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Dr. Mathew Knowles gives first-hand accounts of the lasting impact he’s experienced; from entrepreneurship, the music industry, to education, racism in America and health and wellness. Dr. Knowles also brings on thought-provoking guests for exciting one-on-one interviews and call-in segments!
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Here it is, the final episode of Mathew Knowles Impact season 1. To close out the season we bring you a very special episode about adversity and success. When Shontel Greene was growing up, her mother became addicted to drugs. And when the family fell on hard times, Shontel had to make money the only way she could – by selling drugs. After her mother passed, Shontel swore to never sell again - and she kept that promise. She went to school and got her degree in Chemistry and Nursing and eventually founded Nursez R Us, a company ranked by Black Enterprise as one of the “The Nation’s Largest Black Business.” Shontel and Dr. Knowles talk about growing up under difficult circumstances and the complex road to success.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
This week, we’re talking about creativity and passion and the challenges that can get in the way. First up is former CEO turned painter Isabelle Alessandra, who’s artistic turn was inspired by a message from her 96 year-old mother during her final hours of life. She and Dr. Knowles talk about the different ways you can connect with people and her methods for staying creative in the face of adversity. Next up, Entrepreneur and Celebrity Chef JoJo Davis who’s culinary masterworks have been at the center of 7 restaurants and served to countless celebrity diners. Together, she and Dr. Knowles get into issues of overcoming colorism and adversity to find the spice in life. Learn more about your ad-choices at
In the midst of dramatic changes in the ever-evolving American story, Dr. Knowles sits down with Congressman Adam Schiff from California’s 28th district, to discuss how race impacts so many important issues in America today. They discuss topics ranging from the different healthcare outcomes between communities of color and white people, to ways to reform policing in America so that we don’t continue to live in the cycle of violence disproportionally targeted at black men and women. Then Dr. Knowles takes the mic to speak from the heart about his thoughts following the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Today’s episode of Mathew Knowles Impact is all about the hard work and confidence needed to make it in the entertainment industry. D’Wayne Wiggins is a founding member of the soul and R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! and now works as a producer of documentary films and as an independent musician. He and Dr. Knowles remember their time working together in the earliest days of Destiny’s Child and then they swap stories from their careers in music and film. Then Phil Thornton is on the phone to give advice to the upcoming generation and discuss what kind of personality it takes to make it in the business of entertainment. Learn more about your ad-choices at
The entertainment and sports industries are difficult worlds to navigate, and Mr. Knowles is ready to get deep with some guests about guiding your children through them. First up, LaVar Ball talks about the sports industry from the perspective of a father with three sons in the NBA. He also talks about looking forward and bringing his sons into his apparel business, Big Baller Brand. Then we hear from former NBA agent and recruiter Ken Harris to talk more about how the sports industry can affect families. Finally, Sonja Norwood discusses helping her famous children, Brandy and Ray J, navigate the entertainment industry as well as the difficulties that women have in getting their voices heard in these spaces. Learn more about your ad-choices at
In today’s episode, Dr. Knowles sits down with not one, but two Reverends for an in-depth conversation about the future of the Black Church. Reverend Tawana Davis discusses how the Church needs to meet young people where they are, or risk losing them all together. They also talk about messaging difficult issues of health and wellness like cancer and mental health and the framing of wealth and success from the pulpit. Dr. Oscar Underwood’s weighs in as he and Dr. Knowles discuss dealing with the darkness while trying to stay in the light. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Claudia Jordan is an actress, model, and tv and radio personality and so that’s where she and Dr. Knowles start their conversation - but it doesn’t stop there. They get deep into the history of colorism in America, the issues of conflict bias in the media, and what it’s like to work with Donald Trump. Then Dr. Knowles brings Dr. Riché Richardson into the discussion of colorism and why we need to talk about it more. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Hip-Hop artist Scarface of the infamous Geto Boy and medical sales professional Lonnie Williams Jr. both nearly lost their lives due to coronavirus. Together, they recount their harrowing experience with Dr. Mathew Knowles and how their encounter with the virus has changed their lives. Dr. Knowles is later joined by world renowned emcee and podcaster Rah Digga and Dr. Christopher Bibb in a candid conversation about the vaccine, the historical mistrust of the medical institution in the Black community, and why more dialogue is necessary to help eradicate the virus.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Questlove's parents had a unique approach that nurtured his creativity and set him on the journey to become one of the most visible and accomplished artists in the music industry. When the global pandemic and quarantine hit in March of 2020, he suddenly was faced with examining his life, and this led to a radical physical and spiritual transformation. Dr. Mathew Knowles caught up with Questlove to discuss his musical connection with Knowles’ daughter Solange, how he turned his fear into love, and what success looks like for him in the next 20 years. Then, two of Dr. Knowles' students call in with questions about balancing perfection and productivity and navigating using the principles of self-love. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Stormy Simon was a single mom on welfare who got a job as a temp at She then rose through the ranks to become the CEO and a successful business person. She and Dr. Mathew Knowles discuss her personal story of success, why she feels that people should not feel shame when using government assistance, and whether race can hold a person back from advancement. Then as always, Dr. Knowles takes your calls to get a wider perspective on the perception of government assistance. Learn more about your ad-choices at
This week, closing out Black History Month, Dr. Mathew Knowles sits down with Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss the existence of racism, the nature of good and evil, and direction of culture today. Though they disagree on much, these two formidable debaters take the conversation to a deeper level. But that’s what we do here on Mathew Knowles Impact, we build bridges and tear down walls. Join us. Learn more about your ad-choices at
In his inaugural episode during Black History Month, Dr. Mathew Knowles sits down with Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the state of civil rights in America is today. From the end of the Trump era to a movement to keep Black financial wealth inside of the Black community, these two titans of the cultural landscape discuss ways to pave a path to a more representative future. Also on the phone is Chair of the Nation League of Cities, Robert Avery to tell stories about going to the March on Washington in 1963. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Learn more about your ad-choices at
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