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In the Markets with Fred & Rory

Author: Church House Investment Management Ltd

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A podcast featuring Church House Investments UK Fund Managers, Fred Mahon and Rory Campbell-Lamerton, looking at what has happened recently in financial markets. Breaking topics down to easily digestable, bitesize topics, the Fund Managers provide their informed views and insights as well as their outlook. For more insights and market related updates from these Fund Managers, please visit podcast is aimed primarily at professional investors but we welcome anyone to listen in to enjoy the views of our fund managers on current markets. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.The information provided in this podcast is not an offer, solicitation or recommendation, of any funds, services or products or to adopt any investment strategy.
12 Episodes
Fund Managers Fred and Rory wrap up season one of In the Markets with Fred and Rory with their favourite bits from the last 11 episodes. With listeners from every continent in the world, tune in to find out their best memories as well as the, perhaps unsurprising, best and worst episodes. Listen to find out what our UK market outlook is for the summer and whether it really is wise to sell in May...
Fred & Rory have the pleasure of speaking to Chris Ward, Chief Financial Officer of Shaftesbury Plc (owner of 16 acres across West End London including Carnaby Street and swathes of Soho, Covent Garden and Chinatown).  As one would expect, the once busy West End was hugely impacted by the pandemic, but as a result of Shaftesbury's sustainable policies and genuine passion for cultivating unique villages, footfall has returned to two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels and loyalty from their retailers could not be more obvious. Tune in to find out what they look for when selecting retailers, what new vendors we should expect to see and some great recommendations on where to eat and shop on your next visit to London. For any questions, please email
Football supporters are known to be some of the most die-hard fans of any sport. This week 'In the Markets with Fred & Rory' the UK fund managers look at whether it is a smart investment decision to mix passion with money, raising the question; is there any money to be made investing in sport? Whilst the sport stars themselves seem to have found other avenues to increase their wealth; property, wine and whiskey amongst a few. Listen to the pod to discover which sports affiliated companies are a better bet if you're looking to make a good return. Please email with any questions. 
Our UK fund managers tackle the challenging but crucial topic of inflation in this episode of In the Markets with Fred and Rory. After a quick recap on cryptocurrencies, the managers review the UK inflation figures released today (16 June), the risks of hyperinflation, as well as looking at just how much the price of a pint of Guinness has increased over 100 years. Even though supermarkets have reported increases in sales, inflation has eaten away at their profitability, with their revenues down across the board. So how do we deal with inflation as investors?Please email with any questions.
The rise of cryptocurrencies has dominated headlines for the past few years and, for many, decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin are a force for evil, not good. But is it better to reject the premise entirely or put in safeguards to ensure it is used safely? This week on In the Markets with Fred and Rory, the UK fund managers provide a basic run down on Bitcoin, its environmental impact and whether it could be deemed an asset class, as well as touching on Blockchain technology. Have we seen the top of the Bitcoin bubble, or is there more yet to come? If you have any questions, please email
The current favourite topic of "when are you heading back to the office" raises the question of how much permanent change the pandemic will enact. Numerous lockdowns has forced the way we work, shop and socialise to change but how much will change for good as opposed to just for now? The latest "In the Markets with Fred and Rory" sees the UK Fund Managers review the working from home phenomenon and the impact it could have on real estate companies such as Great Portland Estates, Shaftersbury Plc and Derwent London Plc. To get in touch, please email 
 "If you're living your best life, you're doing it to the soundtrack of music" - Merck MercuriadisOur latest In the Markets with Fred and Rory podcast saw the UK Fund Managers speak to a very special guest, a man who, according to the BBC, "has spent $1bn on old hits" - the one, the only, Merck Mercuriadis. Starting at Virgin Records in Canada as a teen, Merck has achieved enormous success throughout his career, from managing the likes of Beyoncé and Elton John, owning the masters of Paul McCartney and Eurythmics, to starting music IP investment and song management company, Hipgnosis alongside Nile Rodgers. Tune in to hear more about how Merck is changing the system before he dashes off to the studio with Shakira. 
Deliveroo hit the UK market with one of the biggest IPOs we have seen in the last ten years, on Wednesday, 31st March. In this episode, Fred and Rory analyse why it was so overvalued, what went wrong and why we didn't invest, although we do believe it to be a good quality business. But the question remains: has Deliveroo peaked?
Could you get Mark Zuckerberg on the phone? In the latest podcast from UK Fund Managers, Fred & Rory, we review the latest market news, starting with the retirement of James Anderson - arguably one of the most well-known and successful Fund Managers in the UK.  James, a believer in the asymmetry of returns and positive extremes, was an early investor in tech stocks pre-IPO and saw huge success through early investment in companies such as Tesla, Facebook and Alibaba, to name but a few. Tune in to find out more, including the impact that rising interest rates could have on the technology sector.
Having promoted Rory to Chancellor of the Exchequer for the day in the last episode, UK Fund Managers, Fred & Rory, are back to discuss how his UK Budget predictions fared after the announcement from Rishi Sunak last week. Covering topics ranging from tax, ISAs to JD Sports and the 'bouncebackability' of the UK economy are tackled - a phrase coined by Ian Dowie, the manager of Crystal Palace Football Club. 
In the latest podcast from Fred & Rory, Fund Managers at Church House, they look at the resurgence of the Reddit thread community pushing up GameStop’s stock price, the impact lockdown has had on the property sector in the UK, focusing primarily on Shaftesbury PLC – a prime example of responsible governance and good leadership. And finally, if Rory was Chancellor for the day, what decisions he would make in the UK Budget announcement on Wednesday 3 March.
The latest monthly podcast discussion with UK Fund Managers Rory Campbell-Lamerton and Fred Mahon on the WallStreetBets Reddit thread community, their crusade on driving up the stock price of GameStop and its impact on hedge funds.
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Rosie Carrow

An insightful, concise account of what's recently happened in the markets - love the dynamic between the two! Perfect if you want up to date, topical market content!

Feb 17th
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