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Author: Jason Byrne

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This podcast is catered to the average investor or entrepreneur. In an interview-style format, we bring in experienced guests to help break down concepts in a digestible and de-jargoned conversation. We dive into topics such as investing in stocks, bonds, options, cryptocurrency, and other asset classes. We bring on business leaders to bring insight into various up-and-coming industries. Other weeks, we may discuss how to launch a business, be successful in managing a business, and even some issues related to business, economics, paying down debt, budgeting, student loans, retirement planning, and financial literacy.
9 Episodes
Swing traders look for indicators that a stock is under or over-valued, especially those that tend to trade in predictable ranges. Based on these patterns, they can consistently catch these price swings and cash in, often with 20-40% moves over the course of a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Dan has found his investing niche in this swing trading sweet spot, which is somewhere in the middle of day trading and long-term investing. In this episode, Dan shares his experience and strategies with us. We find out what he looks for when picking winners, what his track record is like, and a few of the stocks he is eying right now!
Starting in 2014, Ryan began a side hustle of building his real estate empire one home at a time. With no formal training in the business, he learned by doing, and today owns 11 homes and manages a handful of others with family members. He did this all while focusing on staying cash flow positive on rental revenue in each new home investment. Ryan learned from the experts but didn't get too caught up in the analysis paralysis that can come from an obsession with complicated profit formulas and spreadsheets. We'll discuss his journey and how you can learn from his experience.Show Notes and Additional Tips from Ryan:
Jacques is a serial entrepreneur, CTO and co-founder of Fattmerchant, and an angel investor. We discuss the lifecycle of a startup from idea to bootstrapping to investment rounds to exits. How can you position your young business to be ready to take funding? Then we flip the script, and we discuss how you can best get involved as an investor. There are various vehicles including crowdfunding and angel investing syndicates. This isn't exclusive to the sharks and megarich of the world! The risks are very high, but there is a lot of potential reward along with being part of the story of the potential next great company.
Retirement advisor, Jason Biance, walks us through many of the questions he might go over with his clients. We discuss different investment vehicles such as 401Ks, ROTHs, Traditional IRAs, annuities, and brokerage accounts. We talk about how bonds are falling out of favor and if dividend stocks can fill the void. We talk about how to chart a plan for your financial success, keep diversified, rebalance as you age, and minimize the tax burden.
Our guest this week, Zac Hartley, has a fast-growing YouTube channel and series of online training material for investors. He has an excellent track record of picking winners with massive returns. We dive into how Zac got started in investing, how beginners should go about establishing their portfolio, and his philosophies behind picking the right companies to get behind. We touch on his due diligence advice, evaluation tools he uses, and technicals versus fundamentals.
Children often graduate into the real world as adults without being given the proper skills to manage their budget, invest, and make good financial decisions. We discuss with guest, Derrick Stephens, about overcoming the odds for success and teaching our kids in creative ways on their level. Derrick comes up through the foster care system, where only 3% graduate from college, to have multiple post-graduate degrees and be an entrepreneur. He has some great hands-on strategies to develop those skills in his kids, at age-appropriate levels.
As the whole world seems to be catching crypto-fever, we ask the questions that all new investors have been wondering about.  Last week we did a light intro, this episode we dive deeper and ask some more of the questions that rookie crypto investors want to know.
Crypto has been getting so much attention lately. Many investors have some interest in diving in, but it's confusing where to even start. We dive into what is crypto-currency, where you can buy it, and talk strategies for how it fits into your portfolio. We'll go through different available currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and some other altcoins.
It was a crazy week on the market with the Wall Street Bets Redditers wreaking havoc on the big money insiders. We break down what happened these past seven days with GameStop, DogeCoin, and more. Paul VanOrden and Michael Simmons join host Jason Byrne in this pilot episode of the Greed Geek Podcast.
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