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With global markets seeing extreme bouts of volatility, across all asset classes, it has been a challenging time. This week In the Markets with Fred & Rory, the managers dive into bear markets.  What is the difference between a bull and a bear market? How do investors survive a bear market?Markets are in panic territory, now is the time to hold fast in your long-term strategy. We are resolute in keeping a cool head and riding the wave of volatility. To quote Harvey Dent in Batman “it’s always darkest before the dawn”.What is the catalyst for the market to bounce? How structural is this current bout of inflation? And importantly, how do you navigate a bear attack? Find out in this week’s podcast.If you have any questions, please email us at
So far 2022 has proven to be an incredibly troubled year, reflected in the pod topics. This week In the Markets with Fred & Rory, the Fund Managers look at some of the positives, starting with capitalism versus Vladimir Putin. We have all been shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but who are some of the companies that have taken a stand against Russia? Another positive that one could argue, is that in the face of such horror, governments and NATO have never been so unified.What are the Rule of Law and Money Heaven principles and why do we adhere to them?As investment is pulled from Russia, what are the ethical implications of this on the citizens of Russia? Does it impact them more than the government the sanctions are aimed at? What do tech, alcohol and athleisure have in common? Why has the M&S franchise run into hot water? What to make of Shell’s $5 billion Russian write-downs and BP’s $25 billion impairment on Rosneft? Tune in to find out.If you have any questions, please email us at
This episode of In the Markets with Fred & Rory sees the fund managers look at defence stocks and the ESG implications of holding them. Our last podcast was published on the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and by now the ramifications have been truly felt by all, including financial markets. We expect many countries to increase their defence budgets in the wake of this tragic war and so we look at what makes a defence stock, the criteria we have to hold such a stock and why we believe that holding a defence stock is net positive for ESG.What is the Tempest, who is BAE Systems and could Trump have had a point in demanding increased NATO membership spend?We would love to hear your thoughts on this very topical issue so, if you have any questions or comments, please email us on
With the news that Vladimir Putin is sending troops to “peacekeep” in East Ukraine, we felt it was apt to look at investing in times of war for the latest In the Markets with Fred & Rory podcast.Historically it has been proven that in a long, drawn-out build up to war, stocks prices can plummet and, when war finally breaks out, stock prices can rocket. A phenomenon known as the War Puzzle. As we have often said, in times of panic or uncertainty, markets fluctuate.How did the stock market perform during WWI and WWII? Can wars really impact markets? How much debt did the UK develop over that period? And could we be due to repeat the roaring ’20s market boom from last century?Whilst the news is not good for anyone, we can only hope that the situation in the Ukraine is resolved quickly and does not escalate further. Tune in to find out how markets fared through two world wars, regional disputes and why emerging markets are often affected the most.If you have any questions, please email
This week we are celebrating the first anniversary of In the Markets with Fred & Rory, thank you to all our loyal listeners for tuning in to hear what we have to say. January was a tough month for quality growth managers, and in particular, tech stocks. The big tech stocks performed terribly with Spotify -27%, Meta (Facebook) -33% and Netflix -40% in January. Have these companies had their moment in the spotlight? Or will the comeback be better than the setback? The FTSE 100 is the leading global market with oil and gas leading the pack. Will the value rally last? Why do interest rates affect tech stocks? Cazoo vs Auto Trader, Bark Inc vs Pets at Home? Tune in to listen to the UK fund managers.If you have any questions, please email
With a poor start to the year for markets, with US tech and growth stocks hit particularly hard, Fred & Rory look at beer in this week’s podcast. Craft beer has become very popular in recent years and remains the area of most growth in the industry, even with heavy taxation from governments around the world. What makes a successful brewery? The UK Fund Managers delve into the power of marketing, non-alcoholic beer and what ever happened to cider? Tune in to find out.If you have any questions, please email
As we kick off 2022, Fund Managers Fred and Rory look at what investment themes we believe are set to impact markets this year. From tech stocks to interest rates and inflationary fears, the importance of investing in high quality companies has never been so great. Why is Apple the darling of the NASDAQ 100? Who is Cathie Wood and what was she named top of? Tune in to the latest podcast to find out why tech doesn’t mean revert.If you have any questions, please email
We welcomed a very special guest on this episode of In the Markets with Fred & Rory, Roger Whiteside, the CEO of FTSE 250 company, Greggs. Roger has worked at Greggs since 2013 and in that time has revolutionised the business, introduced the popular vegan sausage roll and been awarded an OBE for services to Women and Equality. Roger talks about understanding your target market, retaining market share and empowering staff to make decisions. Will Greggs go fully vegan? How have they attained cult status on social media? Has Piers Morgan helped or hindered the vegan sausage roll? What does Roger do in his spare time? Grab a steak bake or a sausage roll and tune in to find out.If you have any questions, please email
In this episode of In the Markets with Fred & Rory, the fund managers talk all things luxury; what makes an item so popular, are luxury items a good investment and what kind of return can I expect to see on my Birkin bag? Hermès have cracked the supply and demand theory with limited supply increasing the level of demand. Can you guess what the most expensive second hand Birkin bag was sold for?If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing:
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the greenest of them all? With Halloween falling at the same time as the COP26 conference in Glasgow, it has proven a scarier than usual week. In this episode, the UK Fund Managers look at socially responsible investing; who is doing it, who isn't? the issues of green washing and whether you can expect better returns when investing sustainably. Tune in to find out what we'd like to see come out of the COP26 conference.If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing:
Much like Adele, we are back and giving the people what they want - timely updates on the current state of financial markets and the ramifications for consumers. In the season 2 opener, Fund Managers, Rory & Fred look at IPOs in the UK, the Evergrande disaster in China and current inflation concerns - are they transitory or structural? Where is the GameStop share price now? Tune in to find out these answers as well as hearing our market outlook for the rest of the year.
Fund Managers Fred and Rory wrap up season one of In the Markets with Fred and Rory with their favourite bits from the last 11 episodes. With listeners from every continent in the world, tune in to find out their best memories as well as the, perhaps unsurprising, best and worst episodes. Listen to find out what our UK market outlook is for the summer and whether it really is wise to sell in May...
Fred & Rory have the pleasure of speaking to Chris Ward, Chief Financial Officer of Shaftesbury Plc (owner of 16 acres across West End London including Carnaby Street and swathes of Soho, Covent Garden and Chinatown).  As one would expect, the once busy West End was hugely impacted by the pandemic, but as a result of Shaftesbury's sustainable policies and genuine passion for cultivating unique villages, footfall has returned to two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels and loyalty from their retailers could not be more obvious. Tune in to find out what they look for when selecting retailers, what new vendors we should expect to see and some great recommendations on where to eat and shop on your next visit to London. For any questions, please email
Football supporters are known to be some of the most die-hard fans of any sport. This week 'In the Markets with Fred & Rory' the UK fund managers look at whether it is a smart investment decision to mix passion with money, raising the question; is there any money to be made investing in sport? Whilst the sport stars themselves seem to have found other avenues to increase their wealth; property, wine and whiskey amongst a few. Listen to the pod to discover which sports affiliated companies are a better bet if you're looking to make a good return. Please email with any questions. 
Our UK fund managers tackle the challenging but crucial topic of inflation in this episode of In the Markets with Fred and Rory. After a quick recap on cryptocurrencies, the managers review the UK inflation figures released today (16 June), the risks of hyperinflation, as well as looking at just how much the price of a pint of Guinness has increased over 100 years. Even though supermarkets have reported increases in sales, inflation has eaten away at their profitability, with their revenues down across the board. So how do we deal with inflation as investors?Please email with any questions.
The rise of cryptocurrencies has dominated headlines for the past few years and, for many, decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin are a force for evil, not good. But is it better to reject the premise entirely or put in safeguards to ensure it is used safely? This week on In the Markets with Fred and Rory, the UK fund managers provide a basic run down on Bitcoin, its environmental impact and whether it could be deemed an asset class, as well as touching on Blockchain technology. Have we seen the top of the Bitcoin bubble, or is there more yet to come? If you have any questions, please email
The current favourite topic of "when are you heading back to the office" raises the question of how much permanent change the pandemic will enact. Numerous lockdowns has forced the way we work, shop and socialise to change but how much will change for good as opposed to just for now? The latest "In the Markets with Fred and Rory" sees the UK Fund Managers review the working from home phenomenon and the impact it could have on real estate companies such as Great Portland Estates, Shaftersbury Plc and Derwent London Plc. To get in touch, please email 
 "If you're living your best life, you're doing it to the soundtrack of music" - Merck MercuriadisOur latest In the Markets with Fred and Rory podcast saw the UK Fund Managers speak to a very special guest, a man who, according to the BBC, "has spent $1bn on old hits" - the one, the only, Merck Mercuriadis. Starting at Virgin Records in Canada as a teen, Merck has achieved enormous success throughout his career, from managing the likes of Beyoncé and Elton John, owning the masters of Paul McCartney and Eurythmics, to starting music IP investment and song management company, Hipgnosis alongside Nile Rodgers. Tune in to hear more about how Merck is changing the system before he dashes off to the studio with Shakira. 
Deliveroo hit the UK market with one of the biggest IPOs we have seen in the last ten years, on Wednesday, 31st March. In this episode, Fred and Rory analyse why it was so overvalued, what went wrong and why we didn't invest, although we do believe it to be a good quality business. But the question remains: has Deliveroo peaked?
Could you get Mark Zuckerberg on the phone? In the latest podcast from UK Fund Managers, Fred & Rory, we review the latest market news, starting with the retirement of James Anderson - arguably one of the most well-known and successful Fund Managers in the UK.  James, a believer in the asymmetry of returns and positive extremes, was an early investor in tech stocks pre-IPO and saw huge success through early investment in companies such as Tesla, Facebook and Alibaba, to name but a few. Tune in to find out more, including the impact that rising interest rates could have on the technology sector.
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Rosie Carrow

An insightful, concise account of what's recently happened in the markets - love the dynamic between the two! Perfect if you want up to date, topical market content!

Feb 17th
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