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Be the Change or Stop Complaining
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Be the Change or Stop Complaining

Author: Ali Banks

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Are you overwhelmed with questions about health and sick of never getting a straight answer? Join Ali Banks, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, as she gives it to you straight. From physical fitness, nutrition tips and mindset transformation, to special guests talking about the shit she’s too lazy to research. Hear awesome success stories about humans being the change they wish to see in themselves--get motivated to do the same! GET IN CONTACT:
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Welcome to Be the Change or Stop Complaining! I won't waste your time with a boring intro episode. Instead, we're jumping right in. What better way to get started than to talk about how? How do YOU get started towards a healthier you? 
How many calories should I eat to lose weight? To gain weight? How do I even know how many calories I'm eating at all? What is going ON!? Tune in, I'll tell ya all about it. 
Episode 3: RONA

Episode 3: RONA


I know, I know. You're sick of hearing it. But I bet you haven't heard it from this viewpoint. Tune in for some a-political information about our lovely new friend...Rona. 
Episode 4: MACROS BABY

Episode 4: MACROS BABY


It's a beast of a subject, but this week Ali is giving you the ~basics~ Tune in to learn (basically) what macros are and why you should care!
Today we're sitting down with our new buddy, Gary, to gain some insight on what it's like to be homeless. What does this have to do with health? Listen and find out. 
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Episode 7: BULKING

Episode 7: BULKING


Today is the DAY! Bulking--how do you do it? What do you eat? How do you work out? Ohhhh baby, tune in to find OUT! 
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