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Chicken and The Nuggets

Author: Jacob Rupp & Noah Reynolds

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Denver based comedians Jacob Rupp & Noah Reynolds sit down, enjoy a meal of chicken, and discuss Denver Nuggets basketball.
153 Episodes
DAVID! DAVID! DAVID! Mr. Gborie joins us for a third time in the peak of offseason for a riff heavy hilarious episode. Topics include: - hot weather in Summer League in Vegas - Bronny James & Parker Braun - Usher - KCP leaving and maybe Russell Westbrook? Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Your boys are outside but going in! Jacob & Noah record in front of a live walking audience in front of Dude Idk Studios during the Skyland Block Party. Lots of special guest and even more special topics. Enjoy!
LANE is back and we're watching the draft LIVE. We will do it LIVE! Hear our reactions as teams draft the future stars of tomorrow. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Offseason Episode #2! CHRIS! CHRIS! CHRIS! CHRIS! - the soccer crowd chants. Chris Higgins is back baby and mostly talking soccer, but it's really fun. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Schools out, surfs up! Your boys are back and don't talk about basketball at all. We are in full OFF-SEASON-OFF-MENU-OFF-THE-COURT mode. We tackle everything hot and not hot in popular culture including: - Kendrick vs Drake - Mad Max Furiousa - Cameron Brink - and much more! Enjoy! Buy our shirt?
Nuggets lost. Noah's brother Gus Reynolds is back. Nuggets lost.
Welcome back to Tenders & The Timberwolves, your #38 favorite Timberwolves based podcast.
Special instant reaction pod! The Nugget lost!
BANG! Your boys are back to talk the Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers opening playoff series. Topics include: - Jamal's weird series but huge shot - AG's amazing game three - a stumble in game four - and much more Enjoy!
Dude! NICK HOLMBY is back on the podcast to check in with our huge Lakers fanbase. The boys break down the upcoming series against the Lakers, recorded the morning of 4/20 before the first game. Topics include: - MPJ family concerns - Nuggets fan confidence - the ongoing Rocky saga Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
CAM! CAM! CAM! Special guest Cameron MacKenzie joins ya boys. Topics included: - the Denver Nuggets wrapping up their season - upcoming playoff implications - Cameron being from Canada - Cameron's love of the Detroit Pistons - and much more Buy our shirt:
Oh man, we're back and better than ever. Jacob & Noah skip the guest this time and put the pod on their own back. Topics include: - Noah getting Popeyes in the snowstorm - Jacob quitting his job / cooking now - Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul - Kyrie's buzzer beater and so much more. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Culver's (ft. Sam Ellefson)

Culver's (ft. Sam Ellefson)


BANG! Our brand new Minnesota correspondent SAM ELLEFSON! Sam gives the boys a first hand look into the very successful Minnesota Timberwolves season. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
*All Star Break*

*All Star Break*


It's that time again, everyone's favorite time of the year, the ALL STAR BREAK! The boys catch up with the Denver Nuggets at the break, including their fun three game losing streak. Eat it up. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Naps (ft. Chris Higgins)

Naps (ft. Chris Higgins)


CH is back! CHRIS HIGGINS joins the boys for a third time, look who can't get enough. The Chicago funnyman shoots the ish about many topics, not limited to: - naps - talking to famous athletes in the wild - Embiid (before he ducked) - and much more Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
Call Your Mother Deli

Call Your Mother Deli


The best part of waking up, is a new Chicken and the Nuggets episode. The boys talk the new bagel deli Call Your Mother and this week in Denver Nuggets basketball. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
YUM YUM a brand new episode for those hungry ears. The boys talk PF Changs and much more on the chicken side, before diving deep into Nikola Jokic's recent PR advancements. A good one, eat it up. Enjoy! Buy our shirt:
BANGER new episode for your hungry ears! PATRICK RICHARDSON and DERRICK STROUP return to the podcast. They shot that ish with your boys, topics include: - Cracker Barrel and buffets - the In-Season Tournament - Draymond Green - and much more!
Big Daddy GEOFF TICE is back on the pod for a third time, and that's right, we're talking Popeye's Chicken and mfing Biscuits for a third time. Back-to-back-to-back. Nuggets basketball, not the greatest week. We talk about it all. Buy our shirt:
New Mexican Cuisine!

New Mexican Cuisine!


Woah there cowboy. Here's another episode for your ears, Noah went on south to New Mexico. He loves the food there. We talked about it. Also, Denver Nuggets basektballs. Eat it up (new slogan) Buy our shirt: