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In this episode we have a chat with Irish musician, historian and writer, Brian Warfield, Of the Wolfetones. Brian is great craic, but also, he is a legend when it comes to Irish music. 
In episode 2 of the Hazbeanz show we talk to a group of LGBT+ Travellers about life in and outside the community. For the very first time in the media, we also speak to a Trans Traveller, Ruby O'Brien, who talks to us about transphobia and physical assaults. we also speak to Hughie Maughan of big brother fame, Oein DeBharduin of LGBT Tara (Traveller and Roma alliance), Ireland's only LGBT+ Traveller and Roma support group. Finally we speak to James Lawrence, of Gr8 Bristol, an LGBT+ group for the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community in Bristol, UK. This episode may be distressing to some viewers, so we are asking people to view with that in mind.If you would like to support the show and to get early access to all episodes, please join us on or you can send us a tip/donation to HazBeanz show is now camping on www.thewarren.ieThe show is presented by Martin Beanz Warde and on sound engineering is Chris Sture.
In this first episode of season 2 of the HazBeanz show, we speak to Traveller activist and mother to her Autistic son, about the issues the autistic community face and how we can all learn more from simply listening to the autistic community. We have now brought in a video version of the show on youtube and facebook. Check out Our Facebook page @TheHazBeanzpodcast , twitter @TheHazbeanzshow and Youtube  Martin Beanz Warde.WE are now permanently camping over at the home of great podcasts on , check us out there as well as some other great podcasts. If you would like to support our show or you want to get early releases and competitions, subscribe to our patreon account HazBeanz show is presented by Martin Beanz Warde, with Chris Sture on sound
In this episode we speak to Martin Condon, from Martin's World on Facebook. Martin is a cannabis legalisation campaigner and advocate of safer drug use in Ireland. The topic of drug use is something the government are currently discussing, with new recommendations coming from both the Gardai and government that the delivery of medical cannabis from the Netherlands should be allowed and that possession of small amounts for personal use should be added to the Adult cation list. As always, this podcast would be nothing without the support from our patrons at , where all episodes are released early. In the new year, patreon supporters will also get the video version of each episode as well as a heap of extras and discounts to live shows and discussions. Also in the new year, I will be starting my documentary on a contemporary Traveller trying to live like the older generations of Travellers lived, from Tent, to Barrel top wagon, to Trailer. Patreon supporters will be mentioned in the credits of this documentary as well as getting exclusive behind the scenes footage from filming.if you would prefer to send us a donation or a tip to help with production, you can do so at HazBeanz show is presented by Martin Beanz Wardeand edited by Chris StureYou can follow us on Twitter too @TheHazbeanzshow
In this episode we talk to Laura Angela Collins, Author of the book "The Tinker Menace: Diary of an Irish Traveller" , which tells of life in a magdalene laundry as a Traveller woman. We also discuss Traveller rights, Women's rights and the devastation caused by Traveller shame pages and image based abuse within the community. Please support Laura by buying her book:"This is a page turning book which shows the heart-breaking journey that Mary Collins and her daughter Laura Angela took. It shows their close bond, while in Marys childhood she was being beaten in the Magdalene laundry and industrial school to hate her ethnicity and her mother to never have the bond they both share. Mary’s sister Margaret aged fourteen was locked away in Sunday wells good shepherds cork Magdalene laundry. Her mother Angelina was locked away in St. Vincent Magdalene laundry for twenty seven years after being deemed a good mum in reports, once she entered the doors of the laundry, she would never see freedom again. When Mary was on the edge after so much betrayal, corruption, cover ups & injustice, Laura sets out to expose the extensive cover ups created by the Irish government and Catholic Church around the child abuse inquiry & the genocide on her small community to the public. She promises to help her mum remove her loved one from a neglected mass grave after the State and Church was both responsible in taking their life. "You can pick up her book on Amazon here: episode is made possible through the support and donations of our listeners. Please subscribe to our channel to get all episodes early and to help us continue creating independent media content.You can also leave us a tip or donation on Hazbeanz show is presented by Martin Beanz Wardeand on sound tech is Chris Sture.
Imagine trying to overcome drug addiction , but because you are homeless, you are forced into a hostel, surrounded by drugs and current users. Imagine overcoming addiction and having to share a hostel with rapists and abusers?In this episode we speak to Bernard O'Hehir about his battle with addiction, mental health and homelessness, 3 issues Bernard now strongly advocates for more awareness on.  He bares all on the struggles that are kept quiet.You can catch this and all episodes early on , while also supporting us to continue making this content. If patreon is not your thing, You can always buy us a coffee or donate to the show at episode is very kindly sponsored by The Furniture emporium in Oranmore, County Galway. Just 10 minutes from Galway city and 1 minute from the motorway. The HazBeanz Show is presented by Martin Beanz Wardewith Chris Sture on Sound Tech. Check out Chris's music on spotify too under the name ChrisyNIx
In episode 8 of the Hazbeanz show we chat to Martin "Jonsey" Warde, ex politician and Ireland's first Traveller Mayor. Martin discusses the old Traveller ways of life.Our second guest is Willzee, a young Traveller rap artists hailing out of Limerick. We discuss his music, writing his film "Innocent boy" , and life as a Traveller growing up around crime in limerick city. This is an episode looking at the old ways while ushering in the new ways for the Traveller community. All episodes of the Hazbeanz show are available on early release for our supporters over at you can also support us by buying us a coffee on Hazbeanz show is presented by Martin Beanz WardeSound tech: Chris Sture
In episode 7, we have a little chat between the people behind The HazBeanz Show, Martin Beanz Warde and Chris Sture. This episode is just a little look at how we started out and how we got to the point where we started on the podcasting journey. Its a bit of banter between two colleagues and two friends. We chat a bit about some of the parody songs we created together to help raise awareness around social issues, as well as having a bit of fun. Thank you so much to all of our supporters on can also buy us a coffee on
In this episode we speak to Anne Marie Quilligan (Activist, Academic and Traveller woman) and Oein DeBharduin ( Gay Traveller, Activist, Author) about issues facing the Irish Traveller community.Oein,s book, " Why the moon travels" is out now and on-sale at Skein Press : all episodes, This show is available on early release for our loyal and kind Patreon supporters, without whom these podcasts would not be possible. you can support us here you can buy us a coffee here show is presented by Martin Beanz WardeOn sound tech is Chris Sture
This week we chat to Trish Reilly, Irish Traveller Singer/Songwriter. Trish talks to us about how as a child of 8 years of age, she was taken from her family, along with 3 siblings, and placed into institutional care.Our second guest is Felix O'Neill, Who was born in a mother and baby home and left at 18 years of age. He speaks to us about the Harrowing reality of being born into care, as well as watching your mother being worked to death. This is a very emotive episode and listener discretion is advised. This episode contains topics that may trigger those who are vulnerable to such topics. Please support our podcast so that we can continue to make podcasts that matter here:  or support survivors in their fundraiser to raise enough money to legally challenge the recent Bill. by Martin Beanz WardeSound Engineer: Chris Sture
In this episode we look at the effects of the pandemic on the events, live entertainment and market sector in Ireland. We Speak to Paul David Murphy, CEO of Tiny Traders Village about the effect the pandemic has had on his local and bespoke Market. We aslo Speak to Naoise Nunn, Event and festival Producer, and promotor whoe runs Mindfield in Electric Picnic, Kilkenomics and The Bram stoker festival in Dublin. Our final guest on the show is Pearse Doherty, Events and entertainment producer and elected spokesperson for EPIC ( Event production industry covid19 working group).Check out to find out more about the work EPIC are doing. Thanks so much to our sponsors on Patreon who help make this show possible. BIg love to you all. you can support us here or you can send us a tip to episode is also kindly sponsored by The furniture Emporium in Oranmore, County Galway. Just 10 minutes away from Galway city and 2 minutes from the motorway. Go check out their amazing offers here: By Martin Beanz WardeSound by Chris Sture
On Episode 3 of The HazBeanz Show, we talk to Tara Sillery, An Irish Woman who has lived in the Middle East for the past 10 years. We caught up with Tara while she has momentarily relocated back to Ireland to live with her mother during the current Global Pandemic. Tara talks to us about life as an Irish woman working in PR, Fashion and Tv presenting, as well as her voluntary work with Syrian Refugees.This show is split into 2 parts, and is a little longer than usual, so as to capture perspectives of expats but also the words and opinions of locals living in Beirut, Lebanon, Post-Explosion.We talk to a local Doctor, Jad El Khouri about life in Beirut, customs, lifestyles and the changing dynamic towards a more inclusive society. We also talk to Medical expert and public health Campaigner, George Bou Mansour. We learn about the corruption seen in the are by politicians and the mismanagement of funds. Currently , Lebanon does not have enough funds to pay for basic medical supplies, and inflation has meant that those supplies are now too expensive to obtain in the quantities required. Our Final guest joining us on the phone from Beirut, is Huaida Rajab, a restaurant owner whos premises was damaged significantly during the recent explosion. This show has been kindly sponsored by The Furniture Emporium, Ornamore, Galway.As always we rely on the kind support of our listeners who have subscribed to our Patreon page. can also send us a tip or donation to HazBeanz Show is presented by Martin Beanz WardeSound Tech and editing by Chris StureFollow us on Twitter @HazbeanzThecheck us out on www.TheHazbeanzshow.comIf you want to help rebuild Beirut please go to these links for donations for Lebanon you can check the below reliable NGOs:*Lebanese Red Cross:**Offre Joie:**Impact Lebanon:**Chance Association*:*Bank to School:**Arc En Ciel:*  *Bassma*:*Sesobel*:
In this episode we drive the campervan to Sham Town, or known by outsiders as, Tuam. A little town in east Galway.This week we chat to John Tierney, who shot to social media fame when he sgtarted to speak out about the alleged rise of dog thefts across Ireland during the Pandemic. John is a victim of dog theft, and is still upset when speaking about his beloved springer, Duke. We also speak about hemp farming, conservation, John's dog training and game shooting, cyber bullying and cocos law.Come join us for a cup of tea and a conversation, in the campervan.The Show is presented by Irish Traveller comedian, Martin Beanz Warde.ON sound and editing is Sound tech, Chris Sture. You can get all episodes on early release 2 days before general release on a subscriber on Patreon means you help us keep fuel in the tank to make these journeys and to help create these episodes.A huge thank you to the show's first Sponsor, The Furniture Emporium in Oranmore County Galway. The furniture emporium are currently running a free bed competition, go check out their page on facebook. They have a fantastic collection of great furniture and some quirky items that is sure to brighten up any room of your home.*Please take care if you are vulnerable to topics around mental health, suicide and depression*
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