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Conservative ideas are no longer welcome on most college campuses—or anywhere else. If you are a conservative student or professor, or just interested in the conservative intellectual tradition, this podcast is for you! Join Johnny Burtka, Marlo Slayback, and Tom Sarrouf for in-depth conversations with leading thinkers on the most important issues facing conservatism.

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In this episode:three historians discuss the legacies and importance of Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, and William McKinleywhat it means to be a statesman, as exemplified by these great American leaderswhat we miss about America when we miss 19th century American historyTexts Mentioned:A Man of Iron by Troy SenikAndrew Jackson: His Life and Times by H.W. BrandsPresident McKinley: Architect of the American Century by Robert W. Merry“Cross of Gold” speech by William Jennings BryanBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode: Professor Susan Hanssen joins the podcast to discuss the quintessentially American holiday of Thanksgiving and its historyhow the Puritans and Pilgrims fit into the British political and cultural experience, how they end up in America, and how they shape America todaywhat remains in the American project as a “remnant” that’s powerful and worth conserving todayTexts Mentioned: Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789 by George WashingtonWilliam Bradford’s Journal“A Model of Christian Charity” by John WinthropNotes on the State of Virginia by Thomas JeffersonProclamation of Thanksgiving by Abraham LincolnReflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund BurkeThe Mayflower CompactA Defence of the Constitutions of the Government of the United States by John AdamsThe Captive Mind by Czeslaw MiloszThe Conservative Mind by Russell KirkThe Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk“How America’s Adams Family Inherited and Preserved the Pilgrim Mind” by Susan HanssenBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:ISI’s own Jane Scharl joins the podcast to talk about her work as a professional poet and playwrightwhy everyone needs to appreciate the fine arts to be fully human, and how to get started for beginnerswhy beauty changes and saves the world by changing and saving souls, and how to become a patron of artists to produce more beautiful thingsTexts Mentioned:Sonnez Les Matines by Jane ScharlA People’s Tragedy by Orlando FigesApollo and Daphne mythThe Aeneid by Virgil“Can Poetry Matter?” by Dana GioiaBeowulfWiseblood BooksSlant BooksSt. Louis IX Art SocietyPushkin by Jonathan Leafjcscharl.comBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode: A special debate between Henry Olsen and Donald Devine about the legacy of Ronald Reagan, from our recent Modern Age panel celebrating the launch of the new Modern Age websiteTexts Mentioned: Old House of Fear by Russell KirkThe Working Class Republicanby Henry OlsenRonald Reagan’s Enduring Principles by Donald DevineRonald Reagan “A Time for Choosing” SpeechModern AgeBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Dr. Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain and author of To Provide and Maintain a Navy, joins the podcast to talk about the need for America to revitalize the US Navy and defend the “free seas”a deep dive into America’s foreign policy, especially the challenges posed by our three biggest adversaries: China, Russia, and Iranadvice for students consider a life of service in the US armed forcesTexts Mentioned:To Provide and Maintain a Navy by Jerry HendrixThe Free Sea by Hugo Grotius“The Age of American Naval Dominance Is Over” by Jerry Hendrix“Farewell Address” by George WashingtonBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Sam Hammond, senior economist at the Foundation for American Innovation, joins the podcast to talk about artificial intelligence and its transformative aspects on modern societywhat AI offers human society to advance our economy and our society, and the potential dangers of AI run amokhow AI and super-intelligent machines that match or exceed human cognition will mean for human nature and what it means to be a human beingTexts Mentioned:“Attention is All You Need” by Ashish VaswaniScience, Scientism, and Society webinarJon Askonas Conservative Conversations episode“Common Sense on AI” by Sam Hammond and Jon Askonas“AI and Leviathan: Part I” by Sam Hammond“AI and Leviathan: Part II” by Sam Hammond“AI and Leviathan: Part III” by Sam HammondLeviathan by Thomas HobbesRevolt of the Public by Martin“Second Best” substack by Sam HammondBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Rodge Reschini, ISI’s editor of The Cornell Review, joins the podcast to talk about the state of the conservative movement at Cornella student perspective on “academic freedom”how to leverage alumni support as a check on the worst impulses of American universitiesTexts Mentioned:“Trigger Warnings Are Bad, Voluntary or Not” by Rodge Reschini“Should College Come With Trigger Warnings? At Cornell, It’s a ‘Hard No’”Collegiate Network Fellowships and InternshipsThe Cornell ReviewBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Alexandra Hudson joins the podcast to talk about her new book, The Soul of Civilityhow Burke and Locke come together with the “vertical” and “horizontal” social compacts that capture the social and political relations of societythe difference between politeness and civility, and the limits of politeness in our personal and political lifeTexts Mentioned:The Soul of Civility by Alexandra HudsonA People’s Tragedy by Orlando FigesThe Maxims of PtahhotepFederalist 51 by James MadisonThe Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis StevensonBeyond Order: Twelve More Rules for Life by Jordan PetersonOn The Beautiful and the Sublime by Edmund BurkeCivic RenaissanceBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode: A special Q&A between Johnny and Tucker following Tucker’s keynote address at ISI’s annual Gala for Western Civilization at our new Linda Bean Center on campus in Wilmington, DETucker reflects on a career in journalism and the role of individuals in a democracy. Join us as they discuss the future of America and what ISI is doing for students across the country. Texts Mentioned:The Long Slide by Tucker Carlson Join the Community:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Jesse Merriam, professor of constitutional studies at Patrick Henry College, joins the podcast to talk about how we got our antiracist Constitutionhow Brown v. Board’s jurisprudence unleashed a diversity regime that has usurped the written Constitution and the principles of a free societywhat we can expect for the future of affirmative action in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions challenging affirmative actionTexts Mentioned:How We Got our Antiracist Constitution by Jesse MerriamBrown v. Board of EducationWe The PeopleThree Volume Trilogy by Bruce AckermanGovernment by Judiciary by Raoul BergerThe Warren Revolutionby L. Brent Bozell, Jr.“Originalism and the Desegregation Decisions” by Michael McConnell“The Originalist Case for Brown v. Board of Education” by Michael McConnell“The Original Intent—As Perceived by Michael McConnell” by Raoul BergerThomas Jefferson to Henri Gregoire, February 25, 1809Plessy v. Ferguson“The Affirmative Action Regime” by Jesse MerriamStudents for Fair Admission v. HarvardGrutter v. BollingerBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Catherine Pakaluk joins the podcast to discuss her forthcoming book, Hannah’s Children, about women having large families amongst a culture of childlessnessthe limits of economic and family policy in reversing the falling birthrates, and what really drives our demographic declineMarlo and Catherine talk about the various joys and challenges that come with motherhood, both of one child and of many childrenTexts Mentioned:Hannah’s Children: The Stories of Women Quietly Defying the Birth Dearth by Catherine PakalukThe Birth Dearth by Ben Wattenberg“Jordan Peterson Interviews Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy”Coming Apart by Charles MurrayGet Married by Brad WilcoxThe Two Parent Privilege by Melissa KearneyBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Zena Hitz joins the podcast to talk about the enduring value and necessity of a liberal arts educationhow class and economic considerations describe the shifts towards “practical” studies and coursework to the neglect of “the fundamental questions”the connection between ascetic practice and proper reasoning, and how education requires retreat from the present thingsTexts Mentioned:Lost in Thought by Zena Hitzcatherineproject.orgNicomachean Ethics by AristotleSophist by PlatoPhaedrus by PlatoWealth of Nations by Adam SmithCity of God by AugustineRepublic by PlatoDemocracy in America by Alexis de TocquevilleConfessions by AugustineGenesisBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Tom Shakely, Chief Engagement Officer for Americans United for Life, joins the podcast to discuss the case for making birth free and charting a pro-family agendawhy Lincoln’s insights on shaping public opinion about slavery should analogously inform the pro-life movement’s thinking about protecting the unbornhow the logic of abortion could lead to a dystopian regime that promotes euthanasia as a right and a goodTexts Mentioned:“Make Birth Free” by Elizabeth Bruenig“Make Birth Free” white paper by Catherine Glenn Foster and Kristen Day“Why Voting on Life is Absurd” episode of “The Based Catholic”Get Married by Brad Wilcox“Conservative Conversations” episode with Brad WilcoxThe American Way by Allan C. Carlson“The Forgotten History of America ‘Making Birth Free’” by Allan C. Carlson“A Constitutional Vision: Lincoln Proposal” by Catherine Glenn FosterDeath, Dying, and Euthanasia by Dennis J. Horan and David a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Michael Anton joins the podcast to discuss his book, The Stakes, about the state of the country in 2020 and what could be lost and gainedHow the progressive ideology that rules California’s politics has turned the state into a nightmare, from education and cost-of-living to immigration and crimeWhere we could be headed in America’s short-term political future with the coming 2024 election, or even the long-term prospects near the end of the RepublicTexts Mentioned:The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return by Michael Anton“The Flight 93 Election” by Michael AntonRigged by Mollie HemingwayThe Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hansen Change by Patrick Deneen“Modernity and Its Discontents” by Michael AntonThe Narrow Passage by Glenn EllmersMachiavelli’s Effectual Truth by Harvey C. MansfieldFlorentine Histories by Niccolo MachiavelliBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Jay Richards joins the podcast to talk about the political machine that drives the transgender ideology that has captured the American public squarehow fighting gender ideology offers an opportunity for conservatives to make allies with others across the political spectrum to defend realitypractical advice for how to become an expert in any topicTexts Mentioned:Chloe Cole testimony before CongressIrreversible Damage by Abigail ShrierCass Report“gender unicorn” diagramBook of JoelBuck v. BellWhen Harry Became Sally by Ryan AndersonThe Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self by Carl TruemanStrange New World by Carl TruemanLove Thy Body by Nancy PearceyBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Sohrab Ahmari, author and founder of Compact magazine, joins the podcast to discuss his new book, Tyranny Inc. about private coercion and its role in harming the American working classTexts Mentioned:“Sohrab Ahmari on the Unbroken Thread” episode of Conservative ConversationsThe Unbroken Thread by Sohrab AhmariTyranny, Inc. by Sohrab AhmariA People’s Tragedy by Orlando FigesRerum Novarum by Pope Leo XIIIThe Age of Jackson by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846 by Charles SellersThe Rise of American Democracy: Jackson to Lincoln by Sean Wilentzcompactmag.comBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Acclaimed journalist and activist Christopher Rufo joins the podcast to discuss his new book, America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everythingwhy language is an essential tool in driving social and political changewhat the Right can do to reform and change the institutions that have been captured by Leftist prioritiesTexts Mentioned:America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything by Christopher F. Rufo“The Three Worlds of Evangelicalism” by Aaron Rennrufo.substack.comBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Brad Wilcox, the Director of the National Marriage Project, joins the podcast to talk about marriage, family formation, and childrenThe important keys to successful and happy marriage, and what elites tell us that we need to rejectwhy men and women are alienated from each other, and what each sex should go to recover a calling to family lifeTexts Mentioned:Get Married: Why Americans Must Defy the Elites, Forge Strong Families, and Save Civilization by Brad Wilcox“Women Who Stay Single and Don’t Have Kids are Getting Richer” by Molly Smith“Should Couples Merge Their Finances?” by Joe Pinsker“One Key to a Happy Marriage?: Joint Bank Accounts” by Jenny Olson“Where Have All the Good Men Gone?” by Brad Wilcox, Emma Fuentes, and Michael KriegerBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Glenn Ellmers joins the podcast to discuss his new book, The Narrow Passage, about the permanent political problems that stem from reason in politicshow the modern project rejects the humility of the classical tradition, and has ushered in the philosophic tyranny of the modern administrative state and woke ideology why the Left is built upon a contradiction between postmodernism and a belief in rational post-political expertiseTexts Mentioned:The Narrow Passage: Plato, Foucault, and the Possibility of Political Philosophy by Glenn Ellmers“Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid” by Jonathan Haidt“German Nihilism” by Leo StraussThe Soul of Politics: Harry V. Jaffa and the Fight for America by Glenn“PODCAST: Glenn Ellmers on Harry Jaffa and the Soul of Politics” by The Anchoring Truths PodcastBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
In this episode:Joseph DeReuil, a student at Notre Dame and editor-in-chief emeritus of ND’s Irish Rover, joins the podcast to talk about being sued by a Notre Dame professorwhat life is like on a Catholic college campus like Notre Dame, and how ISI and the Collegiate Network has helped him make a differencewhat aspiring journalists should pay attention to when honing their skillsTexts Mentioned:“No Man Can Serve Two Masters” by Mary Frances Myler“Keough School Professor Offers Abortion Access to Students” by Joseph DeReuil“Tamara Kay Explains Herself to Notre Dame Democrats” by Luke Thompson“We Will Not Be Silenced” by The Irish Rover editorial staffirishrover.netBecome a part of ISI:Become a MemberSupport ISIUpcoming ISI Events
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