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Cyber Security can be a difficult field to not only understand but to also navigate. Joe South is here to help with over a decade of experience across several domains of security. With this podcast I hope to help more people get into IT and Cyber Security as well as discussing modern day Cyber Security topics you may find in the daily news. Come join us as we learn and grow together!
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Ready for an unexpected journey? Meet Mike, a cyber security expert with a background as diverse as the challenges he tackles every day. Starting with an early passion for computers, through studying geology and anthropology, and finally landing in the world of IT, Mike's story is a testament to the value of curiosity and mentorship. We dig deep into his hacking escapades, the lessons learned, and how a knack for problem-solving morphed into a career securing our digital world.Mike opens up about the human risk element in cybersecurity, drawing fascinating comparisons between convenience store hold-ups and elaborate cyber attacks. He gives us a sobering reminder - the most secure computer is one that never gets powered on. Technology and security advancements are making it tougher for hackers, but Mike warns of the ever-present risk of human vulnerability. Even the smallest of betrayals can bloom into massive security breaches. Wrapping up, Mike shines a light on the comprehensive cybersecurity services offered by his organization. Ranging from risk assessment, regulatory compliance, to incident response and digital forensics, they've got IT security covered from all angles. He emphasizes the significance of trust in his client relationships and unveils ambitious growth plans for the next few years. Whether a tech enthusiast or an IT professional, this conversation is packed with insights and practical advice to help you navigate your way in the ever-evolving world of IT security.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey with our guest, Huxley, a seasoned cybersecurity professional known for his extraordinary career path. From manipulating dial-up ISPs as a teenager, to landing a serious role in the field through a thrilling discovery, Huxley's tale will bring you to the edge of your seat. We dive deep into how he overcame fear and uncertainty while dealing with the unknown, and how he relishes the thrill of unraveling complex cybersecurity puzzles.Our conversation spans the significant consequences of ignoring account management. Listen to compelling anecdotes underscoring the importance of disabling employee accounts after their departure. We also retrace Huxley's time at Cisco, discussing how the tech giant transformed into a security services provider. We also delve into the real-life repercussions of lax security practices, illustrating how even large corporations can suffer monumental losses.As the conversation unfolds, we chart the evolution of cyber asset management. We further explore how Cisco expanded its security product portfolio and how Rumble Network Discovery transformed into RunZero. We highlight the necessity of securing all devices in an increasingly interconnected world, from office networks to personal devices and IoT. As a cherry on top, we'll delve into how RunZero assures complete network coverage, reducing the risks and reinforcing the importance of protecting an organization's attack surface. Tune in for a gripping and enlightening conversation about cybersecurity and asset management.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Prepare for a thrilling exploration of the cybersecurity world with our extraordinary guest, Aviv Grafi. A cybersecurity expert, founder of a successful tech startup, and a former member of Israel's elite cybersecurity unit 8200 group, Aviv's journey will take you from his early days of hacking and building computer systems to the cutting edge of IT security. Learn from his experiences and discover how an engineering mindset, combined with a passion for problem-solving, can lead to unexpected career paths.Aviv gives a gripping account of his transition from working in startups to founding his own venture. The highlights of our conversation revolve around hacking prevention, defensive programming, and the pioneering concept of Content Disarmament, Reconstruction (CDR) technology. The technology, which creates a virtual shield against malicious software by transferring the content of a document onto a new template, is a fascinating leap in cybersecurity. Watch as he unravels how startups are navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.As we steer into the intricacies of kernel security, you'll get an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by tech giants like Microsoft with their longstanding Windows system. Contrast that with Apple's leading security architecture, and it's a captivating exploration of the tech world's giants. We end our journey with a peek into the future of document security - the evolution of Voteer's solution to safeguard users from harmful content and its innovative API-centric platform that integrates seamlessly with popular services. It's all about creating a barrier between the user and the data to ensure a safe digital experience. Join us on this exciting journey through the world of cybersecurity with Aviv!"[END SHOW NOTES]Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Just as a river takes unexpected turns, so too does a career journey. Our special guest, Jason Ostrom, began with an eye towards federal law enforcement but found himself swept away into the world of Linux and security engineering for startups. A chance encounter with a mentor opened the door towards a career in cybersecurity, and the creation of a game changing pen test tool. Discover the story behind his first presentation at a hacker conference and how the early days of parenthood influenced his journey.Ever wonder why a broad skill-set trumps specialization in cybersecurity? Jason breaks it down, emphasizing why IT experience, soft skills, and understanding the business context for executing vulnerabilities can make or break your success in this industry. Whether you're on cloud nine or keeping it grounded with on-prem projects, Jason explains why adaptability is crucial and how to keep your skills sharp and marketable.Lastly, Jason demystifies the process of presenting at cybersecurity conferences and how to become a SANS instructor. The desire to teach or earn a SANS certification burns in many, but the path can seem obscured by smoke. Jason clears the air, providing a transparent look into the pros and cons of this career move. If you're fascinated by the world of pen testing, this episode will shed light on the various types and the importance of gaining broad experience before selecting a specialty. Buckle up, this ride with Jason is not one to be missed.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
You've heard of Boom Supersonic, right? Let's journey into the mind of its CISO, Chris Roberts, our most sought-after guest yet. His tales of transitioning to self-employment, battling the IRS, and the challenges of running his own company are nothing short of enlightening. This episode not only explores Chris's professional journey but also offers practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.Navigating the labyrinth of self-employment can be daunting. Chris opens up about the unexpected costs and the importance of consistency and responsibility. The conversation expands to his role at Boom Supersonic, where he promised his staff that he would never make them look like fools. The implications of this promise, along with the challenges of handling multiple phishing tests, are discussed in depth. We then venture into the realm of corporate bigwigs, exploring Chris's experiences in the corporate environment, the unique opportunities it presents, and his memorable board meeting attire.But that's not all. We delve into the merging of the physical and digital world, exploring the challenges of distinguishing truth from lies in an uncertain environment. Cybersecurity enthusiasts will relish Chris's insights on how hackers exploit these situations. His fears of who may gain access to plane systems, the potential implications of AI, and the reality of cyber warfare are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. We wrap up with a hearty discussion on the public perception of these issues and why it's crucial to take them seriously. This episode is a treasure trove of insights and advice on self-employment, corporate life, and cybersecurity.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Prepare for a deep-dive into the exhilarating world of Defcon, where the brilliant and the curious unite. This year was a spectacular display of innovative minds, intriguing events, and diverse vendors, making it potentially the best one yet. Disregard the media's fear-mongering about Defcon's purported dangers; if you're not attending, there's no need for panic or to switch off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.You'll find solace in my personal journey through the tumultuous path of preparing for the CISSP exam. I unravel the complexities of finding the right resources and speak of my experience with Ben Malisow's practice platform, a treasure compared to the meandering paths of Udemy courses. As I share my last-minute strategy leading up to my second CISSP attempt, you might just find the inspiration you need for your certification journey.Finally, we'll explore the importance of giving back to the DefCon community and the power of creating a personal brand. Don't let feelings of inadequacy hold you back; authenticity is the key to standing out in a sea of faces. Stay tuned as we discuss the surprising rarity of imposters and introduce a series of swift mentorship episodes. Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights, advice, and inspiring stories as we delve into the fascinating world of tech and personal development.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Are your defenses keeping pace with evolving ransomware threats? Are you looking for a way to balance user productivity with granular data safety policies? We've got your back! In our latest episode, we dive into the heart of data security, discussing the persistent threat actors face even with investments in infrastructure security. We are joined by Moinul Khan from Zscaler & Anneka Gupta from Rubrik, who share valuable insights into transforming security perceptions and focuses on data protection. We don't stop there - we reveal the cunning evolution of ransomware attacks, where perpetrators are not only encrypting primary systems but also targeting backups and exfiltrating data. We discuss the dangerous implications of 'double extortion' ransomware attacks, providing tips on how organizations can fortify themselves with a comprehensive security approach. We also shed light on the challenges of setting up a secure environment and how partnering with a data security provider like Rubrik can be a game-changer.In the world of cyber threats, awareness is the key. We scrutinize how organizations are adopting URL filtering and sledgehammer approaches to protect their data and discuss the need to balance user productivity with granular policies for data safety. We highlight how AI and ML can change the game by reducing complexity in deploying data protection solutions and helping in document classification and risk insight. And finally, we celebrate the powerful partnership between Zscaler and Rubrik - a collaboration that promises to revolutionize data security. Tune into our podcast for an enlightening discussion on data security. Secure your future by securing your data: let's make it happen together!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Get ready to unlock the thrills and chills of Defcon, the world's largest security conference. I promise to give you an insider's look at this exhilarating event, filled with expert talks that range from AI models cracking safes to taking over vehicles on the highway. And if you've ever wondered how to network like a pro, prepare to enter the exciting world of LineCon, where you can rub elbows with bug bounty hunters and malware reverse engineers. Plus, I'll be revealing how you can score an exclusive security unfiltered sticker if you spot me at the event!Navigating Defcon can be as tricky as hacking a complex system, but fear not, I've got the best strategies for you, from note-taking during expert talks, exploring the various villages, to even sneaking into invite-only parties. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility – and that includes taking charge of your personal security. I'll shed light on the risks associated with bringing personal devices to the event and how you can protect yourself. And believe me, as someone who's been there, I'll share the must-know tips and my personal tales of the unforgettable Defcon experiences. So gear up, subscribe, and get ready to infiltrate the exciting world of Defcon!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ever wondered how a linguistics enthusiast turned computer science student could accidentally land a career in IT and security? Meet our guest for this episode, Jeremy Snyder. Born out of a nomadic childhood and a fascination for languages and computers, Jeremy's journey is nothing short of intriguing. From humble beginnings with a file server stashed under his desk, to tackling major security breaches, Jeremy's tale is a masterclass in resilience and ingenuity in the dynamic field of IT.The road to success is often paved with challenges, and Jeremy's journey is no exception. He candidly opens up about his attempts to join the Secret Service, the hurdles he faced, and the rebuffs that left him introspecting. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. Jeremy's failed Secret Service endeavor led him towards unchartered territories, where he found himself face-to-face with security breaches. His experiences dealing with data breaches, creating secure build processes, and handling reputational damage are a testament to the importance of the right mindset and adaptability in security roles. The world of IT and security is rapidly evolving, and our conversation with Jeremy could not be more timely. As we navigate through the shift towards cloud usage and containerized environments, Jeremy offers invaluable insights into API security and the need for a bridge between security and development teams. His tales of working with an internal wiki that accidentally became external and the subsequent fallout are a stark reminder of the challenges and risks that come with the territory. So grab your headphones and get ready to be enlightened, entertained, and inspired by Jeremy’s fantastic journey in the world of IT and security.LinkedIn: the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Imagine journeying from the opera house to an IT profession. That's exactly what our guest, Akira, did. With an intriguing transition from a classical opera singer to a successful Security Engineer, Akira generously shares their unique story. Their tale is one of resilience, grit, and the power of embracing change, even when it comes from an unexpected stint at a literal circus. You'll be inspired by their perseverance through mental health challenges and their ultimate triumph in a field they initially averted - technology.Prepare to delve into the complexities of the opera and cyber world, as Akira expertly navigates the challenges faced in both sectors. They give us invaluable insights into the oftentimes treacherous journey to a cybersecurity career, including the importance of soft skills like effective communication. Their advice on building solid relationships with internal stakeholders and identifying key allies at the beginning of your career is priceless. These pearls of wisdom will not only aid those in IT but can be applied to any field.Lastly, we discuss the essential role of bridging the gap between development and security. Akira’s perspective on this will reshape your thinking on what skillsets are most critical for a successful career in application security. We tackle the reality of imposter syndrome, exploring strategies to handle this debilitating feeling that many of us confront. This episode culminates with Akira providing a deeper understanding of the problem-solving nature of cybersecurity, leaving us with an appreciation for its solution-oriented aspect. So join us for this journey of resilience and innovation, with a guest whose path from opera to IT promises an enlightening and memorable ride.LinkedIn: the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ready to get the inside scoop on the latest happenings of our podcast? This episode is teeming with personal anecdotes, exciting plans, and important updates tailored just for our loyal listeners. From unraveling our recent endeavors to sharing our firsthand experiences with the daunting CISSP exam, we leave no stone unturned. Buckle up as we also reveal the thought process behind our decision to take the exam twice. Ever wondered about the significance of investing in oneself, even within a flourishing organization? Here's your chance to gain some insights! We delve into the crux of this subject, drawing examples from the rampant 'poaching' in tech meccas like Chicago, Seattle, California, and New York. Get a sneak peek into what we have in store for Defcon, and make sure to stick around till the end for an exclusive reveal about our soon-to-be-launched security unfiltered stickers. This episode promises to be a potpourri of insights, anecdotes, and updates that you wouldn't want to miss!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Have you ever pondered how the world of cybersecurity is transforming rapidly, with application security at the forefront? Join us as we dive deep into this intriguing realm with our esteemed guest, Moti Gindi from Apiiro, a military veteran and product management whiz with a fascinating journey from the Israeli Cyber Units to incubating a security business at Microsoft.Beginning his tryst with technology during his 7-year military service, Moti's unique blend of computer science and linguistics armed him with an uncanny ability to filter vast amounts of data swiftly. His spell with the Israeli Defense Force and subsequent stint at Microsoft, leading the telecom mobile group and nurturing a security business from scratch, is a testament to his exceptional skill set. With his current focus on the challenging terrain of application security, Moti deciphers the rapid changes in the market and underlines the critical need for a holistic approach. He sheds light on the importance of investing in cloud infrastructure security, application security, and security posture management to safeguard modern applications. A thought-provoking discussion that unravels the intricacies of code writing, AI, and generative technology, this episode promises to fuel your curiosity and leave you eager for more insights into the world of cybersecurity. Are you as excited as we are? Tune in and join the conversation as we navigate through this transformative landscape.LinkedIn: Media: the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Are you ready to explore the world of cybersecurity through a new lens? Buckle up as we voyage through the captivating journey of Sam, a former emergency room technician who successfully transitioned into the realm of IT and cybersecurity. His unconventional path—marrying his medical background with a passion for problem-solving—proves that with an adaptable mindset, anyone can find their place in this dynamic industry.In our enlightening discussion, we emphasize the importance of fostering a broad knowledge base within cybersecurity, challenging the inclination to become hyper-specialized. We highlight the potential pitfalls of limiting oneself to a single domain, which can obstruct a holistic understanding of the vast security landscape. Moreover, we address the current job market's unrealistic demands on those starting their cybersecurity career and propose that embracing diversity in backgrounds and experiences could be a solution to the industry's talent crisis.As we delve deeper, we examine the Zero Trust Framework, spotlighting the necessity of creating an authorized user list coupled with rigorous logging and reporting. You'll hear firsthand about Sam's experience with his product, Cyolo, a tool innovatively designed to tackle unique user access challenges. We then swagger onto the subject of auditability within organizations, and how manufacturing companies maintain security on outdated systems. We wrap up with the vital topic of networking, shedding light on how disagreements and connections can bolster your knowledge and understanding in the cybersecurity field. Tune in for a riveting episode packed with insights, experiences, and wisdom from the ever-evolving, riveting world of cybersecurity.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
From med-school to cybersecurity, our special guest Steve traverses a journey that's anything but typical. Coming out of an unexpected turn of events, Steve found himself immersed in the tech world, and his fascinating stories are testament to the rollercoaster ride that ensued. Uncover how, amid the early days of the tech industry, Steve and his team navigated the unique challenges of introducing new concepts to the market. His intriguing tales of venture capitalist meetings and the unexpected success of a two-hour coding tool will leave you captivated.Our conversation wouldn't be complete without delving into Steve's tenure at Intel. Hear about Intel's unique approach to security, their diverse capabilities, and how they stand apart from other hardware vendors. Steve also shares Intel's philosophy of supporting customers without biased promotion of one vendor over another. Toward the end of our heart-to-heart, we discuss the importance of becoming a thought leader, captivating your audience, and leveraging internal thought leadership for career progression. Finally, we'll explore Steve's role in the government vertical at Intel and how he's innovatively using security to create a transformation in the tech industry. Tune in for an enriching experience as we traverse Steve's captivating journey in the tech world.LinkedIn: the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
What if saying yes to new challenges, even when you don't know the answer, could lead to unexpected opportunities? Discover how our guest, Sagi, embarked on an incredible journey into IT and security by embracing curiosity and hands-on learning. From his teenage years of tinkering with computers to recognizing the importance of troubleshooting and creating an environment that encourages experimentation, Sagi's story is bound to inspire and motivate.As we dig deeper into our thought-provoking conversation with Sagi, we explore the significance of going beyond the classroom and seizing opportunities to learn and experiment in the workplace. This episode is packed with valuable insights on how taking initiative in your free time can give you an edge when interviewing for a job, and how staying motivated to continue learning can lead to greater success in your career.We also discuss the fascinating potential of AI and cutting-edge technology in transforming customer service and improving security. Hear how machine learning can be utilized to identify and manage threats, the complexities of cloud security, and the skills needed to be a successful security consultant. Don't miss this exciting episode as we dive into the world of IT, security, and the power of continuous learning!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ever wondered how an experienced IT recruiter could help you land your dream job, or navigate the fast-paced world of AI and data security? Join us as our special guest, John, a seasoned IT recruiter with 10 years of experience, shares his unique perspective on the industry, the importance of finding great people for great jobs, and how the best recruiters genuinely have their candidates' best interests at heart.From transitioning to technical roles and having trusted connections to help you get your foot in the door, we explore the various roles available across different organizations and how working with recruiters can connect you with opportunities you wouldn't have found alone. As you move up the ranks in your career, learn how recruiters can help you make that leap from mid-level positions to executive search.Finally, we tackle the increasingly important topics of data security, automation, and AI, discussing the growing demand for infrastructure automation, security automation, and data privacy and governance. John sheds light on the emerging and lucrative field of AI security, highlighting the potential risks posed by AI and the need for caution in developing this technology. Don't miss this valuable episode packed with industry insights and networking advice from an IT recruiter who has been there and done that!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ever wondered how someone develops a passion for IT and cybersecurity? Join us for a captivating conversation with Or Weiss from Permit IO, as he takes us through his incredible journey into the world of technology and security. You'll be amazed at how he learned English by playing games on MS-DOS and how his experiences have shaped his vocabulary.As we explore the challenges of software engineering security, we discuss the limitations imposed by mundane security requirements, such as constant password changes, as well as the difficulties of securing complex systems like the metaverse. Or Weiss also shares valuable insights into AI agents interacting with humans and each other, a complexity that will continue to grow in the future.Discover how Permit IO is revolutionizing access control and empowering developers to streamline the process of connecting systems and people to their projects. Learn about the importance of user management, API key management, secrets management, and more. We also delve into the future of software authorization and the complexities of software security, providing a comprehensive understanding that will leave you well-equipped to tackle these challenges head-on. Don't miss this insightful episode!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
What does it take to develop an attacker's mindset from a defender's perspective? Join us as we talk to Bryan, a hacker-turned-blue-teamer, about his fascinating journey in IT security and how his experience shaped his unique perspective on cybersecurity. From his background in desktop engineering to his curiosity-driven dive into the world of cybersecurity, Bryan shares insights on the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the crucial role curiosity plays in this ever-evolving field.Discover the significance of manual security testing and the human factor in cybersecurity, as we discuss with Bryan how experience, training, and curiosity create a strong foundation for effective penetration testing. Certifications like the OSCP and CEH can help further hone those skills, but how valuable are these certifications compared to other resources? We explore the impact of increased access to security training and resources on the cybersecurity landscape.Lastly, we learn about Bryan's journey to prepare for the OSCP certification exam and the strategies he employed to successfully complete it. Balancing certifications with real-world experience is essential, and we delve into the need for more calculated approaches to certifications in order to benefit one's career. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Bryan, as he shares valuable advice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals and how to connect with him online for further information.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ever wondered how security professionals sell internally and find the perfect solutions for their organization? Join us as we discuss the art of vetting out solutions that fit the environment and connecting with top players in the space. Learn from my experience about the significance of building a strong network, leveraging both your internal and external connections, and how to approach your direct manager to check if there's already a project in play.Managing three clouds with a small team while keeping up with development work and responding to fires might sound impossible, but we've got you covered. In this episode, we explore the importance of a low lift solution that can be managed by one person and discuss how selecting a less well-known option saved our team time and effort. Hear about the benefits of taking ownership of a project, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, and becoming a recognized figure in your environment. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your security game!Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
Ever wondered what it takes to become an intelligence and cyber security expert? Join us as we sit down with Mike, a former signal intelligence analyst and cyber warfare warrior, who shares his fascinating journey from working at Gateway Computers to getting exiled from the US and navigating the complex world of intelligence and cyber security. Discover how Mike's early days of hacking shaped his perspective on cyber security, and how his neurodiversity has allowed him to thrive in both the military and the hacking world.We explore the cutting-edge technology used in espionage and modern warfare, including Chinese spy balloons and the infamous Titan Rain attack. Mike gives us an insider's perspective on the differences between what the media portrays and what is actually happening in the world of cyber security. We also touch on the challenges of government security, the role of curiosity in the field, and the importance of staying ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.Mike's story takes a thrilling turn as he recounts his time as an FBI informant, the anxieties of flying with a group of hackers, and his harrowing experience of being stranded in the UK. Through his incredible journey, Mike has not only developed a deep understanding of the world of intelligence and cyber security, but also learned the power of genuine conversations and communication, as exemplified in his podcast, The Haunted Hacker. Tune in to this captivating episode to learn more about Mike's experiences, insights, and what it truly takes to excel in the world of cyber security.Support the showAffiliate Links:NordVPN: Follow the Podcast on Social Media!Instagram: Not today China! Not today
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