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Author: The human rights and environmental podcast, hosted by Melanie Désert and Pippa Neill

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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.
51 Episodes
"Coming back down to EarthRights: The Healing Power of Nature"In the final episode of our Cycle for Life series, join me (Mel) for a walk in the woods where I bring our journey full circle, exploring the profound impact of nature on mental health and well-being. As avid cyclists, we embarked on a remarkable 10,000km journey, not just as a personal challenge, but as a testament to the healing power of nature and the urgent need to reconnect with our natural world.We begin by addressing the core ethos of our podcast: the pursuit of uncensored knowledge and the sharing of stories that truly matter. This episode delves into the significance of connecting with the Earth, emphasising the critical link between human rights and a healthy, sustainable environment. While international laws are gradually recognising these rights, our access to the outdoors plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our mental health. Studies from many sources highlight the direct positive impact of spending time in nature, reducing stress levels, and improving mental health.On our cycling journey, we encountered diverse wildlife, fostering a deep sense of connection and respect for our Earthly companions. Through this, I emphasise the importance of: identification, naming, and noticing as crucial steps in appreciating the intricate web of life. By noticing details, caring, and protecting, we can build emotional connections with nature, driving us to preserve ecosystems and their inhabitants.Our personal experiences highlight the transformative power of nature. As we cycled through various terrains, we found solace and healing in the embrace of the wind, the rain, and the Earth itself. Cycling not only became a means of travel but also a symbol of empowerment, showcasing the low carbon footprint and economic viability of eco-conscious travel.This episode highlights the vital importance of incorporating nature into our lives. By recognising our kinship with trees and wildlife, by advocating for mental and physical health, and by empowering ourselves with eco-conscious choices, we can collectively heal, learn, and thrive.
S4 E4: [Un-edited] Bura

S4 E4: [Un-edited] Bura


In this episode of the Cycle for Life series, Mel and Arthur reflect on the inability to avoid winter in Europe. They cycled through huge storms, including the 'Bura', which is a North-Westerly wind coming off the Velabit mountain range of Coatia, and nearly took them off their bikes. They experienced gusts of 125km/h and encountered snow on the islands of Croatia - unheard of! This epsiode explores the more lonely and stark side of cycling through the winter months. 
5 days 5 borders - a conversation about the first 5 days of Mel and Arthur's cycle for life, through France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Slovenia and into Croaita. A sunny and mountainous start, foggy and flat middle, and a final 50k along a blissful stretch  of the Slovenian-Mediterranean coast on Euro Velo 8. An Epic first chapter of their journey.
Episode 2 reflects on Mel and Arthur's time in Sardinia with Highlining Bounceland crew. Beautiful memories were created.The community in the hills of Mekey's Farm next to Samugheo was established a few years ago by some highliners. It was thanks to 76 year old farmer, Mekey, that highliners and climbers are able to use his gorgeous land to train, build community and learn new skills. The community has grown over the past 3 years and now there are delicious veggies being grown, hundreds of chickens, cows with charming, chiming ringing bells and trees to be tended to and chopped for fire wood. A possibile future episode inspired by this one could be on access to outdoor spaces and sports. Mel has reflected a lot on this in the past years; on the privilege and the lack of diversity that sometimes consumes outdoor spaces and mountain sports. It's important for there to be justice and equality in sports and leisure moving forward.
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