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If you thought that large high tech enterprises are "process-proof", meaning that nothing can go wrong and their processes are designed to be as efficient as possible, you are wrong. Every process in the world can be enhanced, even processes at a tech company such as Dell. To discuss his journey with Dell where he lead the process mining initiative we host Pranay Jaiswal, now a director of customer transformation at Celonis. And not only that! He will also share his vision for a US market where process mining is still in diapers.
To say that Sebastiaan van Zelst, head of process mining group at Fraunhofer FIT research institute, knows Python quite well would be an understantement. He is an author of the most comprehensive and popular Python library for process mining - PM4Py. And he did not stop there! He also helps develop a process mining tool Cortado, spearheads the process mining research and leads a Center for process inteligence!
Alec Sharp, founder of Clariteq, is one of the most accomplished process modelling and data consultants on the market. Author of book Workflow Modeling, speaker on many events and webinars and now a guest on Mining Your Business podcast shares with us how to discover, establish, understand, and design a process, regardless of whether it is a business process at large enterprise or smaller process admission process at public university. Goal? Model As-is reality – who does what, when, and how.
Conformance checking is, regrettably, very often an omitted process mining technique. Is that rightfully so, though? To tell us more about why conformance checking is on the rise and why you should pay attention, we host Boudewijn van Dongen, professor at Eindhoven University of Technology and co-author of the book Conformance Checking - Relating Processes and Models.
Is process mining overrated? Roland Woldt, Business transformation architect at Software AG, who coined the term "Process mining, the hipster child of the process industry" might have something to say about that. Listen to Mining your Business Podcast episode 31 to hear from a life long business process consultant and host of What's your baseline podcast to find out why process mining shouldn't exist solely on its own but rather as a part of a complex process lifecycle.
Wil van der Aalst needs no introduction. The Godfather of Process Mining comes to Mining Your Business podcast to share his story about how Process Mining became the thing we know today. As an exemplary researcher Wil also talks about shortcomings of current discovery methods and discusses the object centric process mining, an enhanced approach that can get even more out of process mining initiatives.
So, you want to become a process mining architect? Not so fast! First, you need to know what you're up against. We can promise you that the work is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. What kind of experience and knowledge do you need to become a data scientist in process mining? How difficult is the hiring process? And what kind of traits do we seek in our candidates? All of these questions will be answered in this episode!
Did you like our description of Process Mining on a coffee bean example? If you did, you will love what Elliot Clewley and Manish Sarkar from Cargill have to say about their Farm to Fork and Bean to Bar processes in the cocoa business. Listen to a testimony of an organization that is leveraging process mining technology to increase overall joy of their customers by having state-of-art O2C and supply chain processes.
What is task mining? How can you leverage your task and process mining data in the automations of your processes? Is RPA just a Band-Aid or is it a reliable solution that can help your processes run smoother? And how do you even set up a proper governance model for all of this? All of these questions will be answered by Caspar Jans from Software AG.
Professor Marlon Dumas stands at the forefront of the process mining research at University of Tartu, where he is leading a group of 15 researchers focused on business process management and process mining. In this episode he will share with us thoughts on developing methods for automated discovery of business process improvement opportunities from event logs.
Time flies by when you're having a good time. This is exactly what has happened to us - we are having so much time that we made it to 25 episodes about process mining. What a ride! And while producing the podcast and talking to all kinds of guests, we have emerged as significantly more educated and informed practitioners. In this episode, you will find out what 11 major learnings we have taken out of our podcast so far.
Ricardo Henriques from EDP Comercial has been around process mining for a couple of years now. In this episode Ricardo discusses the importance of the proper and cross-department governance model for successful process mining, obsessiveness with finding value or how to take findings and apply them on designing a chatbot!
The importance of proper training in the process mining cannot be overstated. Process mining is no Excel and it does take quite some work to adopt any process mining tool within an organization. To tell us more about how to approach the trainings and what to focus on we invited our colleague Daniel Bitsch!
Processes revolve around people. However, sometimes we keep forgetting that in the flood of technology and robots helping us along the way. Mirko Kloppenburg from Lufthansa, author of New Process Lab will discuss why people, not technology, should stay upfront while presenting his trademark guideline called the New Process Checklist. 
Erik-Jan van der Linden, co-founder of ProcessGold and author of Successful Process Improvement (a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the process mining "black box"), talks about what process mining means in the context of a successful organization, how process mining changed over time, and most importantly, what to focus on when aiming for a successful process implementation and adoption.
Process mining is shifting from visualization and exploration to proactive approach. Celonis, the leader in the process mining vendor market based on the Gartner PEAK matrix, can offer all of that in its Execution management system - EMS. To tell us more about EMS, we have invited the vice president of Customer Transformation at Celonis, former head of global process mining department at Siemens, guest lecturer at UCSB and Stanford and author of the book Process mining in action, Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer.
From Data to Dashboards! How do we get the most out of our data? Surely you need a whole bunch of data engineers to figure out how to combine data from across systems right? Joining us today is Telmo Silva, CEO of ClicData, to tell us all about what ClicData is, how it can spice up your data, and where BI Tools are going next.
Let's be honest - not all projects always go well. On the contrary! There can be many things that can turn a project sideways. Nicolas Möller, senior delivery manager at Processand will share his experience on what has gone bad in his projects and most importantly, how to prevent these situations in the first place.
Daniel Jacob Rayner, Managing director at GBTEC Software in Australia and host of the podcast show Process pioneers will share what he has learned by interviewing the biggest and most influential minds in the business process management world and furthermore will give his own tips on how to ensure the business process management is handled well within any organization.
In this episode we will name top 9 key positions that are usually involved in the process mining initiatives or that we believe should be at some point involved in the project. Without these people the process mining initiative will not go very far, so be sure to involve them at the right time to ensure a smooth process mining journey!
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