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Author: The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport

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Everyday Legends celebrates the humans who center love and healing in their coaching while trying to make real change in the youth sports world. Join us as we host real conversations about making sport experiences that address unjust systems and are youth-centered, healing-centered and inclusive. Email us at if you'd like to be a guest, request a guest, and/or nominate an Everyday Legend. *IG: @chjsorg *Twitter: @chjsorg *LinkedIn: The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport *Website:
6 Episodes
Chris and Claire chat with Everyday Legend, Chris Barfield. Barfield is the Director of Youth Development at Urban Dove and is part of our Everyday Legends celebratory campaign. Check out Urban Dove at and on Instagram and Twitter at @urbandovenyContact us at, on all social media channels @CHJSorg and email at team@chjs.orgSpecial shout out to A Kids Book About @akidsco and Megan's Bartlett INCREDIBLE book, A Kids Book About Trauma. Follow us on social and DM if you'd like a (free) copy! 
Chris and Claire chat with Everyday Legend, Kelli Stewart. Kelli is the Co-founder and Executive Director of The Lead Center for Youth in Atlanta, Georgia and is part of our Everyday Legends celebratory campaign. Kelli tells us of the need for radical empathy and how The Lead Center uses baseball to support and champion Black young men throughout the community.Check out The Lead Center for Youth at and on Instagram @lead2legacy_atlContact us at www.chjs.orgOn all social channels @CHJSorg And email at 
Chris and Claire chat with Everyday Legend, Anthony Andino. Anthony is the Director of Programs at Henry Street Settlement, as well as an inaugural member of the CHJS training team. Anthony tells us about the greatest games he has played and seen while Claire drops some worries she has about the structures of youth sports. Chris and Anthony, though, have all the answers. Check out Henry Street Settlement's website at www.henrystreet.orgContact us at www.chjs.orgOn all social channels @CHJSorg And email at 
Meg Griffith, Head Women's Basketball Coach at Columbia University, talks about how she grew up playing Philly-style basketball and how that combination of grit and passion influences her love-centered coaching in the Ivy League and at Columbia today.Check out Chris in the Coaches Corner as he chats about the strategy Coach the Bench.And make sure to stay tuned until the end for our Huddle Up where we debrief the interview with Meg Griffith.Contact us:IG: @weallcoachTwitter: @we_allcoachEmail:
Chris and Claire chat with founder of We Coach, Megan Bartlett and learn more about what led her to create the healing-centered coaching model. We also just learn more about Megan, the GOAT and creator of the trauma-informed, sports-based, youth development coaching field.We'll also visit Claire in her CP Coaches Corner where she'll talk about a tool she's learned and uses with her players.Stay to the end to hear Chris and Claire's Circle Up and reflect on the episode, including a heartfelt memory from Chris.Contact us:IG: @weallcoachTwitter: @we_allcoachEmail:
The CHJS Everyday Legends podcast will celebrate the unsung heroes of the many inspiring, athletic stories - the coaches. We believe coaches can make a HUGE (we're looking for good here though we can talk the other way, too) difference on the lives of young people. And maybe even for some of you adults out there who still think about the lessons you learned from your high school softball or swimming coach.That's what we want to hear. The profound and often unnoticed GOOD stories and lessons learned from good coaches. The people who more than often volunteered their time and knew little to nothing on the sport but were willing to love and support you and your teammates.  Though mostly human interest and conversation-based, the Everyday Legends podcast will also chat about the need for a revamped youth sports system, trained coaches, and even brain science.We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us at, on on all socials as @chjsorg
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