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Beyond The Scope, a new podcast by the Digital Pathology Association, focuses on hot topics in digital pathology. Co-hosts Dr. Giovanni Lujan (OSUWMC) and Dr. David Tulman (Instapath) converse with key opinion leaders in an engaging format discussing all of the new research, technology, and workflows emerging in digital pathology. Beyond The Scope aims to cover specific topics ranging from artificial intelligence to computational pathology, whole slide imaging to in/ex-vivo microscopy, regulation and commercialization, and more! For more information on the DPA, please visit
16 Episodes
Sylvia Asa is an endocrine pathologist leading University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH into the era of digital pathology. Previously, Dr. Asa was the Head of Pathology at Canada's largest hospital network, where she successfully built a digital pathology workflow. She joins Beyond The Scope to discuss the moment of realizing the power of digitizing a slide to achieving a fully integrated digital pathology workflow in Canada's largest medical network. As a Chair of the upcoming DPA Visions Conference (October 17-19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas), she previews the program and highlights some of the upcoming talks. Finally, Dr. Asa gives her thoughts on what the field of pathology may look like in 10-20 years.
Beyond the Scope returns as David and Giovanni discuss a publication from Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: "Digital Pathology Initiatives and Experience of a Large Academic Institution During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic". Topics include process to establish a 100% digital workflow, the remote validation process, and how the workflow was also useful for research and education. (24:49) Then, Harrison Dai (MS2, Eastern Virginia University) joins the show in a new segment sharing his experience as a medical student during the pandemic, in addition to the medical student perspective on digital pathology.Reference paper: links:
Raj and Matt join Beyond the Scope to discuss the the Digital Anatomic Pathology Academy, hosted on PathPresenter - a primarily open source cloud based viewing platform for digital slides. DAPA is used as an educational, clinical, and publication tool. DPA members can access DAPA for free to make use of the numerous educational modules ( this episode utilizes video for platform tutorials. Please visit for the video version.2:48 Guest intro7:21 Introduction to the cloud based viewing and educational platform8:47 Tutorial for navigating the platform17:20 DAPA educational module features and demonstration20:45 DAPA use cases; including an interactive way to study for boards26:00 How DPA members and other can access the platform27:50 Open source platform vs. licensed version for private data30:10 MSKCC experience using the platform as an education portal and conference tool33:00 Long term clinical goals of the platform37:55 Utilizing the platform in underserved areas39:23 Utilizing the platform for publications and E-books
Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP is a senior member in the Department of Pathology at Moffitt Cancer Center where she serves as the scientific director of the Analytic Microscopy Core. She has previously served as president of the DPA and currently chairs many committees for CAP and DPA. Dr. Bui joins Beyond the Scope to discuss her work toward digital pathology adoption and building a connected network of pathologists.1:58 Introduction and what it means to be a pathologist in the digital age6:03 Evolution of pathology toward the digital era10:18 How experience as a molecular biology researcher led to a career focused on DP/AI14:25 Building relationships through the DPA and how to get involved18:24 Highlights throughout the years of DPA leadership22:34 Global digital pathology collaborations24:23 DAPA - a cloud based platform for DP education31:05 Using social media to promote DP adoption and education32:47 Digital health initiatives at Moffitt Cancer Center36:33 Current research projects in DP/AI41:55 The future of pathology - how to improve the workforce,promote a healthy lifestyle, and decrease the workload
Chen Sagiv is an entrepreneur and computer scientist. She joins Beyond the Scope to discuss her story as a co-founder of DeePathology, a start-up providing AI tools for pathologists, as well as the challenges and excitement surrounding innovation in the digital pathology industry.3:01 Introduction7:29 Early applications of computer science in healthcare and why deep learning/AI methods are mandatory knowledge for modern computer scientists11:15 The importance of cross disciplinary work between engineers, pathologists, and computer scientists18:15 Story behind DeePathology and how the start-up helps pathologists use and understand AI tools25:47 The perceived "black box" of AI vs. DIY AI platforms31:50 Building AI algorithms from scratch37:19 Advice for innovators in the pathology space
Dr. David Clunie is a radiologist, medical informaticist, DICOM open source software author and editor of the DICOM standard. He joins Beyond The Scope to discuss image format standards surrounding digital pathology adoption. For more information, please visit: .3:00 Intro4:15 Background on PACS and DICOM, and the importance to pathology6:39 History of DICOM as the image standard for radiology10:04 Why an image standard has yet to emerge for pathology15:38 How pathology departments can work with IT departments to aid the digital transition16:54 Clarifying misconceptions about PACS21:52 Discussing all cost elements associated with digital pathology transition27:43 Advice to pathologists regarding image archival standards long term33:20 Collaborative efforts between pathology, radiology, and IT departments37:22 Educating the pathology community on image standards and regulatory barriers44:51 The role of enterprise IT in DP adoption
Raisa Glabman is a veterinary pathologist and a fellow in the NIH/NCI Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program (CBSTP). Raisa joins Beyond the Scope to discuss her research on immunotherapy and the tumor microenvironment, how researchers in her field are using DP/AI, and the current state of DP adoption in veterinary medicine.2:28 Introduction4:37 NCI CBSTP program9:00 Why veterinary pathology is interested in DP/AI for clinical and research applications12:45 What human and veterinary pathologists can learn from each other regarding DP adoption16:30 DP applications in various veterinary pathology settings - industrial labs, academic centers, and small clinics20:25 Raisa's research on immunotherapy and the tumor microenvironment25:53 How Raisa is using DP/AI for her research28:10 Doing research during the pandemic29:43 Being an early adopter of DP/AI tools for this specific type of research34:50 How DP will help researchers ask new scientific questions
George Green, Head of Pharmacodiagnostics at Bristol Meyers Squibb, joins Beyond the Scope to discuss the pharmaceutical industry's perspective on digital pathology and artificial intelligence. The conversation revolves around how digital pathology will see increased applications in the current era of precision medicine.1:22 Introduction 4:15 The companion diagnostics revolution in pharma9:54 Early applications of digital pathology in pharma14:38 How the mindset of pathologists has evolved since the dawn of DP/AI19:55 Pharma perspective on how DP/AI will drive the future of precision medicine25:00 Increasing DP adoption in the pharma industry28:40 Digital pathology bringing better patient care around the world
Esther Abels, co-chair of the DPA Regulatory & Standards Task Force, has worked on the regulatory approval of digital pathology systems since the beginning. She joins Beyond The Scope to discuss her current role advancing the regulatory science of digital pathology and provides an update on the initiatives of the DPA Regulatory and Standards Task Force. Esther also discusses the excitement surrounding digital pathology for precision medicine.2:21 Introduction6:25 Early applications of digital pathology to the pharma industry8:00 Process of validating and achieving FDA approval of the first slide scanners10:00 How collaboration and teamwork help achieve regulatory approval17:48 Current initiatives of the DPA Regulatory and Standars Task Force21:40 510(k) exemption of digital pathology devices25:00 Real world data initiative and is remote sign out permanent?31:08 Using digital pathology for precision medicine
Talat Zehra is a pathologist at Jinnah Sindh University in Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Zehra joins Beyond The Scope to share how the scarcity of pathologists in Pakistan and many other regions of the world affect patient care. Dr. Zehra also discusses the advantages and challenges of bringing digital pathology to developing countries.1:00 Introduction3:30 Dr. Zehra's research with WSI in Pakistan6:15 Pathology services in Pakistan and other developing countries13:15 Pathology in rural areas of the world14:33 Benefits of digital pathology in developing countries17:42 Challenges of digital pathology adoption in developing countries19:05 Ideas for vendors and other pathologists to help increase adoption in developing countriesPlease visit other resources mentioned in this podcast:
Liron Pantanowitz is an early adopter and major driving force behind global digital pathology adoption. He currently serves as a Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Michigan and has authored hundreds of papers related to digital pathology. Dr. Pantanowitz joins David and Giovanni to discuss the past, present, and future of digital pathology. This podcast is a must-listen for all levels of digital pathology adopters.5:45 Introduction and background leading to a career focused on digital pathology8:38 Milestones of digital pathology adoption12:10 Digital pathology applications and the business case15:46 The effect of COVID-19 on digital pathology adoption23:23 Global digital pathology adoption29:00 Training the next generation of digital pathologists41:04 What's next for digital pathology
Monica Santamaria-Fries is the Digital Transformation Officer at Proscia, a role where she uses her extensive experience as a pathologist to bridge the gap in communicating novel digital pathology technology to the pathology community. Dr. Santamaria-Fries joins the show to discuss her role in digital pathology innovation, the annual digital pathology report generated by Proscia, and why the time is now for digital pathology adoption.3:34 - Introduction and background8:50 - Pathologists bridging the gap when communicating new technologies to other pathologists12:04 - New innovations in computation pathology and improved pathology workflow19:43 - Moments that trigger pathologists to want to go digital27:57 - Highlights of the annual digital pathology report29:11 - Why now is the time to go digital and how to remove roadblocks
Dr. Giovanni Lujan and Dr. David Tulman preview the concept of the podcast, discuss their backgrounds in digital pathology, and project the future of pathology.
Dr. Anil Parwani (OSUWMC) joins the show to share why he chose to pursue a career focusing on digital pathology and gives advice to departments looking to start a digital pathology program.
Michael Rivers just completed his term as DPA president and joins David and Giovanni to discuss the numerous initiatives in which the DPA was involved while navigating COVID-19. Plus, he gives an industry perspective on the future of the digital pathology industry.
Joe Lennerz is the Director of the Center of Integrated Diagnostics at Massachusetts General Hospital and a founding member of The Alliance for Digital Pathology. Dr. Lennerz sits down with Giovanni and David to discuss innovating in the digital pathology space, regulatory science related to digital pathology, and the initiatives of The Alliance. For more resources on Dr. Lennerz's work and how to get involved with The Alliance for Digital Pathology, please click here. Joe Lennerz introduction and background (4:38)Implementing innovative diagnostics in clinical practice (6:35)Formation of The Alliance for Digital Pathology and applying regulatory science to digital pathology innovation (20:23)Current goals and initiatives directed by The Alliance (27:29)Getting involved with The Alliance and how to connect with key stakeholders in digital pathology innovation (32:25)
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