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The Blend Podcast is hosted by Tom and Brendan at Blend Interactive Content. Your place for all things e-learning, interactive content and design. Find us at
24 Episodes
In this episode of the Blend  Podcast, Brendan interviews  Learning Designer Luke Goodwin - an expert in the art of onboarding. Discover what Luke learned taking a step back from training and working on the client-side, and how he was able to apply these unique insights when he returned to the onboarding side.Visit Blend Interactive Content HEREor Linkedin HEREContact Luke Goodwin on Linkedin HERE
This week Blend talk about how technology has either made us too connected or too isolated? What role does eLearning have to play in technological addiction?
How can we bridge the Digital Divide? Is digital Redlining something to worry about? Blend look at possible practical solutions.
This week Blend look at the First Aider as an eLearning case study. How has blended learning been addressed in this project?
This week we talk to Bodyswaps Co-founder Christophe Mallet about soft skills in VR and how VR will disrupt the eLearning industry in future.
This week Blend look at the Problem Solver project with a specific focus on how design-thinking informed this piece of eLearning.
In this episode, Brendan sits down with Mac MacDonald from LAPD Solutions to discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence training and the impact it has on creating a healthy and productive personal and business culture.
Blend talk about their Key2Enable project which was an interesting eLearning challenge from a UX perspective.
In this episode, Brendan sits down with 7taps CPO Kate Udalova to discuss the power of supplementing your training with microlearning and the tool her team has developed to make authoring more efficient.
This week Blend review their 1st year as a business. What have they learnt? What have been the wins? And where do they think Blend will go in the future?
This week Tom interviews Jade Song from Time to Teach about how mindfulness can be incorporated into eLearning. Can soft skills and emotional intelligence be integrated into digital learning programs? How does Blend integrate this into projects? Have a listen!
This week Brendan talks to sustainability expert Tahir Shah and picks his brains about how this industry will impact our daily lives and the strategic thinking that goes into making decisions that impact both people and the environment. At Blend we are interested to know how industries will grow and develop as there are many parallels between those and the eLearning and Education world. What changes and progress will overlap?
This week Brendan discusses how Community is so important in your work and how it applies to Blend and the eLearning community. Patti Bryant is the special guest as she talks about how she has built her own eLearning community.
What is effective eLearning? What examples are out there? How is it changing and where is good eLearning going. Blend want to be inspired and the boys take you on a journey of eLearning that they love.
The pandemic has changed all our lives. How has it changed eLearning and education in general. Are online learning and the education system as we know it transformed forever? Blend dig into it.
#9 Data-Driven Learning

#9 Data-Driven Learning


Brendan welcomes special guest Anja Hartleb-Parson where they discuss the role of data in eLearning and learning development.
This week Tom & Brendan talk about their motivations for starting Blend and how they and their partners want to use E-Learning as a force for good - and how it can change the world for the better.Find out more at Blend!
This week Tom and Brendan talk about Instructional Design. What even is it? The guys try and wade through the waffle and make sense of instructional/course/e-learning design and what really is important when designing learning for people!Find us at Blend for more information!
This week Tom & Brendan talk about non-linear storytelling and how Blend has been influenced by film-makers such as Christopher Nolan and particularly his most recent film Tenet.The guys talk about non-linear storytelling can be used across various formats, even Twitter, and their use of it in E-Learning.Find out more at Blend.
#5 Design Thinking

#5 Design Thinking


This week Tom and Brendan discuss how they give themselves the best chance to be creative, how to get over creative dips, and how Design Thinking helps them maximise their creative output.Find us at Blend
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