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“Why Are We Here?” Karmic Astrology Business Coach, Dr. Deb Peretz PhD, has the answer: “To learn our life lessons.” I have a ton of questions, like “How do we know what our lessons are?” Listen carefully to this episode. Deb explains it to us using karmic astrology, neurology, moon phases, and past life regressions. We even learn where to find romance in our astrological  chart.Check out Deb’s website  and Planets & Profits podcast. She’s got a book about astrology and business coming out in the Fall 2022. Stay tuned.
 I am sharing a Bonus episode with a message from Shaman Durek. I read his book Spirit Hacking recently and he talks about how we need to connect better with our fellow humans so we can amplify love more effectively. The energy around the world has been very heavy lately.  With the war shedding light on anti-Blackness around the world; violations of Humans Rights against women and LGBTQIA folx; and the threat of banning of Black history, and gender discussions in schools. It’s easy to grow weary from the undercurrent of stress rippling through individual and community energy fields.Even though you may feel helpless, there’s an energetic exercise we can practice to raise the love frequency around us. It involves a simple form of connection: a loving embrace. For my listeners who don't feel safe hugging in person, try a virtual Cuddle Party.
In this episode, you’ll hear a variety of topics from art to diversity to living in community, to maintaining good relationships.You’ll hear about Deborah’s art-ivism, her muses, and her process. Her artwork spotlights African American journeys, Mass Incarceration, and metaphors in up-cycled broken chairs.Deb had a show and talk at Palm Springs Art Museum for Black History Month called "People Who Filled Their Seats" for which she was awarded a Congressional Recognition by Raul Ruiz. She  is seeking out more opportunities to show her work.Deb is an inspirational light in my life, and hopefully she will spark some light in yours too.
When you listen to songs long enough you are bound to manifest thoughts and feelings of those songs. And that’s what we want to be careful of.Today we are talking to longtime musical friends, Andy McCarthy and Jonathan Holmes who created a podcast with their friend Chris Linnane, about their quest to find The Worst Song on Earth. We’re putting a little twist on manifesting today. We are talking about songs you should NOT put on your Manifesting Love playlist. You are in for a treat, my visionaries. Show Notes: The Worst Song on Earth Podcast Chris’ Band Boxboro Bonus! Manifesting Love Playlist
We wrap up our 3 part conversation with a look behind the scenes to see what motivates Ben’s visionary ways. You might want to take notes on this one. Rebelling against parents, thriving on wild failures so you come out with great stories is a good way to start. You can find Ben on Backyard Goldmine, Hook, Line & Dinner, and... psst… he’s pitching a new show. Let’s help him manifest it! (I barely edited this part because it was such a fun conversation. Enjoy!)
Trigger Warning: This episode discusses gun violence. Feel free to skip to the next episode where Ben tells us what drives his visionary ways. In January 2021, I started asking my guests, who is a Black person, Indigenous person, or Person of Color who has inspired them on their journey. Ben tells us about his brother-in-law, whose life was thoughtlessly stolen by gun violence. I follow up our conversation with lessons I’ve learned on my anti-racism journey, and discuss why talking about anti-racism matters for Visionaries, Singles, and Manifesting. If you want to continue the conversation, you can find me @SavvySinglesStudio on Instagram. BIPOC and Orgs to follow: Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson / DEEP Brandyn Campbell CommunicationsKaramo Brown / Social Worker / Queer EyeTrauma Healing & Gun Violence PreventionAyanna PressleyEverytownMy Brother's Keeper
Who inspired me to surf?  A wildly creative college friend, Ben Sargent.  We discuss how the exhilaration of surfing echoes the way he  runs businesses, creates art, and moves through life.Listen in on his secrets to success, and how they parallel the magic of manifesting. You can find Ben on Backyard Goldmine, Hook, Line & Dinner, and... psst… he’s pitching a new show. Let’s help him manifest it!Want to learn how to manifest your true desires? Join me on June 3rd for The Visionary's Journey 4 day Workshop! 
Time to talk about The Process. How do you jump in and start something new? How do you show yourself compassion as you do it? I start off the episode with a pause to talk about the insurrection on the US Capitol on Jan 6th, and my energetic journey with anti-racism.  I invite you to join us on this journey too, and help me celebrate BIPOC visionaries. Then my guest, Dr. Liz the OT (Occupational Therapist), and I talk about splashing in puddles, jumping into projects like podcasting, and co-regulating emotions for maintaining healthy relationships. You can find Dr. Liz at She mentors therapists, coaches parents and speaks nationally. Her site Parenting Annex curates quick tip videos from pediatric professionals. (Some of it is good to know as a single adult too. I love the social emotional page.)
Heather Maguire, The Unconventional Intuitive, speaks with Emily about:Feeling Your IntuitionThe Magical Storage Unit How to Recenter on Your PathHandling BlocksCheck out Heather's workshops and Facebook activities here: Unconventionalintuitive.comFacebook
Emily & Nadeem talk about:Starting Energy Work Religion vs. Spiritual Hippie StuffPrivilege + Manifesting   Authentic Micro Influencers ...and his new social media platform for them:
Emily & Zola talk about:Learning to ManifestStuff vs Aligned LifestyleOvercoming Fear & BlocksMeditationRecorded in August 2020 for IGTV @SavvySinglesStudio
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