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Author: Dr. Keith Ablow

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This is a gym for your mind and soul—a way to become yourSELF by learning to never run away from painful realities. It’s the antidote to Facebook, Fake News, False Friends and any fiction you cling to about your life. Dr. Keith Ablow gives you the tools to become an autonomous, self-driven individual by facing the truth about your life and the world around you. You have a choice: You can be anesthetized by fakery or transformed by reality. This is Reality Central. Welcome to the True U University.
10 Episodes
Marcus Aurelius, the illustrious Roman emperor, said, “The impediment to action advances acton.  What stands in the way becomes the way.”  What he meant is that, faced with adversity, we find our strength.  Put another way, faced with pain, we find our power.  It can be tempting to back down in the face of obstacles.  But the right path is forward.  Always, forever, forward.
A new federal rule called the Transparency in Coverage Rule means the moment is right for companies like Talon to bring true competition to the health care delivery system and real freedom of choice to consumers.  It’s a rare example of bipartisanship paving the way for transformational change, and it’s been a very long time coming. ( 
You have a core and very powerful SELF, with a true purpose in life.  Imagine that self is represented by a perfect circle.  Now, imagine that other circles are intersecting it—creating the shaded areas typical of a Venn diagram.  The other circles are the people and events that impacted you—in lasting ways.  Some of the shaded areas are red because the impact was negative and remains so.  Some are blue because the impact was positive and continues to be a gift.  Now, imagine that we’re taking a journey to erase all the red, negative shading.  Because we can . . .
Want to know why nations need borders?  Sometimes it takes a doctor to make it clear.  Every cell in the body needs boundaries.  The illness that violates that rule is cancer.  Cancer cells respect no boundaries.  Then, without treatments that reverse their invasiveness, they kill the whole of the person.  Want to see America without her borders?  You could go see her in history books, because she’d soon be dead.
Selina Soule deserves to be recognized as a Pain-2-Power Person of the Week because she is willing to stand up for her beliefs and fight for the truth against those who would destroy others for doing so. Ms. Soule is heroic because she is willing, despite Cancel Culture threatening to obliterate the lives of all who oppose far left-wing ideologies, to say what she thinks and act on it.  That’s a terrific example for women and men, of any age.
Dr. Keith Ablow explains why forces are aligned to turn you into no more than a virtual version of yourSELF—no better than an avatar.  Those who want your personal power want you to use the Internet for everything, to abandon caring for your body, to stop having your own ideas and ideas, to stop speaking your mind.  There are ways to fight back, and you’d better, or there won’t be any YOU left.  
Dr. Keith Ablow knows that too many of us leave behind our true gifts, passions and callings.  We’re told they’re unrealistic or distractions, when they may well be the heart and soul of who we are.  Isn’t it time you reclaim yours?  Isn’t it time to be truly excited by what you do and the person you are becoming?  Keith thinks so.
So many of us think that opening up about the painful chapters of our life stories will make people run in the other direction.  In fact, sharing the tough stuff will forge the strongest bonds with others.  
You need personal power to navigate the world, create things from which you can profit, raise your family as you choose, speak your mind, and to defend yourself.  So, how much of it will you give away.  What’s the line in the sand you’re willing to draw, beyond which you’ll refuse to yield?  
Personal Power is Everything: Dr. Keith Ablow, New York Times bestselling author, frequent Newsmax TV guest and 10-year Fox News Network Contributor, launches his gym for the mind and soul. 
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