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Bob Cusack is the Editor in Chief for The Hill Newspaper.  His long and decorated career started at Inside Washington News where he cut his teeth covering the Department of Labor - and all the varied acronyms that go along with that.  Fast forward to today, he's working daily with a top-flight team of journalists and business minded experts to keep this great news outlet a daily-must read inside and outside of Washington, D.C.Armed with a SAG card and a background in performing, Bob also has an impressive acting resume, including a small role in Wonder Woman 1984.  Join in today to hear about Bob Cusack and his impressive career!
Bryant Adams is the co-host of Caught Looking podcast - with Jacob Adams and Hunter Doucet. While Bryant fully admits his own baseball career didn't rise to the D1 level, the creation of this hit podcast was born out a love of sport and family connection.  With a long career in communications, Bryant comes to this project with a head for content creation and capturing an audience.  These guys talk honestly about the many paths athletes can take to reach this elite level of performance -- and they're having a blast doing it.  Join me today to hear more about Caught Looking podcast, Division One baseball and the competitive nature of a sport that delivers some of the best athletes of our time.  
Reporting on New Jersey politics is never dull - especially in this mega political state where every year is an election.  That's probably why Dustin Racioppi transitioned easily from his early career time in a Navy submarine to the Garden State battleground.Lisa was lucky to catch Dustin on primary election day 2022 from both Dustin and Lisa's hometown to zero in on the wild ride his career has taken - from Bridgegate to scandal at the SDA.  Just this week, he announced his experience is taking him onto a larger territory as the newly appointed Atlantic Region politics and government editor for the USA Today Network.  Come for the journalism and politics chat and stay for the New Jersey Lightning Round of Pork Roll, Springsteen, Luigi's and What About A Bagel references.  Nothing better than a Jersey Shore summer!
Ben Pershing is the Politics Editor for the Wall Street Journal, covering the White House, Congress and national politics (among many other things).  With a strong team of writers and editors, he seeks to empower the journalists in his space to tell their stories best.  With a background in both "trade" Hill publications and broad national platforms, Ben has always sought to tell stories to the broader audience.  Ben shares his background, his recommendations for fun streaming and offers good advice for pitches that work.  Tune in today!
Jerry Rogers is the editor of Real Clear Health and host of the Jerry Rogers Show on WBAL 1090 in Baltimore, Md.  While his RCH responsibilities find him aggregating news of the day, he also writes for many of the other platforms in the Real Clear universe. And his radio show? It's an opportunity for Jerry to talk about lots of topics, while also offering ways for his listeners to be part of the solution, too.  Jerry's background in politics and policy lead him to his journalism career of today.  He is also a proud dad to five and known to those who love him as, "Coach."Drop in today to meet Jerry!
Rajesh Mirchandani spent over 20 years in journalism and finds himself today as a senior advisor at the UN Foundation -- and two very exciting new projects on the horizon.  His time covering international affairs (along with entertainment and a whole host of other topics) for the BBC led him to a realization and a transition to his current role.  He reached a point where he no longer wanted to be asking the tough questions without helping to find the answers.  In his current role, Rajesh is faced with some of the most challenging matters of our time -- and rather than meeting that challenge with skepticism, he offers a hopeful point of view.  In addition to his work on climate related matters, Rajesh is also launching a podcast called, "Finding our Flavor," and working simultaneously on a book on a related topic.  Jump into today's conversation to hear more about this remarkable communicator who has a keen ability to see a path forward both in the issues of the day, but also in his own successful career. 
Today's episode is with freelance reporter, Buffalo native and Chicago resident Leigh Giangreco.  Her love of journalism started in high school and has led her to a successful career in the news-making space.  With a background in aviation news, Capitol Hill and a whole host of other topics, Leigh finds a way to tell compelling stories that captivate audiences for the nation's top publications.  She also shares a love of the Godfather movies with Lisa and a sharp sense of pitches being a lot like dating.  This is a fun and fresh conversation with a terrific journalist.  Drop in today to meet the fantastic Leigh Giangreco. 
James Barrett is freelance travel and lifestyle journalist and founder of the Jimmy Rox newsletter.  James' keen insight to building a quality audience and offering compelling content has really demonstrated results.  In just six months, his newsletter boasts an impressive open rate of over 45% with over 2300 subscribers.  In an otherwise noisy news space, this is an impressive endorsement of his work.  James shares tips on smart email subjects, authentic content and using your own voice to draw in loyal followers.  His perspective to generating content is fresh and new -- and clearly ahead of the trend in news making. Meet James and Lisa in person this Wednesday, May 11 in NYC for the PR News Media Relations and Measurement Conference!
Lillian Rizzo is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.  She started her career covering bankruptcy and debt - despite having a limited knowledge in that issue space.  She credits that experience with her most favorite part of journalism -- the non-stop learning that happens while she's working hard at her job. Today, Lillian covers the cable media industry, which is also a busy and every changing beat that requires a great deal of learning.  She shares the ever changing and growing landscape of the beat as one that keeps her on her toes.  Lillian is the third panelist that will join Lisa for the PR Daily Media Affairs and Measurement Conference in NYC on May 11.  Don't miss this episode -- and join us in NYC in real life!
Leigh Scheps' passion for her work shines through in everything she does.  Not only does this remarkable journalist cover human interest pieces for Inside Edition Digital, but she also spends her spare time covering Broadway and pitching her own "side hustle" coverage on her own behalf.  Walk alongside Leigh in this episode where this non-stop journo tells us about her early start, her career and her love of telling stories.  She's guest number two this week, and will also be part of the PR Daily Media Relations and Measurement Conference in NYC May 11. 
Madeline Berg is the Media Editor for Business Insider.  Next week on May 11 she will join Lisa for a panel discussion at PR Daily's Media Relations and Measurement Conference in NYC.  Maddie is busy covering topics like the media, Hollywood and the intersection that both of those have with the business world.  She shares her unique experience with Lisa and also some tips on how she successfully covers Hollywood without losing sight of the bigger picture.  Listen in today to hear this dynamic journalist share how she approaches a news story. 
Alayna Treene is Employee #17 at Axios -- before the publication had even formally been named -- and is now five and a half years into her tenure there.  She is the congressional reporter for Axios, the co-author of Axios Sneak Peek and covers both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Her experience has given her opportunities to visit with some of the most senior members of House and Senate leadership, as well as a very unique point of view on the happenings inside the Capitol Building on January 6.  Her hustle and hard work has not gone unnoticed, having been named one of Forbes' 30 under 30, this amazing Jersey Girl is showing up everyday to share news and trends that you'll not find anywhere else. Listen in to today's last episode in the Axios April series!
Week Four of Axios April brings us to a rich conversation with Axios Justice and Race Reporter Russell Contreras.  With a deep interest in history and a keen knack for writing, Russell realized early in his career that authenticity and connection to those he covers was of real value.  While the narrative today is focused on the issue of race and justice, it's more than just a trend for Axios.  They're diving deeper and investigating how these issues define the nation -- and Russell and his colleagues are on the front lines, doing the good work to help us understand.  Russell shares the Axios approach to reporting on issues, the book he is writing about JFK and Latinos and what it's like to unplug in the beautiful state of New Mexico.  Listen in today to meet Russell and hear more about his background. 
Niala Boodhoo is the host of Axios Today -- the podcast delivering you important news of the day in just ten minutes.  Much as is true of all things Axios, the podcast follows their Smart Brevity model. Niala launched the podcast in June 2020 during the height of the pandemic and came to the post after a long and esteemed career in print journalism, public radio and wire services.  Journalism has been her lifelong dream and credits authenticity and a willingness to talk directly to listeners as a big part of her success.  In just one episode with this exceptional podcast host, Lisa learned a few things about producing a show of her own.  Drop in for a listen to this great conversation.
There I go again with a headline with more than five words -- but now that I've had a chance to visit with Axios Pro's Senior Editor, you can bet I'll do my best to be smarter about the podcast episode headlines.  With just a few weeks of remarkable content under its belt, Axios Pro is fast becoming the subscription you need to do your job well.  Today's conversation is with George Moriarty and with a background rich in finance and subscription journalism, you can bet that he's up to the task of delivering the newest and best sourced news in the business.  Listen in today for a glimpse into how George got his start, his world of news editing and the great work he does with his son for St. Baldricks and childrens' cancer research.  Find out more here -- 
During the earliest days of the pandemic many newsrooms had to shrink their reporting teams in order to stay viable in difficult economic times.  If not for some of those difficult times, Hope King might not be the superstar business reporter for Axios today -- but  judging from this conversation, Hope very much likes the way things have played out.  Hope King is happily enjoying a thriving career in business journalism and her reporting for Axios is even more robust due to her early career in the world of finance. This tremendous business reporter and co-author of the Axios Closer sometimes even finds time to kayak with humpback whales.  This is the first in a month-long series of conversations with the team at Axios.  Tune in today to learn more about Hope King and her exceptional reporting for Axios.  
Tim Hermes is the president of Rev Rocket and a legend in the world of business to business media and events.  Tim shares his perspective on niche media and how to grow it well, while also offering his insights into how the media space has grown and evolved over the course of his career. While he often will say he's retired, his vision and insight continues to be sought after in this important media space.  Catch this episode to hear more about how he was cannabis before cannabis was cool -- and how ability to fund and flip news outlets has been among his most rewarding career highlights.  
Jason Wagenheim is the President and Chief Revenue Officer for Bustle Digital Group, a remarkable lifestyle brand hosting news outlets like;, Gawker, W Magazine and a dozen others.  The pandemic brought challenges and obstacles that Jason and his team met with innovation, compelling content and strong networking -- and delivered them into 2022 with a robust outlook.  Jason illustrates the importance of a well-rounded background, good interpersonal skills and true grit in the business of media.  He's also got a side hustle that Lisa shares after the conversation concludes -- East End Cowboy BBQ.  Jump in to hear these two high school pals catch up. 
Matt Lewis is a columnist for The Daily Beast, author of "Too Dumb to Fail," and host of the podcast "Matt Lewis and The News."Matt jumps into the conversation with Lisa revealing he once aspired to be a political operative, but quickly turned to covering politics as the blog community was emerging as an important news source.  Matt's point of view is always refreshing and insightful and he confesses that his primary goal in his reporting is to always be learning something new.  Jump into today's episode and do the same.  He's got lots of great advise for columnists, authors and bloggers.  
Breaking Defense's Valerie Insinna knew journalism would be a way to travel and see great things -- fast forward to today, she's covering the Pentagon and the Air Force for one of the best news outlets covering defense.  Her reporting has brought her to travel to remote parts of the globe, interview at the highest level of the defense world and even train for "what ifs" when riding in military aircraft.  When she's not reporting on the world of defense, she's enjoying entrepreneurial content creators on YouTube and reading for entertainment.  Drop into today's episode to learn more about Valerie and the world of defense reporting. 
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