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An exploration and celebration of the technology industry. We discuss innovations, market trends, and hear from the passionate people on the front-line who are constantly pushing this industry forward.
13 Episodes
Have you ever had at any time during your career? We all need a little help and guidance sometimes, and in our latest episode, passionate and experienced mentor Andrew King joins us to explore this role in depth, and his plans for a mentorship programme at his current company, Dojo.
Helen Tabunshchyk, Director at Women Who Code London, and Zoe Evans, Founder of Female Founder Squad, join us to discuss how their global organisations support female technologists and business leaders. We discuss the cultural challenges women face from an early age, the professional barriers for those even in positions of leadership, and the stark truth about the lack of funding for female-lead businesses.Learn more: 
We're joined once again but ethical hacking guru, Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators, one of the world's leading security testing providers. In this episode, we explore why companies of all sizes and funding should be consistently testing their security capabilities to ensure they're protected against the ever-changing world of attacks. 
In our latest episode, we put technology to one side and talk about the community behind the industry. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the world was forced to move online, including the collaborative meetup groups. We're joined by Dennis McCarthy, Founder and Organiser of London Infrastructure as Code Meetup who shares his experience of this move and how everyone's had to adapt to virtual events.
Joe Pocock chats to Owen Nicholson, CEO and Founder of SLAMcore about the robotics industry, and in particular how they know their physical place in the world and what's around them, to successfully navigate an environment and complete their jobs. This is conducted via SLAM, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping.
Co-Founder of joins Joe on this episode of The Tech Stack, sharing his incident management wisdom and lessons learned at Monzo which he and his co-founders have drawn on when starting this new business.
Mike Murray, Founder and CEO of Scope Security joins us this week as we explore how important cyber security is within healthcare and the challenges modern health-tech companies 
Matt Huxtable and Dean Brunt from Ziglu, the cryptocurrency e-money company, join to discuss how modern cloud technologies enable their engineers to build bleeding edge, scalable banking services. Learn more about Ziglu at ziglu.io 
Cybersecurity Engineer Bhaumik Shah joins Joe and his Techfellow colleague, Max McKay, to share advice and tips on how to secure a job within cybersec. You can find even more advice from Bhaumik on his YouTube channel, CyberSecurityTV. 
In our latest episode, Trustology's Founder and CEO Alex Batlin joins us to discuss NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, or Niftys).  We explore some of the background behind NFTs, why there's been some hype driving their sales recently, and what their place is in the future of financial services and beyond.
Joe Pocock is joined by Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators and Author of the best selling book, Hackable. Along with Thomas Paffett, one of Techfellow's cyber security consultants, we explore exactly what ethical hacking is, what its benefits are, and break down some misconceptions around the word 'hacker'. 
We're joined by Nilo Rahmani, a passionate women in tech advocate and Site Reliability Engineer. We discuss how companies across this industry can both encourage and support female technologists. Nilo documents her journey on Instagram and sharing tech tips @shedevops 



Welcome to this new podcast, The Tech Stack.  Throughout our series we'll be diving into the world of technology exploring developments, innovations, and market trends, and will joined by those who at the forefront of engineering who continue to push the industry forwards.
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