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The Visionary's Journey
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The Visionary's Journey

Author: Emily Falcigno

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Single and ready to manifest? Learn how to re-center on your unique path, and manifest your true desires. We gain insight from fellow journeyers who are starting to manifest, and visionaries who cross our path and show us the way. Life is a big experiment, and so is this show. We embrace imperfections and learn as we go.
5 Episodes
Who inspired me to surf?  A wildly creative college friend, Ben Sargent.  We discuss how the exhilaration of surfing echoes the way he  runs businesses, creates art, and moves through life.Listen in on his secrets to success, and how they parallel the magic of manifesting. You can find Ben on Backyard Goldmine, Hook, Line & Dinner, and... psst… he’s pitching a new show. Let’s help him manifest it!Want to learn how to manifest your true desires? Join me on June 3rd for The Visionary's Journey 4 day Workshop! 
Time to talk about The Process. How do you jump in and start something new? How do you show yourself compassion as you do it? I start off the episode with a pause to talk about the insurrection on the US Capitol on Jan 6th, and my energetic journey with anti-racism.  I invite you to join us on this journey too, and help me celebrate BIPOC visionaries. Then my guest, Dr. Liz the OT (Occupational Therapist), and I talk about splashing in puddles, jumping into projects like podcasting, and co-regulating emotions for maintaining healthy relationships. You can find Dr. Liz at She mentors therapists, coaches parents and speaks nationally. Her site Parenting Annex curates quick tip videos from pediatric professionals. (Some of it is good to know as a single adult too. I love the social emotional page.)
Heather Maguire, The Unconventional Intuitive, speaks with Emily about:Feeling Your IntuitionThe Magical Storage Unit How to Recenter on Your PathHandling BlocksCheck out Heather's workshops and Facebook activities here: Unconventionalintuitive.comFacebook
Emily & Nadeem talk about:Starting Energy Work Religion vs. Spiritual Hippie StuffPrivilege + Manifesting   Authentic Micro Influencers ...and his new social media platform for them:
Emily & Zola talk about:Learning to ManifestStuff vs Aligned LifestyleOvercoming Fear & BlocksMeditationRecorded in August 2020 for IGTV @SavvySinglesStudio
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