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A podcast featuring interviews with inspiring Healthcare Professionals from various backgrounds who have pursued alternative careers, alternative sources of income and entrepreneurship. They share their experiences, motivations and valuable lessons learnt. We learn how we can use our diverse range of skills to carve out our own path to a life of fulfilment and financial freedom.
25 Episodes
Jefter Chuma is Managing Director of ICRIT healthcare, an organisation which provides care services to include domiciliary care, live in care and respite care.We discussed;1. How ICRIT came about and the services offered.2. How the organisation stands out from the competition.3. The many ways the organisation invests in their staff/employees to ensure that they provide high quality care and support to clients and maintain job satisfaction.4. How the quality of care delivered is measured. 5. His responsibilities as a Director.6.  Important lessons learnt about leadership, his weaknesses and what he could have done different.Connect with Jefter :LinkedIn: Website: Follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Bonani Mapundu is a Nurse and Midwife by background and owns a clothing brand called Yanafella. She also undertakes consultancy work for small to medium sized organisations and facilitates workshops and speaking engagements to help aspiring creative entrepreneurs turn their craft or hobby into a business. We discussed:1.  How she has leveraged her passion for creativity into running a children’s clothing brand business. 2. What she did to prove her clothing business idea would work .3. Questions to ask when sourcing fabric and important costs to factor.4. How outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant has been an important step in managing her business. 5. How her business uses influencer marketing to increase brand awareness.6. Challenges she has encountered along the way.7. How to become expressively creative.8. What her consultancy services entail and further qualifications she had to attain.9. What helps her stay organised and motivated.===============================Connect with Bonani :Website: Instagram:   OR ==============================Follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Mitchel Chatukuta is  Physiotherapist by background, currently working as an Epidemiologist, Occasional Editor and Board Member at Disability and Society (Journal).We discussed;1.  What led him to purse Public Health and Epidemiology.2. The additional qualifications he attained following his Physiotherapy degree .3. The work he does as an Epidemiologist and what he finds most fulfilling .4. Skills he has transferred from Physiotherapy to an Epidemiology.5.  Life lessons learnt on reflection and his next career path.Connect with Mitchel :Instagram: Follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Silja Litvin, is a Psychologist, CEO and founder of a digital mental health company called PsycApps. Her company uses gamification and psychology to help people help themselves. She launched an emotional fitness application called eQuoo, which is the only game only game that boosts mental and emotional health on the NHS Apps Library Silja has multiple articles published in peer-reviewed journals and two evidence-based mobile mental health applications making her one of the UK’s leaders in mobile mental health. =====================We discussed:1.  What led her to  Psychology as a career path.  2. How the idea of eQuoo, the emotional fitness application game, came about.3. What makes the App unique and stand out from the crowd.4. Costs associated with developing an app. 5. The team structure required to develop an app.6. Points to be aware of when monetising mental health apps.7. How working in partnership with other organisations contributed to the success of the app. 8. Difficult moments she faced with whilst running her company ?9. Plans to scale.====================Connect with Silja :Website: me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Abigail Morakinyo is a Registered Nurse and Specialist in Public Health . She is also the founder of Health in Check, a company that delivers health and wellbeing programs.In this episode we discussed:How she came up with the concept for the company.Channels she uses to market her services and finds her clients.The transferrable skills that have added value to her business.The ways she adds value to people.How she copes with the pressures of managing a business.The most fulfilling aspect of her current role.-----------------------------------------------------------Connect with Abigail:Instragram: @wellnessabiWebsite : Email; me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Dr Gladys Akinseye is an Audiologist and Co-founder and Partner of a private clinic called The Hearing Hub Essex.We discussed: 1. The fears she had prior to setting up  her clinic. 2. How she raised capital .3. Sacrifices she has made to date and mistakes she could’ve avoided.4. How she maintains relationships with her patients.5. Lessons learnt throughout her entrepreneurial journey.6. Her greatest achievement to date. Connect with Gladys:Instagram : Website: Follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Natasa Economou is a Physiotherapist by profession and shares her journey of transitioning to working for  a charity called Indigo Volunteers.  Her current role with the charity is Head of Operations .We discussed:1.  Where her desire to transition stemmed from. 2. Fears she had prior to transitioning and her trying moments . 3. How she prepared her finances for the transition. 4. The skills she has been able to transfer from her role as a Physiotherapist. 5. What she finds most fulfilling about her current role . 6. What she would have done differently. 7. Her words of advice for anyone considering a career change. Connect with Natasa:LinkedIn name: Natasa EconomouFollow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Lewis Khaka is a Social Worker and a Mental Health Practitioner. He is also a Director of  three  supported living accommodation facilities for adults and young people.  We discuss:1. The difference between supported living for young people and supported living for adults.2.  How to approach a private landlord with intent to renting  a property.3.  Financial considerations/start up costs to consider.4. The process of submitting a tender to find contracts and key areas to be aware of. 5. Other ways of getting clients and service users other than going through a bid/tender.6. Considerations when applying for regulation by the Care Quality Commissions (CQC)7. What his role as a director entails and skills he has been able to transfer from his clinical role. 8. Challenging aspects of running a supported living business. 9. Lessons he has learnt and his vision for the future.  Connect with Lewis :Website: Follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Erica  Opare is a Pharmacist, a Transformation and Mindset coach and Co-founder of a Tech Start up company.In this episode we discuss:1. What health technology entails.2. How her skills as a Pharmacist have been transferrable into health technology/digital health. 3. The motivation behind the start up she co-founded and the solutions it’s intending to solve for women in menopause. 4. Some of the reasons behind growth in tech innovations for women’s health.5. Fears she had prior to transitioning into digital health. 6. How health professionals without tech experience can boost their chances of establishing a career in tech.  7. The key attributes we should be looking out for in a mentor .Connect with Erica :Linkedin: Instagram: me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Dr Jamil Foridi is an NHS  Doctor and CEO and co-founder of a healthcare start up called,  NovaBleep,  a company that has developed a pager replacement system used in the NHS.  In this episode we discussed:1.  How the idea of developing the NovaBleep software came about.2. The NHS clinical entrepreneur training programme and application process.3. His previous experience of running an ecommerce business. 4. The benefits of an ecommerce store accepting crypto currencies.5. The hardest thing about launching a startup whilst working full time.6. The most valuable lessons he’s learnt about entrepreneurship.Connect with Dr Foridi :Website: and   Instagram:, follow me at these places below and say hi!Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Dr Nikki Ramskill is the  founder of  The Female Money Doctor. She  is the ONLY doctor to be featured in the top 25 feedspot list of Personal Finance Blogs in the UK. She trained to become a money coach and now helps women from all over the world to improve their mental health and well-being through getting organised with their finances and building wealth for the future. She also hosts a podcast called The Money Medicine Clinic Podcast.In this episode we discussed:1. Why she is passionate about creating financial security for women.2. How she finds her clients. 3. She describes what a money coach is.4. The importance of identifying your money personality.5. How she generates ideas for her social media content.6. How mentors and coaches have  played a key role in building her business. 7. How her transferrable skills a GP have been valuable to her clients. 8. How to prepare financially for a career change or starting a business.Connect with Dr Nikki :Website: Instagram: Facebook: Also, follow me at these places below and say hi:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Dr Folake Yusuff is a  sessional General Practitioner who runs a  serviced accommodation (air BnB) business and helps investors acquire passive income from property. In this episode, we discuss:1. Common forms of property investments.2.  Serviced accommodations .3. Rent to rent and how to find landlords.4. How properties can provide passive income source.5. Resources/books to read to equip yourself and other ways to educate yourself on property investment.6.  Whether we should be investing in property during the pandemic.7. Some mistakes that beginner investors make.8. Ways you can invest in properties indirectly and become a passive investor.Connect with Dr Yusuff:Linkedin: can follow me at these places below and say hi!:Instagram: : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Claire Mockridge is a Fitness Professional who teaches other Health and Fitness Professionals and Physiotherapists a full body approach to managing pelvic floor dysfunction. She also offers a digital course,  teaching Health Professionals how to attract clients and market themselves . Claire is a podcast host of the Pelvic Preneur Podcast. In this episode we discuss :Why she quit teaching her fitness and Pilate classes and decided to start an online teaching training programme.How she identifies her client’s needs.Key strategies that people should be investing their time and money in right now.Why we should be embracing technology.How she identified the concept of creating her digital course and what it entails.What to consider before creating a course.How to price an online courseConnect with Claire :Website: Instagram: *Also, follow me at these places below and say hi!*:Instagram: : Music: Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Trishna Bharadia shares with her experiences of living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Trishna's various roles as an MS Advocate and MS Ambassador for the MS Society UK, has had a profound effect on individuals living with MS. She talks about the stigma and prejudice around MS in the Asian community, how her family have been her anchor and gives practical advice on how to live a fulfilling life despite having a chronic condition.Trishna also shares ways of how people with disabilities or chronic conditions can advocate for themselves in the workplace. Find Trishna on: in bio to listen to full episode. Also available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.Music: Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Laura Sylvester is the founder of the Charity Mind Body EDS. She shares her life changing experience of living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Laura candidly shares her lowest moments, the steps she has taken to rise above them and how the experience has shaped who she is today. She is actively involved with raising awareness and educating medical professionals and the general public about the condition, as well as championing early diagnosis. Her Charity supports individuals living with EDS both within and outside the UK. Laura's journey is truly an inspiration!Her 3 wellness tips are: 1. List 3 things you are grateful for daily.2. Turning "I Can't" to  "I Can"3. Be honest with yourself, family, friends and your healthcare team.You can find Laura on the following platforms :Instagram: @laura_lee_mindbodyedsCharity website : : Music : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Annabel Ashalley-Anthony shares her experiences of living with Sickle Cell Disease, from her interactions with medical professionals, developing autonomy and to revealing some of her lowest moments in her life. Annabel's courage, strength and determination has played a crucial role in helping her thrive through life despite some of her limitations. She uses her story of strength and perseverance to raise awareness of Sickle Cell Disease and support others affected. Her 3 Wellness Tips are ; 1. Meditation2. Having a support network (forums, friends, family)3. Making healthy food choicesFind Annabel on:Instagram : @creativelyanzyEmail: Music: Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Oliver Newton shares his experiences of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety and depression. OCD is one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions and Oly enlightens us on the many ways it has affected him over the years. He encourages running as a  form of therapy, which has had a tremendous impact in helping him cope with his daily symptoms. For couples affected by mental health conditions, he encourages them to read a book called Life On the Other Side, by Jack Pridmore, which him and his wife are currently using as a resource to help them understand mental health and navigate some of their challenges.Find Oliver on:Website: : @run4yourmindFacebook: Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Wolfgang Kemptner is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. He describes the profound effects the abuse had on his life and explains how his abuse created a dissociative identity disorder (DID), when a person develops at least two distinct personalities to help cope with trauma. Wolfgang's courage challenges the silence and attitudes surrounding sexually abused men.Click the following link listen to the full episode:  If you have been affected by listening to this episode or would like to know more information about finding help, please visit Survivor UK on Music: Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Philani Kinyabo shares her experience of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in her early 20s and how her faith has been a key factor in helping her cope. She encourages individuals with mental health conditions to never compare themselves to others, not to look down on themselves and to be of service to others. Find Philani on:Email :groovytouch@gmail.comFacebook : you enjoyed today's episode, please leave a quick review and rating on . This would mean a lot to me, thank you!Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Brandon Johnson is a Social Worker and Therapist. He has taken a stand against the stigma of male infertility, a subject that is often not discussed, despite it causing a significant impact on the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of those affected. Brandon is candid about his infertility journey and emphasises on the importance of open communication, as one of the key factors in reducing the impact of infertility in a relationship.Find Brandon onWebsite : : @brandon.therapist Music : Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeodLink:
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