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In Episode 226, I have the privilege of interviewing Grandmaster Michael Adams, 7-Time British Champion.  At his peak, at an ELO of 2761, Michael Adams was rated 4th in the world. He is a several-time World Championship Candidate.We speak about the origin of his nickname "Mickey", his thoughts on Queen's Gambit, Michael Adam's impact on my chess style thanks to the late Grandmaster Bill Lombardy, his new book Think Like a Super Grandmaster, the British Team's win at the 2022 World Senior Team Championship, chess cheating, opening repetoire and more.  
In Episode 225, I converse with Kevin Fite, Founder & Executive Director at Detroit City Chess Club. For the last 18 years, his organization has provided the Metro Detroit youth with quality programs and experiences, which enable them to excel academically in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Kevin is also a Assistant Director of STEM Enrichment Programs at Detroit City Public Schools.   We speak about the Detroit Chess Scene, overcoming roadblocks, benefits of learning chess, self esteem, the Detroit Institute of Arts Chess Program, inspiration from Rockstar Charisse Woods, attracting top talent, his mission to make chess mainstream, collaboration among chess coaches and more.  
In Podcast Episode 224, I converse with FIDE Master Nate Solon, Data Scientist. Nate is a Data Scientist Consultant at Chessable and is a former poker player. He has his Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University. Nate provides weekly chess improvement insight tips in his newsletter Zwischenzug.We speak about Michigan football, over-the-board tournaments, blitz as a vehicle for chess improvement, evaluation, simplicity, mathematical decision making, data for opening preparation, Nakamura's recent successes, in streaming and playing and more. 
In Episode 223, I converse with Roy Strauss, President of Strauss Consulting Group, LLC.  Roy Strauss has a Bachelor of Arts in Management from The City College of New York and an Executive MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Strauss Consulting Group assists clients (start-up to fortune 500) in multiple industries to increase both their competitive edge and profitability by improving customer service and reducing costs. They speak about cost savings, operations versus sales, growth, strategy in chess and business, preemptive actions and more. 
In Podcast Episode 222, I have the pleasure of speaking with Grandmaster Magesh Chandran Panchanathan, Founder of Kings and Queens Chess Academy.  He was born in Madurai, India and moved to the the United States to get a Bachelors and Masters degrees from the Univiersity of Texas at Dallas. His playing highlights include winning the Asian Junior Chess Championship in Sri Lanka in 2003, sharing first place with Kamil Mitoń in the 33rd World Open, winning the 2012 Philadelphia Open and tying for first place with Sergei Azarov at the 2015 New Jersey Open tournament.We speak about his development as a chess player in India and Texas, inspiration and guidance from Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand, openings study, a memory test, his experience visiting the 2022 Olympiad in Chennai, Indian prodigies and more. 
In Episode 221, I converse with Brad Tanenbaum, MBA, Bilingual Copywriter and Branding Strategist, who I have known since we were both in high school. Since graduating from York Prep School, he earned a Bachelors degree in Communications with a specialization in Spanish from University at Albany, SUNY, moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and followed his passion to become a bilingual copywriter.  He got his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Salvador. His specialies include: ➤ Conversion Copywriting➤ B2B/B2C Marketing➤ Content Creation➤ Campaign Strategy➤ Social Media Optimization➤ Media BuyingWe speak about the value of a good teacher, bilingual marketing, language immersion, global Judaism, resiliency against pushback, fundamentals of email marketing, storytelling, strategy in chess and business, masterminds and more.
In Episode 220, I converse with Grandmaster Keith Arkell, 2014 European Senior Champion.  He won the English Chess Championship in 2008. In 2014 he was European Senior (50+) Champion, and, later in the year, tied for first in the World Senior (50+) Championship, but received the silver medal on tie-break. He is the author of Arkell's Odyssey and Arkell's Endings. We speak about the humor of time, the lack of prizes in New York tournaments, playing chess in the United States versus abroad, Chess PR around the globe, his road to grandmaster, the importace of ambition rather than artificial barriers, common misconceptions about openings, the art of being well-rounded, the minority attack,  inspiration from Grandmaster Ulf Andersson, the endgame grind, the psychology of draw offers, the combination of theory and practical knowledge, maintaince of skill level as a senior, predictions on the 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 and more.
In Episode 219, I interview National Expert Justin Morrison, Founder of Kid Chess, which teaches 4,000+  students each year in schools throughout Metro Atlanta. He started playing chess in high school and has over four decades of experience. He was the 3-time Georgia High School Champion from 1976 through 1978, High School Champion of Southeastern United States in 1976, and Georgia Junior Champion in 1978. We speak about parallels between chess and basketball, resilience and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, projections for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond, people skills, collaboration among chess companies, the Atlanta chess scence, professional development for chess coaches, the art of positive feedback, and more. 
In Episode 218, I converse with Michael Fried, Partner at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, LLP. Since 1997, Fried has practiced Matrimonial and Family Law. He has engaged in numerous trials and hearings in New York County, Kings County, Nassau and Suffolk County and has had conducted countless depositions. He is a member of the New York State and Nassau County Bar Association Family Law Committee as well as a barrister in the Inns of Court. In March 2018, he was accepted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. See my recent apperance on his show 5 Minutes with Fried here. We speak about the behnid the scenes of matrimonial law, planning for young couples, the importance of listening, litigation as a chess game, benefits of chess for attorneys, suggestions for aspiring attorneys and more. 
In Episode 217, I converse with the legendary coach Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard, Co-owner of Quality Chess and Killer Chess Training.  He is the 2007 British Chess Champion and Scotland's third-highest rated player as of July 2021, with an Elo rating of 2477. In 2004, he took second place in the Scotish Chess Championship. In 2011, Aagaard was awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer. He has coached many strong grandmasters, including Former World Championship Candidate Boris Gelfand and my Brandeis University classmate Sam Shankland. We speak about the Charlotte Chess Center, the Scotland chess scene, Michael Adams' classical style, grandmasters vs super grandmasters, chess PR , tactical improvement, his new book A Matter of Endgame Technique, and more. 
In Episode 216, I converse with Paul Rubin, Founder and Executive Director at Camp Good Mourning!, a Long Island-based 501c3 nonprofit that provides FREE bereavement camp programs for Long Island children who are coping wit the death of a a parent and/or sibling. Paul Rubin has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from Hofstra University and a Masters in Science and Advanced Certificated in Counseling from LIU Post. We speak about his thoughts on Searching for Bobby Fischer, impulse control, mindfulness, ways to get involved with Camp Good Mourning!, and more. 
In Episode 215, I converse with Rebecca Solodovnik, Psychotherapist & Certified Management Specialist. She is the owner of mindfree me, which helps clients with anxiety, anger, body image, coping with health issues, depression, eating disorders, grief, self esteem, stress, trauma, PTSD, and workplace trauma. She previously held senior Human Resources positions at Lord & Taylor, INTERMIX, Michael Kors, Valentino, Versace and Chardan. We speak about professional transitions, the universe, benefits of chess for employees, the inner child, artificial barriers, Queen's Gambit,  mindfulness, stigmas against psychotherapy and more. 
In Episode 214, I converse with Kara Tatelbaum, Dancer, Choreographer, Coach and Author. After graduating from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU as a University Honors Scholar, Kara began her career as a professional dancer and choreographer, eventually starting her own modern dance company, Independentdancemaker at the age of twenty-one where she earned accolades from The New York Times, Dance Insider, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, and The New York Press. As an in-demand instructor, at one point she taught the most Pilates classes of any NYC Crunch instructor. She now does private pilates training and wellness + resilience coaching. She recently wrote Putting My Heels Down: A Memoir of Having a Dream and a Day Job. We speak about the founding of her dance company, the writing cycle, private and group pilates classes, mat vs. reformer, training vs. improvisation, dreams and more. 
In Podcast Episode 2013, I converse with Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, a former Alabama state trooper, Air Force veteran and chess coach. He is the author of the  #1 Amazon best seller, One Move at a Time, How to Win at Chess and Life. He is a captivating speaker/facilitator and founder of Be Someone, a Georgia-based nonprofit which teaches  leadership and life skills through chess. His formula – using the chess board – teaches that for every move that is made, whether it is playing the game or living as a contributing citizen, there is a corresponding positive or negative consequence.We speak about our visit the 2022 World Chess Championship in Dubai, thought process in chess and life, landmines, resource management, the rise of chess PR, the Atlanta chess community, executive coaching and more. 
In Episode 212, I converse with my former Oracle colleague June Schaufus, Director, New Business Sales & Business Development at Bluecore. She is a sales leader with previous experience across business intelligence and analytics, back office/front office applications, data integration technology, and engineering software sales. At BlueCore, she helps retailers connect with customers in meaningful ways. She is the author of The Sales Planner, which is intended for all intentional sellers and entrepreneurs, who strive to prepare and execute well. We speak about her transition from real estate to technology sales, calculated career risks, strategy in sales and chess, time management, competitive analysis, The Filipino chess community, her father's chess match against Former World Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and more. 
In Episode 211, I converse with International Master Cyrus Lakdawala, Author of 52+ Books. Cyrus  is a former American Open Champion who lives in San Diego CA. He has been teaching chess for four decades and is a prolific and widely read author. Much acclaimed books of his are 'How Ulf Beats Black, 'Clinch It!' and 'Winning Ugly in Chess'. He twice won the Best Instructional Book Award of the Chess Journalists of America (CJA), in 2017 for 'Chess for Hawks' and in 2020 for 'In the Zone: The Greatest Winning Streaks in Chess History'. We speak about Montreal chess friends,  the San Diego chess scene, the Weekly Gambito tournament, private lessons vs. self-practice, brainstorming for boook ideas, doves vs. hawks , confidence vs. honesty, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, overtraining, Caro Kann theory, endgame study, limitations of the engine and more. 
In Episode 210, I have the pleasure of conversing with Devin Miller, Founder and CEO at Miller IP Law. Miller IP Law helps startups and small businesses with patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  He is also the host of The Inventive Journey podcast. We speak about the IP law process in a nutshell, misconceptions about trademarks and patents, inspiration for podcasting,  entrepreneurship, branding, anticipation in law and chess, and more. 
In Podcast Episode 209, I converse with Reena Friedman Watts, Podcast Host at Better Call Daddy Show,  live from Dubai. She lives for the story, the people behind them and life. Her knack for storytelling has taken her to unexpected places, from the daytime drama of the Jerry Springer Show to the legal drama of the Judge Alex Show. And now, the search for compelling stories is a family affair with her podcast Better Call Daddy!We speak about avoidal of hestiation, marriage proposals, performing arts, production for Jerry Springer, storytelling on podcasts, rapport in the entertainment industry, motivation, Linkedin optimization,  travel with her father to chess tournaments, running, intergenerational wisdom and more. 
In Episode 208, I converse with M. Quentin Williams, Founder and CEO at Dedication to Community (D2C) , the national nonprofit he established in 2012. D2C delivers skills-building workshops and ongoing forums to improve understanding and build relationships in communities through healing, reconciliation and unity. D2C experts work with government agencies and the private sector on diversity, belonging and equity, and advise on critical issues in public safety and law enforcement. An advocate, attorney and author-educator, Quentin is sought as a speaker and thought leader who draws on personal history as a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, and in senior positions with the National Football League (NFL), Jacksonville Jaguars and National Basketball Association (NBA). Quentin earned his JD from St. John’s University School of Law, where he is an executive committee member of the Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights. He holds a bachelor’s in economics from Boston College, which he attended on football scholarship.  Known by friends and associates as “Q,” Quentin is of Caribbean and Jewish descent and grew up in New York City and Yonkers, New York. He is the proud father of a son and daughter, and credits his first-born as the inspiration for writing the survival guide, How NOT to get KILLED by the POLICE.We speak about crime on the Lower East Side, football rivalry in Yonkers, his bar mitzvah with Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz of Chabad of Yonkers at the age of 56 in honor of his grandparents, the American Dream, global justice education, the recipe for  reconciliation, active listening, the art of planning on and off the board, the distinguishment of life and career, and more. 
In Episode 207, I converse with FIDE Master Todd Andrews, Executive Director at The Nashville Chess Center. At the age 16, Todd became a National Master and member of the United States Olympic Youth team. At the age of 18, Todd became a FIDE Master and was invited to participate in the United States Junior Championship. Todd is a 10-time Tennessee State Champion and 10-time Nashville City Champion. He was also Georgia State Champion when residing there in 2004.  He recently co-founded the Metaverse Chess Club.We speak about the real rules of chess, transferrable skills, the importance of studying at the board, game analysis, adult improvers, the Nashville Chess Scene, the rise of Nashville's population, live music, our mutual love for The Grateful Dead, tournaments abroad, NFTs, a tribute to Susan Kantor, and more. 
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