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A Tribe Called Yes™ with Daron K. Roberts

Author: Daron K. Roberts, Author & Former NFL Coach

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Welcome to A Tribe Called Yes™ with Daron K. Roberts. This podcast brings you closer to the world's most notorious risk-takers, trailblazers and enemies of the status quo.This podcast is for entrepreneurs looking for fuel to continue down the long road to success.This podcast is for disgruntled employees looking for insights on switching careers.This podcast is for students who want to jump off the conveyor belt of their major.This podcast is for people who want to make the jump, but need a little nudge.In short, this podcast is for you.Topics explored will include leadership, purpose, coaching, personal development, risk-taking, strategy development and entrepreneurship.This weekly podcast is hosted by Daron K. Roberts the Founding Director of the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at the University of Texas. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Roberts decided to take a sharp right turn and pursue a football coaching career. After asking 32 NFL teams for an internship, he finally received a "Yes" from the Kansas City Chiefs. He went on to serve coaching stints with the Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns. He holds a B.A. in Plan II Honors and Government from the University of Texas (2001), an M.P.P. from Harvard’s Kennedy School (2004) and a J.D. from Harvard Law School (2007). Roberts is a contributor to, and his articles have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, Fortune, Houston Chronicle and Time.
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Sisters Ali and Lauren Borowick grew up enjoying delicious chocolate-covered pretzels made by their mom. When they got older, they turned that weekend treat into a thriving business, dubbed Fatty Sundays. On today’s episode, the duo talks about entrepreneurship, working with family, and the work-life balance myth. Support the show (
As far back as he can remember, Eric Dungy dreamed of playing in the NFL. The son of legendary coach Tony Dungy, Eric grew up around the game of football and played collegiately at Oregon and USF. But when his NFL plans didn’t work out, Dungy pivoted, finding a career in real estate, and he’s committed himself to helping other athletes manage life’s many transitions.Support the show (
Jake Zweig is the director of player development with the University of Illinois football program, but his resume is long and varied. This former Navy SEAL is an entrepreneur, a business school graduate, a three-time Washington State science fair winner, and a reality TV star, and this episode is packed with motivational moments.Support the show (
Sports executive Pat Williams, co-founder of the Orlando Magic and the former general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, has written more than 100 books, and today he writes and speaks about leadership, success, and teamwork, among other topics. Tune in to hear Williams’ words of wisdom on careers, finding a mentor, and becoming a great leader.Support the show (
Mike McCloud is the godfather of food sport. A journalist by education who then became an entrepreneur and launched his own ad agency, McCloud was working on a campaign for Kansas City Barbecue Society when he saw an opportunity in food competitions. That moment of inspiration morphed into the World Food Championships, which today is in its eighth year and hosts 1,500 chefs, home cooks, and pro teams annually.Support the show (
Francheska Martinez says mobility is her mission. This fitness guru has turned her passion for movement and mobility into a thriving business, helping her clients move their way out of pain. In today’s episode, she’ll also share tips on eating to feel good and sleeping for optimal performance.Support the show (
Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation!


For the rest of the month of July, A Tribe Called Yes is going on vacation. Enjoy your summer, stay in the deep end, and tune back in for the next brand-new episode on August 6. Support the show (
Stephen Mackey is the founder and CEO of 2Words Character Development, a video-based leadership curriculum for high school athletes, coaches, and parents. Mackey got his start in this industry by working as a volunteer player development coach for a small high school football team in Blanco, Texas, but by putting full-time effort into his side hustle, he turned this passion project into a successful business.Support the show (
Every decade of her life, Donna Collins has done something completely different. From art teacher, to art consultant to the Saudi Arabian royal family, to feng shui instructor, to entrepreneur, Donna has followed her passions and interests wherever they take her. Tune in to this conversation with the CEO and founder of Jelly Queens as we talk about creativity, passion, pivots, and more.Support the show (
Bryan Carrington always looked at sports at a deeper level. As a kid, he’d snatch the sports section of the Houston Chronicle and read it on his way to school, devouring stats on his favorite players and athletes. Today, that passion for sports and stats still burns inside Bryan, and he’s putting it to work as the director of recruiting for the University of Texas football program.Support the show (
For the 100th episode of A Tribe Called Yes we brought in an extra special guest. Ryan Holiday is the New York Times bestselling author of five books and an accomplished marketer and entrepreneur. I've admired Ryan for a long time. Ego is the Enemy and Growth Hacker Marketing are guides for my personal and business lives.In this episode, Ryan will dive deep into writing mechanics, how to weather a storm of "no's" and life hacker tips for squeezing more productivity out of your calendar.Support the show (
Chris Ogbonnaya never expected to be drafted in the NFL. The first African-American Academic All-American in the history of the University of Texas football program had always prioritized academics, but he took full advantage of his time in the league. After six seasons, Ogbonnaya retired and has dedicated himself to helping other athletes navigate their transitions as founder and CEO of All-Purpose Sports Advisory.Support the show (
From an early age, Taylor Strickland adopted a very mature and calculated way of dealing with failure. Depending on the scale of the disappointment, she gave herself three, six, or nine hours to wallow in it. Then, it was time to move on. Surviving, and even enjoying, failure has helped Taylor accomplish a lot, and she recently achieved a long-time goal of becoming an NFL cheerleader.Support the show (
Lani Silversides always knew she wanted to be a math teacher and a basketball coach, and today, she’s both of those things at the prestigious Phillips Academy Andover boarding school. But she’s also a Certified Sport Psychology Coach, an author, and the founder of Mindful Performance, a company that creates resources and programming to empower and inspire girls to play sports and be physically active. Did we mention she’s a breast cancer survivor? This incredible woman has a story to tell and you do not want to miss today’s episode.Support the show (
What do the most successful people in all professions have in common? A maniacal work ethic. ATCY host Daron K. Roberts has interviewed a lot of successful people in three years of this podcast, and today’s episode brings you some insight on how you can apply their practices to your life.Support the show (
Marc Trestman’s coaching resume is too lengthy and decorated to cover in its entirety, but highlights include stints at the Chicago Bears and the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. The recently named head coach of the Tampa Bay XFL team set to debut in 2020 joined ATCY host Daron K. Roberts to share his inspirational philosophies on coaching and transformational leadership. Support the show (
The audiobook of ACTY host Daron K. Roberts' Amazon bestselling book "Call an Audible" is now available, and in this episode, Daron brings you the first chapter, which begins to tell the story of his pivot from Harvard Law to the NFL. Tune in and head to Audible to listen to the entire book.Support the show (
Jori Epstein came to her career in sports reporting in a very nontraditional way. As a freshman at the University of Texas, she joined the school newspaper, but didn’t want to miss her regular classes in order to report breaking news. Instead, she specialized in sports, which occurred on a predictable schedule. Today, she’s an NFL reporter for USA Today and her resume includes features at Sports Illustrated, the Philadelphia Daily News, and Dallas Morning News.Support the show (
Ashreen Mridha has been instrumental in creating a women’s national basketball team in her native country of Bangladesh. She’s a charter member of the team, which was founded in 2009, and continues to train and compete for her country even while juggling a full-time job as a brand manager at Unilever. But her larger dream is to bring the joys of basketball to women all around Bangladesh, and she’s determined not to let anything stop her in pursuit of that goal.Support the show (
Jake Thompson thought he wanted to be Jerry Maguire, but the sports agent life just didn’t jive with him. So he pivoted and started his own business selling motivational t-shirts outside a CrossFit gym. Today, that business, Compete Every Day, not only still sells t-shirts (and sweatpants and coffee mugs and hats and posters), but Jake also hosts a podcast, does speaking engagements, and posts all kinds of content to the company’s blog. His message is simple, compete against yourself to be the best you can be.Support the show (
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