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Author: Whitney Greene, Melody Kiella, Juliana Neelbauer, Taylor Poncz & Aarati Subramaniam

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Have you ever wondered if you can actually have a successful legal career AND a family? Sure, work-life balance is all the rage, but can it really be done? Are you confused about whether working moms are supposed to be “leaning in”, “leaning out”, or just hoping there’s something to lean on when they fall over from sheer exhaustion? Then we have a podcast for you! Come join the dynamic ladies of The Mother Board podcast: five women with different backgrounds and backstories, but all of whom practice law at Drew Eckl & Farnham* in Atlanta, Georgia and share the common bond of maintaining an active role in their families while taking charge of their careers. In each episode, The Mother Board will take you into their personal and professional lives and engage in honest and thought-provoking discussions on what it means to be fulfilled and to succeed both personally and professionally. *The views and opinions expressed here are those of the podcast participants and do not reflect the official policy or position of Drew Eckl & Farnham.
11 Episodes
Whether you’re a firm attorney, business leader, psychologist, or mother of twins (or all of these at the same time), you know “imposter syndrome” as a convenient description of a type of insecurity that can arise when you step into an industry or a role in which you seem out of place. In this week’s episode of The Mother Board, Juliana Neelbauer flips the script and challenges this pervasive "disease" after seeing it play out all too frequently in the tech and legal industries.  Join for an unanticipated dose of optimism as we redefine “imposter syndrome” and discuss how you can use this new definition to prevent the spread (masks optional!). Laugh along with the real-life anecdotes as we all build our immunity to imposter syndrome. Featuring: Aarati Subramaniam, Whitney Law Greene, Melody Kiella, and Juliana Neelbauer Learn more about Meredith Fineman and her book Brag Better that is referenced in the episode at Other resources from the ABA And practical response tips from the Cleveland Clinic
BuT HoW do I nEtworK WhEn I cAn'T gO AnYWhere!?! - We get it -- the pandemic has crushed our aspirations and limited our networking capabilities - or has it? We've got your answer! This week's episode of The Mother Board features Megan Whiteside, lawyer, mother, law professor, and entrepreneur, as we discuss how to network in the virtual age. Forget live, laugh, and love. This is about Mom Life & Law. See below for a link to her upcoming seminar.
Whitney Lay Greene is an experienced civil litigator, practicing primarily in the general liability field. She handles matters in the fields of transportation/trucking law, ride-share litigation, premises liability, and products liability in both state and federal courts all over Georgia. Whitney is also an active member of the firm and in her community. She serves on numerous firm committees aimed at associate development and diversity and recruiting efforts. Outside of the firm, she is on the Steering Committee for the DRI Trucking Law Committee and also serves as Vice-Chair of the ABA TIPS Commercial Transportation and Litigation Committee. In 2020, McLane Company, Inc. awarded her with its Outstanding Service Award, in recognition of the exemplary legal service she provides to her clients. But what do we not know about Whitney? Let's find out!
Guilt is about as ubiquitous of a concept as stress, pressure, or determination for many professionals, especially those building careers while building families. It can break you down, but it can also serve as a motivator to set your own path, form your own rules and drive your own goals. We talk about Mom Guilt on this week's episode of The Mother Board, the pressure it can create, but also practical ways for putting it in the rear view mirror.
Taylor Poncz has been litigating cases for well over a decade and focuses her practice exclusively in the defense of Workers’ Compensation claims for employers, insurers and self-insurers throughout the state of Georgia. She serves employers of all sizes across many industries, including construction, food & beverage, manufacturing and healthcare. Taylor's practice also includes work as a workers' compensation mediator. Listen to this week's episode of The Mother Board to find out more, including how she juggles her practice while playing the role of mom to 3 boys!
Diversity, equity and inclusion is a hot topic in the legal profession -- it's the subject of seminars, studies, firm initiatives and basic human rights. But is all the work people are putting in to DE&I efforts really moving the needle? Listen to this week's episode of The Mother Board with special guest J.C. Roper, a constant DE&I advocate and partner at Drew Eckl & Farnham, as they talk about the current status of DE&I in the legal profession, and specifically, the results of the 2020 ABA Model Diversity Survey Report, what law firms should be doing to hire, retain, and promote diverse attorneys, and how clients can help ensure that law firms are taking action.
Juliana Neelbauer focuses her practice on virtual general counsel for for-profit, non-profit charitable, trade organizations, and high-net worth individuals/families which hail from the consumer tech, commercial tech, health care, industrial/supply chain, finance, government contracting, charitable, and political action industries. She has also had extensive professional and academic experience specialized in the tech industry. But what do we not know about Juliana? Let's find out!
This Episode of the Mother Board discusses the weight of childbearing on women (and we aren't just talking lbs!), the impacts maternity leave (or lack thereof) has on working women, and the efforts to adapt, change, and update maternity leave policies across the corporate and legal fields.
Melody Kiella is an experienced civil litigator specializing in all aspects of complex civil litigation, including trucking/transportation law, catastrophic personal injury defense, premises liability, and negligent security. But what  do we not know about Melody? Let's find out!
This episode, the ladies of the Motherboard discuss their challenges and triumphs while working (and mothering) from home during an international and unprecedented pandemic. If you need tips on how to get the most out of your work-from-home experience or just want confirmation that you aren't the only one who ate too much take-out, took too few showers, and whose kids had way too much screen time in 2020--this episode is for you!
What is the mother board? Five DEF attorneys discuss work-life integration and what made them decide to launch their own podcast, named The Mother Board.
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