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In which I think about marketing, erections, and gravy and chips
poem - blood cell

poem - blood cell


you can get the book here
A short story from my upcoming book HOLOGRAM KEBAB
Hello. Thanks for all the support. You are cool
Just a quick one. Hope you enjoy it!
Poem - Geodesic 2

Poem - Geodesic 2


My first attempt at blending music with poetry, or at least, the first one I can properly remember. My website The poetry book
Two poems, zero sales pitches. There's not even a website link in this one.
Some big news

Some big news


In which I go to ComicCon, nearly get to America for a big book tour, find the meaning of life, kill god, and write a new trilogy of books. Poetry collections and WBTH2 also included... I've been busy
My thoughts on empathy, and how we might train it with logic and reason to be a more efficient tool for solving the world's ills. My book <<<
In which a young woman discovers something disturbing about her soon-to-be ex boyfriend. With a sci-fi twist! For my substack blog (for free stories forever) CLICK HERE (my first book Who Built The Humans? is now reduced to £1.99, just click here to get it)
An old story from a new collection, HOLOGRAM KEBAB. It's a weird little book with weird little stories. Friday 21st January
I have started 2022 with an amazing opportunity. I was invited by Ruth from ALLfm to materialize on the 9th Jan in her studio at ALLfm, to talk about David Bowie. If you didn't know, I'm a huge fan of Bowie. I'm actually working towards making a separate thing dedicated to him. The 9th of January is a symbolic day, his birthday was the 8th and the anniversary of his death is the 10th. So it's freaky. I am occupying a freaky slot of spacetime. Please leave me an audio message, which I might include in the podcast.
In this special, hour-long episode, I talk to Jo The Lion about her writing, David Bowie fanfiction, and if skin walkers stole David's autobiography and if we might be able to get it back from Area51. We recorded audio and video for this one, and you can watch the video >>> here <<< This episode is for Friday the 7th January, but as the video is already out, I thought I'd release this a bit early.
In which I reveal the title of my next book, Hologram Kebab, and read you two stories from it! Here's my gofundme for the WBTH audiobook >>>
The first episode of the rebrand, in which my secret plans for world domination are laid bare for you to gawp at. My books My substack blog My medium blog (same as substack, just less content, only the journalistic, click-baity stuff)
Some poems from my upcoming book FALSE VACUUM
Geodesic - Poetry

Geodesic - Poetry


Some fun poems. Pre-order the book here
A huge episode where I read 6 whole poems, and edit some and do a bit of improv
No idea to be honest. Who Built The Humans has gone down in price though, check it out <<<
Not much else goes on
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