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Roe V. Wade is Overturned

Roe V. Wade is Overturned


We discuss the recent Supreme Court Decision on abortion that throws the power to regulate it back to the states.
A round up of the current state of Joe Biden's Failing agenda for America.
Mag flies solo in the episode of the show. Inside: Joe Biden proposed the same old tired, failed gun control strategy in remarks this week. Also, he seems to believe that Constitutional rights aren't absolute. We beg to differ. Scientists discover that ideology is more hardwired in our brains than we thought and Biden administration elites are mostly insulated from the economic pain you are currently experiencing. They even admit as much.
We had another school shooting last week and all we get is the same old solutions from Democrats that never work.
Episode 62

Episode 62


We call this one Episode 62 because...well I couldn't' think of a good name for it. In this episode, The New White House Press Secretary Can't answer simple questions about inflation. Also, Netflix goes un-woke, Target stays woke and it's not working out well, Monkeypox the new reason for Democrats to cheat by mail, and Kimberly recounts a harrowing experience with road rage. All that and much more in this week's jam-packed episode!
Turns out America isn't really all that interested in abortion. The left didn't get the memo. Americans right now are most concerned with inflation and rising prices on...everything.
Things got pretty passionate on this episode as Mag and Kimberly discuss the SCOTUS leak and what it means if Roe V. Wade is overturned as expected.
Biden spews more incomprehensible gibberish. We talk about ballot trafficking and how it was the method by which the left stole the 2020 election the details of which will soon be revealed in an about-to-be-released film. Also, the Biden administration announces a new Ministry of Truth to control "misinformation" as decided by Democrats... the First Amendment be damned.
There are shortages of chicken, eggs, beef. and more. Biden warned us and blamed Putin. The FBI warns of cyber-attacks on Farmers after a rash of mysterious fires all across the country at food production facilities. What is going on? It seems that one crisis follows another and so many explosions, fires, and plane crashes...yes plane crashes, at food factories all seem a little too coincidental to ignore as just commonplace.
Disney decided to hop on board the left-wing attack on a common-sense parental rights law in Florida and now find themselves being stripped of the special treatment they have enjoyed since 1967.
Donald Trump has taken a page from the playbook of George Soros to set the stage for victory in 2024. We'll tell you what it involves.
Joe Biden goes to Europe and makes several gaffes that have to be explained and walked back the White House. Also, Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars...probably the only reason you even knew the Oscars were on.
Biden Blames Everyone Else

Biden Blames Everyone Else


Gas prices and inflation have been on the rise since day one of the Biden administration and yet it's everyone's fault but his. He blames oil companies, grocery stores, and now Russia's invasion of Ukraine for increases that his own policies clearly caused. Trump predicted 7-dollar gas if Biden was put in office, and it looks like it may come to pass. Plus, Kamala has an explanation that of the Ukraine invasion that is right on level with something a 1st grader should easily understand.
Gas Prices are sky-high and Joe Biden is to blame. The Batman gets woke and we talk about the State of the Union Highlights.
Russia attacks Ukraine and we try to make some sense of it all. The more we look at things, the more it seems that the enemies of freedom are literally everywhere and the only "good guys" anymore are regular people like you and I.
The Canadian Dictatorship under Justine Trudeau is in full vigor with his heavy-handed response to the peaceful trucker convoy protests in Ottawa and other Canadian cities. Bank accounts and crypto currency have been seized, property taken, protestors trampled by police horses and police have even threaten to seize truckers' pets to euthanize them. Will we see the same response by the Biden Administration as our own American convoy reaches Washington in time for the State of the Union Address?
We talk about the freedom convoy in Canada and how this trucker led movement is spreading across the continent and across the globe particularly in New Zealand which is employing a very Copacabana-like weapon against their truckers. Also; will it be Trump and Hillary in 2024? Is the federal government handing out free crack pipes? They may be denying it, but they are. Is the "crisis" in Ukraine fake news drummed up by the Biden Administration? It sure seems like it. That and so much mor on this exciting episode.
We love Donald Trump, but he is 100% wrong about Mike Pence and the roll of the Vice President when it comes to the electoral college. We will explain why. Also, Whoopi gets whooped by cancel Culture.
President Joe Biden apparently thinks that it's OK to use race and gender as criteria in picking a new Supreme Court justice...except that it isn't. Not only is it unpopular, and morally repugnant, it's illegal. Also...elderly rockers want out of Spotify because of Joe Rogan. Does anyone under 40 care?
California Gov. Gavin Newsome is whining these days that his state looks like a third world country. We thought he already knew. Howard Dean is still having visions of Nazi's in his head and Bernie Sanders thinks that all of the Democrats failures are the fault of the GOP. Maybe we have the founders to thanks for that.
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