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Author: Audrey, Sergio, Gabby, & Friends

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Friends who like to read good books and drink good drinks. Cheers!🥂📚
16 Episodes
Sergio Leads This Section of Addie LaRue
Part 2 of Lindsays Portion of Addie LaRue
Lindsey leads us through Part 2 of The Invisible Life of Addie Larue. 
Kara leads this charge in the first part of "The Invisible Life"
Final thoughts and rating of the girl with the dragon tattoo.
Final phase of this book led by Sergio.
Part two of Linds section. Enjoy!
Lindsey Leads the charge with her section. (Part 1 of 2)
Kara leads part two in this series of dragon tattoo.
New book! Audrey Leads this new series in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
We finish off this series with our final thoughts of the book.
Sergio goes through the last sections of the book 
Lindsey takes all of us through chapters 12-17 of Bridgerton: The Duke and I. In this episode we talk about the difference between the words "can't" and "won't" and how important that, oh so awkward, the birds and the bees conversation is. Like always we will be going through all of this drunk off our asses. Cheers!! 
Kara and your favorite book club members go through chapters 6-11 of Bridgerton: The Duke and I. On this episode we talk about our opinions on representation in the romance genre of novels and how well Netflix did and reinventing this story to be mire inclusive and more entertaining. We also get into some heated arguments about foot fetiches and peas. And of course, we do this drunk as hell. Cheers!!
Audrey and the crew take listeners through part 1 of Bridgerton, The Duke and I. We discuss the blossoming of Simon and Daphne's relationship and what transpires before they ultimately get forced into an engagement they both desperately want but won't admit to one another yet.  We talk about our favorite supporting characters, and how the Netflix show connects (or disconnects) to the novel it is based on.  And yes, of course we talk about all of this, completely hammered. Cheers!! 
Welcome to BUI!

Welcome to BUI!


Welcome to the Books Under the Influence Podcast. We are excited to share our laughs and conversations and we hop you can also read and drink with us. Follow our instagram @BUIPodcast where you can see all of our updates. ENJOY!
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