DiscoverThe Four "C" Able Future: Campus Compact Covid Convos
The Four "C" Able Future: Campus Compact Covid Convos
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The Four "C" Able Future: Campus Compact Covid Convos

Author: Arria Hauldin and Carolyn Brady

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Welcome to the Four “C” Able Future: Campus Compact Covid Convos official podcast! Join COVID-19 Recovery AmeriCorps VISTA’s Carolyn Brady and Arria Hauldin as we discuss COVID’s impact on our everchanging world via this virtual landscape. AmeriCorps is a national service organization dedicated to working with high need communities across the United States. As AmeriCorps VISTA members, Carolyn and Arria also work with Campus Compact. Arria works with Campus Compact New Hampshire, while Carolyn works with Campus Compact Maine. Campus Compact is a national coalition of colleges and universities dedicated to equity and accessibility in higher education. New to the realm of podcasts, we are still learning the ropes, but our mission is to make COVID-19 information fun, factual, and accessible! Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, concerns, or episode suggestions at Stay up-to-date with us on Twitter @FourCAbleFuture. See you in the four “C” able future! *Logo Artist: Annika Wooton*
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Vaccination Nation

Vaccination Nation


In this episode, we dive into all things vaccines and welcome multiple special guests! Fellow AmeriCorps Member Grace Kneebone joins us for our School Spotlight to share how COVID has impacted her school and her students. As a fellow podcast extraordinaire, she also serves as the producer for her school's series entitled The Principal's Podcast. You can check it out here! Family Dr.Marie Ramas also joins us to answer our questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, discuss the racial disparities associated with infection rates and vaccine rollouts, and provide us with some medical advice as we continue to traverse these unprecedented times. To learn more about her COVID-19 media project, The Lighthouse NH, click here. This episode was recorded in April of 2021. As the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing, we are also continuing to learn more about this virus on a daily basis. With recent case numbers on the rise and variants continuing to surface, we encourage all eligible populations to get the vaccine and continue to adhere to CDC guidelines by wearing a mask in areas of substantial or high transmission. 
Over the past year, there has been an increase in racially motivated attacks on individuals within the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. These abhorrent acts continue to exemplify ongoing racism and white supremacy in our country, with the most recent incident taking the lives of eight Georgia residents this past week, including six women of Asian descent. When recording this episode in mid-February, we did not expect the relevance of the topics we discussed in this episode to rise to this level in the societal consciousness through the shootings that occurred earlier this week. We understand this conversation may be difficult to have, but it is integral to the ongoing work of dismantling racism and AAPI stigma throughout the United States. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander community and against racism and prejudice of all kinds.  Episode 2 has arrived! Four “C” Able Future Podcast Update: How do we sound? We got mics, y’all!  We're also trying out BuzzSprout's  Magic Mastering feature!In this notorious episode, Arria Hauldin and Carolyn Brady discuss the history behind the name of the Coronavirus and COVID-19. Additionally, they discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and its stigma on the Asian American Pacific Islander communities.  We want to thank our guest, Rhiana (Rhi) Suarez, for sitting in on this episode. Do you hear our guest in the episode? What did you think? If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us at Stay up-to-date with us on Twitter @FourCAbleFuture! Episode Sources:School Spotlight: Duke University (Nov 2020) - LA Times Discovered a disease? WHO has new rules for avoiding offensive names (May 2015) Science Magazine - What's in a Name? Why WHO's Formal Name for the New Coronavirus Disease Matters (Feb 2020) - TIME tricky politics of naming the new coronavirus (Feb 2020) BBC - Why the Asian American Covid data picture is so incomplete (Oct 2020) NBC - Music Credits:Intro and Outro Music: From Page to Practice (Written by Bryan Teoh)
When in doubt? Wear a mask! It’s a simple task.In this first episode of The Four “C” Able Future, Carolyn Brady and Arria Hauldin discuss the dos and don'ts of mask-wearing as well as recent news surrounding our portable COVID companions. Carolyn and Arria are AmeriCorps COVID-19 Recovery Members for Campus Compact Maine and New Hampshire, respectively.  What did you think of this episode? Let us know! If you have any future episode ideas, please reach out to us at Stay up-to-date with us on Twitter @FourCAbleFuture! Episode Sources: Every Picture Tells A Story: Masks (July 2020) - The American Council on Science and Health the Swiss Cheese Model Can Help Us Beat Covid-19 (Nov 2020) - Wall Street Journal Considerations for Wearing Masks (Updated Dec 2020) - CDC Masks Smarter and Safer Against COVID-19 (Jan 2021) - University Of California May Need to Start Wearing Better Face Masks (Jan 2021) - Live Science You Should Still Wear A Mask And Avoid Crowds After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine (Jan 2021) - NPR Music Credits:Intro and Outro Music: From Page to Practice (Written by Bryan Teoh)School Spotlight: Bandlab - Lofi Hip Hop II Guitar 03Background Music: Bandlab - New Dreams Melody 02 lead
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