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The Farm Story Podcast

Author: Anna Helmer

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entertaining and interesting stories from farming masking the occasional digression into criticism of the mainstream food and farming system, with the intention to inspire the listener to find a better potato for their plate.
8 Episodes
It's really not that glamorous. It's mundane. But there is mention of potatoes, so that's good.
Celebrities Lisa Severn, Dan Raymond and Jersey Royal potatoes. Amazing that this is all happening in one little podcast. Must be a farming podcast. Happy Spring.
Recipe from the famous Kristine Vaughn completely steals the show and I blather on about this and that no-one is paying attention after getting the potatoes in the oven anyways.
#5 Bleep Hack Palm

#5 Bleep Hack Palm


Now your food is better travelled than you.  This is both pleasing and concerning. Explore all that here and also get a lovely potato recipe from a Very Good Potato Cook.
Farm myths that were slated for explosion are gently treated, for some reason. Another attempt will later be made. A recipe for Boiled Potatoes makes its international debut. Long awaited.  
Follow along as we attempt a casual approach to harnessing the power of the universe. 
#1 New, and Nugget

#1 New, and Nugget


incomplete introductions, back story and review of previous unpublished episodes
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