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From delicious food and passionate people to beautiful beaches and colourful culture, Mexico is a popular destination amongst expats and digital nomads.In this episode, Sara Tyler shares her experiences of moving to Mexico as an expat. We talk about the pros and cons of life in Mexico as well as the cost of living. We discuss how the different regions stack up against each other. With some of the coastal cities getting extremely touristic and expensive, what are some of the good cities for longer term stay that offers a more cultural and local experience.More importantly, Sara selflessly opens up about her personal experience in a less commonly addressed topic. We talk about the mental mindset of balancing the innate need to travel vs responsibilities to be present for.  How do you make sure you are aware of your own mental wellbeing while taking care of others. What are some practical ways to stay positive amidst challenging life situations. 
In this episode, Erin from RoamGeneration shares how she and her family went from watching a sailing documentary to living life on a boat full time.   We discuss the financial aspects of things and the transition to and from life on boat to land between different seasons of life.  Erin also talks about how she runs a fully remote agency right from her boat cabin and the challenges of living together as a family within the confines of a boat.
The Millennials have always been extremely controversial, but they are also tech savvy and one of the most well-traveled generation credit to timely evolution in tech and travel space.In this episode, Norm from travelyounger talks about how he was inspired to a nomadic life by the younger generation. As a nomadic traveler in his 60s, he shares how fellow boomer generations can adopt a millennial mindset and lead the same exciting lifestyle, catering to his own preferences.  Amidst an interesting exchange of travel stories and experiences,  between a millennial and boomer traveler, we discuss life perspectives, how to live with no regrets, understanding yourself and embracing your own travel style.
There are many ways and preferences when it comes travel, but with the growing focus in socially responsible themes like sustainability, we see the same trend in travel.In this episode, Jami Savage from AdventureAwaits shares her knowledge and passion for transformational travel. She talks about the elements to consider in transformational travel and how these play a huge role when planning a family trip. We discuss how kids can benefit from purposeful travel outside of the classroom and maybe even develop/uncover their interests in certain topics. Are there benefits to pulling kids from classes for travel trips and how to balance academics with world discovery.We also go into travel industry trends and what tourism boards are focusing on in the Post Covid world. What are some interesting strategies that destinations can leverage on to capture attention in the traditional low travel seasons. 
Over 70% of the Earth is Ocean and Living the Boat Life offers you access to some of the most beautiful views that may never be experienced by land travel. However, life on the boat is not always easy.In this episode, Ryan and Sophie from ryanandsophiesailing talks about how they got into a life of sailing, and the challenges behind it.   We talk about the extreme highs and lows, some unseen pitfalls and tips for success in this lifestyle. Ryan and Sophie share the raw truth behind difficulties in juggling a romantic relationship on board a limited space amidst sometimes challenging sea conditions, and their coping mechanisms.  That said, we discuss how travel has changed our perspectives and create growth personally and in the relationships we have with people. 
Be it your gender, race, lifestyle, sexual orientation, or any other identity - how do you represent your community while also respectfully observing local culture.In this episode, Brent and Michael from brentandmichaelgoes shares their transition into nomadic life, and how the new lifestyle has brought about new perspectives, communities and friends for them. They share their experience when traveling as a gay couple in their 50s; what are things to look out for and how they approach interactions. We talk about interesting happenings on their adventures and how they acknowledge their own values while empathising with and respecting those of other cultures.We discuss the ability to balance both sides of the coin in various controversial debates surrounding travel, the nomadic lifestyle, mindset and foreign politics. 
Travel coaching is one of the industries that is growing in prominence within the travel space. What is a travel coach, how they can help and is it a viable remote work career?  In this episode, Sahara Rose from the Travel Coach Network shares more about the diversity of experiences within the Travel Coaching community, and what are some of the needs that travel coaches address.We talk about how people can benefit from travel coaches and what to look out for when choosing the right one for you. On the flip side, we also discuss how people can get into travel coaching as a career, and what personas might do well in this industry.
We all want to get the best bang for our buck regardless if it is on a short travel trip or a longer term nomadic life. In this episode, Tim Leffel, award winning travel writer and author of the books “World’s Cheapest Destination” and “A Better Life For Half The Price” (amongst others) shares his travel tips through decades of travel.  We speculate on the new state of travel following 2 major shifts in the travel industry. From the rising travel costs to the remote work/nomad movement, we talk about the latest observations and trends. More importantly, we discuss age old cost saving strategies that still applies, and what are some things to look out so you avoid making costly mistakes.
Conscious planning is an important step in building a lifestyle around the important things and values that matter to you.In this episode, Mikkel and Dan from Sometimes Home shares how they took the pandemic period to restructure their lifestyle around a central theme of freedom - focusing on location, finance and time. Throughout the conversation, you will find insightful tips on how to set up your business operations to build for freedom of location and time, how to manage work on the road and key strategies that made the difference. We also discuss lifestyle considerations when it comes to planning for long term travel, and how that might differ from shorter trips. 
With more cities and locations developing into nomad hubs, will the magical Arctic Circle be the next hot spot? In this episode, Jay Topp the producer of upcoming nomad documentary - Digital North: Coworking in the Arctic Circle talks about his experience up in the Nordic countries. He shares about the challenges in the filming process, why he chose to tell the story of the Arctic circle and what are things to look out for when living in this part of the world for an extended period.We also talk about Jay's journey into a nomadic life, how travel has changed his perspectives and why the Arctic represents something deeper to him than just another travel destination.
Tarek Kholoussy from NomadsGivingBack talks about how digital nomads can use their digital skillsets and influence to positively impact communities. In this episode, Tarek shares his transition journey from corporate America to a traveling nomad and setting up bases -- what were the events that triggered the change and the challenges/considerations he had during the transit. We also talk about the lessons that are learnt through experiencing different culture.With the increasing debate about how nomads are impacting the places they visit, we dive deep into what nomads can do to make sure the positives outweighs the negative. What should nomads take note of and how they can contribute their skills for the greater good.
Apart from policies, infrastructure and community, Croatia's evolution as a digital nomad destination has an extremely close tie to its tourism industry. After all, travel is a significant part of the equation in most nomad lifestyles.In this episode, Iva from Swanky Travel and Iva Silla from Secret Zagreb shares their views on the impact of digital nomads have on the tourism industry, and how travel companies can adapt their products/services to cater to this new, growing group of consumers. We talk about consumer behavior trends and why digital nomads are not just a customer in the travel industry but an integration to the local community.
Storytelling is a powerful tool for yourself and for others. The story you tell others, and the story that others tell you, can ultimately affect the story you tell yourself. Many talk about storytelling as a marketing tool in the business sense, but it is equally true that it affects your choices and decisions in life. Are you living a life following your own story or are you just following the story that others place upon you?In this episode, we chat about the nomadic lifestyle with Graham Brown, the Founder of Pikkal & Co. We talk about his journey in the mindset change, finding his path and true joy in a minimal, nomad life after achieving society's definition of "success".  We compare differences between family and solo travel, showing that even within the community of digital nomads, there is no ONE specific lifestyle. Everyone has their own story to tell, and narrate.Graham shares why it is important to live life on your terms, and the pain of regret. We dive deep in exploring mindset shifts and how you can rethink if you are genuinely pursuing what you want or simply living a life others or society defined for you.
As the digital nomad community grows, there are increasing discussions both externally and within about the impacts this community can have globally.From a simple work and travel concept to now a global community that have significant global impact, Goncalo Hall from Nomad X discusses the positive and negative impacts that digital nomads can have on local communities, and the building of Digital Nomad Villages. He shares what are the challenges in setting up different nomad hubs and why it is important to understand the market requirements in order to create a beneficial model for everyone.  We discuss the shift in the dynamics of the nomadic community and how to harness the positives of nomads through community building.  We also dive into the future of the nomad movement and what further impacts will digital nomads continue to have as new conversations about world issues are sparked within this global community.
As the digital nomad boom continues, and more nomadic travelers seek out a new community throughout the world, we look at what does it take to launch a Digital Nomad Initiative?Mario Mrkša, the Founder of WorkRemotelyCroatia reflects on the challenges and process of setting up Digital Nomad Valley Zadar from scratch. As the first season of the Valley closes out to make way for the busy Croatia tourism season, Mario shares the insights and learnings from the first season of operating such an initiative. We look at what worked, what did not, what are the various positive and negative things that are out of expectations.Maria also shares what the team is looking out for in Season 2 and also the expansion of the Digital Nomad Valley initiative. 
"I travel solo but I don't travel alone"In this episode, Dean Kuchel of whereisdean talks about finding his community while traveling around the world, and how a nomad lifestyle is actually less about "travel" but more of just "going about his life" for him. He shares tips on being proactive and how you can meet people, and spark conversations.We dive into mindset and mentality - how you should never operate from the position of fear and why saying "Yes" first can lead you to some of your best life experiences. We also talk about the change in life phrases and how covid has impacted various groups in different ways. Most importantly, we touch on "freedom" and what it can actually mean. 
As remote work gets more popular in recent years, what does it take to secure a remote work position with an established company? Julio Monzon, COO of Monetizemore, a fully remote company, reveals what they look out for when hiring and tips for standing out.In this episode, Julio shares important insights on what it takes to nail down a remote job position and how to manage an established company with fully remote employees. We talk about the benefits and challenges of remote work structure and ways to maintain a strong company culture despite geographical locations. 
What role does a media platform play in helping a country's push as a Digital Nomad destination? Paul Bradbury, the Founder of Total Croatia News talks about his first encounter with the term "Digital Nomad", as well as how the news portal has since followed and participated in Croatia's evolution as a remote work destination.In this episode, Paul shares the behind-the-scenes on how Croatia got started with digital nomad tourism from his perspective. We look at how media coverage has been a crucial piece in propagating information to nomads overseas, and helping locals  understand a potential opportunity. In addition, we dive deep into how tourism and remote work comes together to make Croatia an attractive destination.
How did travel look like without mobile phones and the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. Where would a less globalised world take a wild, young, impulsive soul?In this episode, Paul Bradbury, the Founder of Total Croatia News reflects on past 30 years of travel, dating back to 1989. From waking up to being strapped on hospital beds to surviving a plane crash landing, and becoming a rain god, be prepared for some crazy travel stories. We talk about the similarities and differences between travel now and 30 years ago. What are elements that have mapped across time and what are some that are perhaps lost forever. In this episode, we rethink what "Travel" actually means and go back to the age old question - "Are we more or less connected with technology?" We also look at how travel is ultimately a personal experience, and what transitioned Paul from the hectic life of hoping around the world to putting a real focus on just Croatia. 
How do you pick up a new language fast enough for practical communications? In this episode, we hear from the multilingual Anna Maria Kochanska. Anna Maria dropped out of school, left home and started a new life in Spain without even knowing Spanish. That started her digital nomad journey around the world where she continues to pick up more languages.In addition, we speak about cross-cultural communications for businesses and how the understanding of both cultures and languages are important not just in travel but for business as well. Anna Maria also shares how she manages her career and her travel priorities while on the road.
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