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eg.1 elevates organisations through game changing data and people. On this podcast we discuss a number of topics from Diversity, Inclusion and Equality through to market intelligence, insight and talent frameworks.
3 Episodes
Organisations wanting to make a strategic step-change, scale at pace or disrupt the market are asking two key questions. Where do I play?How do I win?Providing the answer to that question requires factual data.Andrew Gray, Founder and CEO at eg.1, is joined by Tom Makris, Senior Associate & Market Intelligence Specialist, to explore the world of market intelligence and how organisations need to approach strategic step-change, scaling at pace or disrupting a market.
In this podcast Qing Mak, Head of Market Intelligence and Lead on Diversity & Inclusion at eg.1, talks to Shantonu Chundur, Founder and CEO at Confluent Energy about mental health and how leaders, employers and organisations should approach the topic of mental health to ensure they are supporting their people, protecting their workforce and ensuring longevity.Shantonu talks about his own personal experiences with mental health and how having an employer who did the right things at the right time secured huge successes for both the employee and the organisation.Qing and Shantonu explore the following points:Do employers have a duty of care to their people to support mental health. What does care and compassion look like from an employer perspective. Do organisations need to be more Pro-active rather than reactiveSo whether you are an individual struggling with your mental health, you work with or are friends with someone who is struggling, or you're an employer invested in supporting your work force better then this podcast gives some great insight in to the relationship between the two.
In this 30-minute podcast Andrew Gray, Founder & CEO at eg.1, breaks down the impact of the Covid Pandemic on us as individuals and organisations and how we will cope post Covid. With 22 years’ experience in the professional services industry Andrew has faced many commercial global challenges but none with such a devastating impact. This pandemic has had a huge impact across all levels of the commercial world and society including:Mental healthDiversity, Inclusion and EqualityEmployee engagementOrganisational carbon footprintFacilities ManagementThe use of technologySkills in the market placeWe have a real opportunity here to address all of these issues and actually use this time to reflect and innovate.Andrew and our host, Qing Mak – Head of Market Intelligence and Lead on Diversity & Inclusion at eg.1, run through the challenges faced and how they can be turned in to positives to ensure we deliver our organisations and, more importantly, our people safely out the other side.02:05 – How do you equip your workforce for the post covid era?06:30 – Organisations move to homeworking. The era of the fluid workforce drives the question on whether there is a need for a physical headquarters or office.08:06 – Digitalisation and the use of technology has been key for organisations to survive through the pandemic, but what next and how will it impact relationships, the way we communicate and how we trust our people?14:24 – Don’t go back to the old norm. We now have an opportunity to empower, support and provide our people with the ability to really engage with our people. Trust is key.17:15 – How has Covid affected the Diversity, Inclusion and Equality agenda?23:00 – Take stock of what’s happened, define what’s happened and accelerate Diversity & Inclusion. Andrew’s advice to leaders.Links:eg.1 elevates organisations through game changing data and Pulse Survey Results: Panic or progress for professional services firms"4 times as many females than males left the workplace as a result of juggling work and domestic chores as a result of Covid19 in 2020" - The Guardian."Covid19 has set gender equality back by 25 years" - UN Women.   
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