “Genesis Finality” music project: Song Title:  Starbeam Faded Dream *Willie Smith, Jr. – Original music concept design, tenor saxophonist *Daryl Morgan – Producer, bassist *Oronda Smith – Original music concept consultant *Joshua Smith – Song Title Consultant Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A simple number adds a special sense of complexity to a discussion about luck, spirituality, and signs from the universe with writer Brittany Adams and sound artists Darryl Stephens and djones.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The creative excursion continues as we land in Atlanta, the second stop on our roadtrip! Blast off with writer Daryl Fazio who takes us on an emotional trek deep into the cosmos while soundies Gideon Brewer and Kelly Esidore use their art to explore the complex anatomy of interplanetary relationships.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Finding comfort in embracing the unknown is the key element that brings together writer Haley Mullins and sound artists Tanners and Kerry Blu as they discuss the ways that art and vulnerability can lead to some pretty major breakthroughs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rave On!

Rave On!


The party just won’t stop as writer Taji Senior and audio artists Mike Clemow and Twi McCallum discuss the gripping power of vivid memories, live performances, and the unifying vibes that connect us all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Waffle Makers

Waffle Makers


We’re kicking off season 2 with the first stop on our You Heard Me Write Road Trip! New York City plays host as sound artists Adrian Bridges and Kia Shavon are given plenty to chew on while they interpret writer Robin Hopkins’ richly personal essay using a delicious mixture of sounds Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Our season one finale is an evening under the stars with three new artists contemplating good versus evil to biblical proportions with our theme Battle Ground. Pastor Anthony Green Jr., sound artists Jennifer Alice Acker and Brandon Connor Partrick find alignment despite their differences and realize it all comes back to love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
From chance encounters, to lake spirits, listen as three artists – writer Mark Kendall and sound artists Klimchak and Emmolei Sankofa – kind of come together to think about what happens after you die, why Atlanta is obsessed with Peachtree everything, and how it’s best if we all lead with curiosity. But for real, this episode requires an inquisitive vibe.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wonder what could be possible if you allowed your conscious self to accept the invitation coming from your unconscious? Welcome to the wonder and whimsy of this week’s episode featuring writer, intuit, and tarot reader Rebekah Suellau; and sound artists Chris Lane and Dan Bauman. Our creatives basked in the glow of youthful enchantment as they embraced the in the moment impulse, the cinematic drama, and the universal twinkling sound of sorcery.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this episode our three artists ponder a world where people have very limited control over their futures. This may sound bleak, but when they came together, writer Taylor Green, and sound artists Preston Goodson and Jessica de Maria discussed robot wars, cautious optimism, and how art allows us all to connect and expand beyond our own spheres.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Writer Elizabeth Jarrett takes sound artists Nicolette Emanuelle and Gokul Parasuram on a personal and emotional journey exploring unrequited love and the power of speaking your truth.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Writer Lee Osorio and audio artists Belle Bynoe and Daniel de Wit envision society at the end of the world in a tale of illness beyond just the physical form.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Three artists came together to thoughtfully and gracefully reflect on some pretty heavy societal realities. Writer Ibi Owolabi’s poem questioned the price tag on life and sound artists Chris Gravely and Fuji Fujimoto composed bookend pieces that captured the duality of this week’s topic. We came together to discuss the use of creativity as a bridge and how we as a society can find humanity once again. (Featured musician: Alana Bennett [cello]) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
US Army Veteran Chris Purdy returns to a place where he sought quiet amidst war. Audio producers Seersha and DonTae’ Hodge embraced the challenge of creating silence with sound. The creatives came together and found commonality in staying true to their instincts amidst the noise of self-doubt. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Writer Kelundra Smith and audio artists Donald Milton III and Jared Le Doux experience longing and uncertainty as a multitude of emotions reflecting the shifting shapes of the mind and spirit. (Featured musicians: Mark Williams [violin] & Margaret Williams [piano]) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
EP 1: Split it 50/50

EP 1: Split it 50/50


Poet Ryan J. and musicians, P.R.O. and Dorothy V. Bell, survive a killer bee attack, share a semi-literal come to Jesus moment and utilize spoken word, battle rap and gospel to explore the role of race in our current climate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit