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The Large Minority Podcast - Tuk Tuk Adventures and Travel Stories
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The Large Minority Podcast - Tuk Tuk Adventures and Travel Stories

Author: Julian Carnall

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Welcome to the Large Minority Podcast. Julian Carnall is the Co-founder and Chief explorer at Large Minority, your place for adventure holidays and tuk tuk challenges. In this show, Julian chats with people from all walks of life discussing what their adventure in a tuk tuk was like and hear their stories and experiences of going off the beaten path with one. Listen to fellow adventurers and travel founders to learn and discover what travel means to them.
6 Episodes
On this episode I sat down with three lovely ladies; Maxine, Carol & Andrea. Together they formed a dream team named the Lancashire lasses and participated in both our Sri Lanka and Indian tuk-tuk adventures.It’s a really fun episode and We spoke about their memories of driving tuk-tuks and all the best stories that go with it from both of their adventures with us.I hope you enjo
On this episode I sat down with Mie and Scott. Mie participated, and won, the lanka challenge in 2013 and since then she, with her partner Scott have been sailing around the world. I spoke to Mie about her memories of her tuk tuk adventure with us before jumping into their fascinating story about their life sailing around the world.3 years ago they bought a yacht, an Amel 54, which they named Tengah. They had originally planned to complete their journey in three years, however now, 3 years on, they have only made it halfway. Not because they didn’t want to complete the journey but only because they quickly realised that to do justice to the places they visited and to give them the time they deserve they realised they had slightly miscalculated their schedule. Off course a global pandemic hasn’t helped, however they plan to carry on their journey over the next few years to complete the other half. We look forward to following their journey and speaking to them again to keep up with their sailing travels.I hope you enjoy.
On this episode I sat down with Mike Corey a Canadian adventure travel YouTuber and TV Host.I spoke to him about his recent adventures in Tanzania and about the time he spent with a little-known tribe called the Hazare, a hunter gatherer community living in northern Tanzania. We also spoke about his memories of our Amazon challenge in the Colombian Amazon and what that journey was like for him. Mike aims to inspire others to chase their fears in his own “teaching-by-doing” style, by plunging headfirst into beautiful, unknown locations and participating in undocumented cultural celebrations. So, whether it be exploding hammer festivals, Kambo frog venom rituals, or camping in abandoned castles. You’ll always find him immersed in exciting adventures. If you’d like to follow mike on is adventures and check out some of is amazing videos and stories, you can find him on the BBC Travel Show, or on his personal Youtube Channel, Fearless & Far.Mike also co-hosts a great podcast called “Against the Odds” by the Wondery Network His amazing Youtube Channel: Podcast:
On this Episode Julian sits down with Ric Gazarian (link:​) is an avid traveler, travel blogger, author, podcaster and documentary producer. Ric has visited all 7 continents and has been to over 140 countries. He is on a quest to visit every county in the world.  He writes about off-the-beaten path locations, unique experiences and must-see places. We also spoke about Ric's experience on the Cambo Challenge, our Cambodian tuk-tuk adventure that takes teams around Cambodia while driving their very own tuk-tuk.Ric also has his own podcast, Counting Countries do check it out and have a listen!This was a live episode, check out the video that was shown during the show right here.
Hey everyone, thanks for listening. On our first ever episode of the Large Minority Podcast I had the pleasure to sit down with Oliver Pelling.Olly is the Australia editor of, an online travel magazine that aims to tell travel stories that you might not find in the mainstream press. A Brit who moved to Melbourne over a decade ago, he’s spent the majority of that time writing about travel, culture, music and skateboarding for publications such as Rolling Stone Australia, The Guardian, Smith Journal, Huck, We spoke about how he got into travel writing and the early days of his career and how he found his way from the UK to Australia. We also chatted about how he managed to navigate his way onto our Sri Lankan tuk tuk Adventure and some of his memories and experiences of driving a tuk tuk around Sri Lanka with us. I hope you enjoy it.Like what you hear? Find out more on and don't forget to follow us
Welcome to the Large Minority Podcast. My name is Julian Carnall and you are listening to “Tuk Tuk adventures and Travel Stories” brought to you by Large Minority. Subscribe now where ever you get your podcast.
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