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Reaching people for Jesus. Building people in Jesus.
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In hard & unpredictable times, it can be tough to find reasons to be thankful. But what does it really mean to be "thankful?" In your search for thanksgiving this season, we invite you to tune in.
Peter Scazzero say’s, “Many of us are over scheduled, tense, addicted to hurry, frantic, preoccupied, fatigued, and starved for time.” As a result, we spend little time with Jesus and experience minimal transformation in our lives. Tune in as Pastor Philip sits with his wife Jamila and has an honest conversation about how failing to slow down and love Jesus has harmed their ability to love and lead well, including in their marriage.
Many Christians would be surprised to find out that they have a broken understanding of loving others well. Join us as our pastors bring an insightful yet unexpected dialogue that will cause you to have a more robust understanding of the relationship between Christ’s incarnation and a countercultural model for loving others.
Join us as Pastor Roger and Becca dialog on how the Gospel teaches us that loss is not an interruption but an invitation to look more like Christ.
When was the last time you looked at your limits as blessings? When was the last time you allowed your limitations to reveal God’s will for your life? Typically, we resent our limits while at the same time try hard to break past them. But what if I told you that the key to clarity, joy, and contentment lie in surrendering to your limits as God’s gifts for your life.
So often we feel that we have to hide our brokenness. But the Gospel actually says otherwise. Join us as we continue our Inside Out series with Pastor Roger brining a message that will leave you challenged.
Welcome to the “family room.” For better or worse, much of who we are today is the result of the people, places, and experiences of our past. In this episode of Inside Out, we’ll be discussing principle two of Pete Scazzer’s book, “Emotionally Healthy Church,” Breaking the Power of the Past. Join us as we acknowledge the power of the past and how in Christ that power can be broken and we can be made new!
Have you ever downplayed your emotions in the name of spiritual maturity? Do you tend to bury, ignore, or even suppress how you are really feeling? Join us in the "garage" for part one of our Inside Out series as we journey through Pete Scazzero's book, "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality."
Against all odds & facing massive persecution, the early church multiplied. We'll look at how great adversity moved the early church into an even greater obedience & how the adversity we're facing today can do the same.
Everybody is asking "When will things go back to normal?" The church in Acts was unstoppable, in spite of the fact that they too had to leave what was familiar and adapt to new difficulties, challenges and norms. How can we learn from them as we face our new normal?
When COVID and Shelter in Place first hit, we thought maybe this would last a couple of weeks. It has now lasted months and people have lost jobs, family members, and marriages. Many are having their deepest struggles exposed, and even wrestling with things they never expected to have to deal with. This message examines the question: as a Christian, how do you navigate life when reality and expectation don't meet?
How can we work to preserve fellowship (koinonia) in a time when a global pandemic has sought to disrupt it? We'll look at how the early church defined fellowship by sharing meals together, sharing finances together & sharing the Lord's Supper together. We'll draw inspiration from them on how in spite of our current limitations, we can still do the same.
How do you keep going when you have nothing left? Emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually depleted. Nothing seems to energize or motivate you, because you are fatigued from this season. This message will show us how the early church was unstoppable even in the mist of being tired from the inside out.
Our Unstoppable series kicked off with an encouraging yet challenging word from Pastor Phil. Even in the waiting, there is work to be done. How can we stop playing defense and start playing offense? How can we shelter in place and actively wait during this time?
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