DiscoverVenceremos®: Because our Evolution is a REvolution
Venceremos®: Because our Evolution is a REvolution
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Venceremos®: Because our Evolution is a REvolution

Author: Yesenia

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Normalizing the human experience, promoting healing. Venceremos Podcast is all about overcoming. Hosted by Yesenia Villalta, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and first-generation Salvadorian-American, Yesenia gives you the uncensored version of what it means to truly find freedom as a person of color as well as the physical, mental, and spiritual implications of healing. Life tries to put you in a box, silence you, and mold you into a more "digestible" version of yourself. Let's smash that shit!  Venceremos~ We Shall Overcome. *Disclaimer: Any and all content available on this podcast is made available solely for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast is intended to provide or act as a substitute for mental health treatment and does not constitute medical or other professional health care advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a medical or health problem or condition, please contact a qualified health care professional immediately. If you are located in the United States and are experiencing a medical or health emergency, please call 911 or call for appropriate emergency medical help.
5 Episodes
Navigating life, while healing and preparing for your future is a multi-faceted and involved process. We discuss phases and ways to navigate as we heal, deal, and grieve. Stages of grief reference: questions or topic requests for the episode?
Why are changes so damn hard sometimes? Discussion on limits, challenges towards action steps, and how being connected to values helps combat shame. Compass of ShameVIA Character Strengths SurveyRadical Acceptance
Attached or Nah?

Attached or Nah?


Explore how your relationship with your caregiver influences your current relationships. ResourcesThe Attachment ProjectAttached BookUsing a Feelings WheelFollow on IG  @venceremoshealing 
Episode 1 of Venceremos® - Calladita Te Vez Mas Bonita. "You look prettier when you're quiet" - ever head that before. "Calladita Te Vez Mas Bonita" is a common saying in Latinx communities and is meant to silence Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color. In this episode, we explore what it mean to diminish our existence and how to overcome so you can SHOW UP powerfully.Venceremos® - We Shall Overcome
The Intro

The Intro


Introducing Venceremos® with Yesenia Villalta, LCSW.
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