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In this episode we talk with Flytbase's Nitin Gupta, and we discuss the early days of the company, autonomy for UAVs and several interesting customer use cases
In this episode we talk with FlyNow Aviation's Jürgen Greil, and we discuss how his automotive background inspired the move to eVTOLs, the logistics and infrastructure required for eVTOLs and hydrogen fuel cells in unmanned vehicles.
In this episode we talk with Jason Fry from Easy Aerial, an Elsight customer, and we discuss their different platforms, work with defense and first responders, and how they chose the Elsight Halo as their connectivity solution.
In this episode we talk with Margherita Bruscolini from Globhe, discussing their global drone data platform, drone operations in Africa and the work with UNICEF and the World Bank. To view the 2023 Drone Market Survey Report, visit the Elsight website:
In this special episode, we talk with P3 Tech Consulting's Dawn Zoldi, and Elsight's Yoav Amitai, and we discuss the results of the 2023 Drone Market Survey - insights about the drone market and where we're headed in 2024 and beyond. To download the survey report, visit the Elsight website:
In this episode we talk with Juan Bergelund from UAV Latam, discussing the beginning of the drone revolution, working with regulators in Latin America and delivering snakebite antivenom in the Amazon rainforest.
Counter UAS Solutions

Counter UAS Solutions


In this episode we talk with Jeffrey Starr from D-Fend Solutions, and we discuss the threats malicious actors present, traditional responses and the D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir anti-drone system.
In this episode we talk with Kim James from UAV Aerial Works and we discuss using drones for security work, BVLOS regulation in South Africa and Women in Drones 
In this episode we talk with Sam Twala, and we discuss his background as an aviation regulator, the founding of Ntsu Aviation Solutions and the emerging South African drone market.
The Assure A54 Program

The Assure A54 Program


In this episode we talk with Applied Aeronautics' Ryan Johnston, and we discuss their work as an R&D testbed, the FAA Assure A54 program, and building a system of systems enabling BVLOS drone operations
In this episode we talk with Avtrain's Julie Garland and we discuss the founding of Avtrain, the work they're doing with drone partners in Ireland, and a difference between the EASA and FAA approaches to BVLOS drone flights.
In this episode we talk with Leonid Plekhanov from Global Energy Transmission, and we discuss wireless drone charging, the physics behind it and the vision of drones remaining in the air for weeks at a time
In this episode we talk with Aergility's Jim Vander Mey, and we discuss their managed autorotation drone platform, the drone's future applications and the difficulties in operating in remote regions
In this episode we talk with High Lander's Alon Abelson, and we discuss unmanned traffic management, drones operating out of airports and Israel's National Drone Initiative
In this episode we talk with Rabih Bou Rached, and we discuss starting a drone company in Dubai 10 years ago, the unique regulations surrounding drone flights in the GCC and what it's like working in the Japanese drone market
In this episode we talk with Jan Kryca from Arda, and we discuss drone deliveries in The Gambia, a "how-to" list for BVLOS operations and working with the Harvard Innovation Lab to get Arda off the ground
In this episode we talk with Titan Aviation's Toni Drummond, and we discuss the emergence of EVTOLs, the accompanying regulation, and her student sponsorship program
In this episode we talk with Hover UAV's Jackie Dujmovic, and discuss working with regulators on smoother approval processes, a checklist for BVLOS drone operations and unmanned systems at Australia's Avalon Airshow
In this episode we talk with Mahmood Hussein, who discusses the founding of Global Drone Solutions, the move from LOS to BVLOS operations, and GDS' High School drone pilot training program.
In this episode we talk with Spright's Justin Steinke, and we discuss the Spright story, working with FAA and EASA regulators, and how Spright is using the Elsight Halo for the BVLOS operations
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