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Episode is about The Beatles in Canada.  My guest is Piers Hemmingsen. We discuss his book, The Beatles in Canada – The Origins of Beatlemania. We talk about The Beatles in Canada and I give brief history timeline.I mention some key figures in the history of The Beatles in Canada. Paul White - Capitol Records Canada. He was the Vice President and A&R person and was responsible for introducing The Beatles to Canada.Sandy Gardiner – Journalist with the Ottawa JournalDennis Corrie - Winnipeg DJ at CKYRoy Sonin - Toronto DJ at CFRBTrudy Medcalf and Dawne Hester – Beatles Fan Club in CanadaCopies of Piers book can be found on Amazon and - - book is also available in digital form on Apple and Google BooksApple - books - can reach Piers at his website which is You can also reach him on Twitter If you want to learn more about Beatles vinyl releases in Canada you can also check out another website co-founded by Piers called Capitol 6000.
Ep.1 - Collecting Beatles

Ep.1 - Collecting Beatles


Episode is about collecting Beatles.  My guest is Terry Crain, Terry is the author of NEMS and the business of selling the Beatles 1964 to 1966.In this episode I talk about the collecting Beatles, and I discuss Terry's book with him.  I also give a brief history on Beatles merchandise, and give some tips on collecting. You can reach my at or on Twitter @AbbeyLanePodCYou can buy Terry's book on his website which is with Terry's book I also used other references including Philip Normans Shout, Bob Spitz The Beatles, and Bill Harry's Encyclopedia of Beatles People.Philip Norman Shout Spitz The Beatles can check out the Beatles Fest store.
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